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News for the week of 30-Sep-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

With a character as layered as Blair, good and bad, portrayer Kassie DePaiva has had a banquet diving into such an acting feast. She said she made the most of it by trying to play up the “brightest colors possible.” While the scenarios were highly dramatic and heightened, she zeroed in on the human aspects as well as she could. Losing the chance to play Blair, twice for all intents and purposes, has hit hard. The actress talked about the first time Prospect Park’s OLTL 2.0 fell through. “When One Life to Live was first canceled I tried to explain to people that it was like being caught in an affair and I couldn’t see my family anymore,” she told Trainwreck’d Society’s rontrembathiii, September 21, 2013. “Nowhere in television, other than the long-running soap operas, do you see the history and the families. It’s been great fun to have this wonderful extended family through One Life To Live.”

Corbin Bleu can write. He started blogging about his time on Dancing With The Stars for Access Hollywood September 23, after the debut week. His first dance was contemporary. Insane. “It starts off with a barrage of text messages on my phone and my phone blows up with phone calls and e-mails and text messages. I have so many wonderful friends who are calling me and texting me, congratulating me and at the same time, I’m like, ‘I have to get this interview done,’ and ‘I have to be at rehearsal,’ and ‘I want to be able to get back to everybody at the same time.’ … Once it starts, it’s mayhem and then to top it off, you still have to try to do laundry and grocery shopping and not forget to eat and get as much sleep in as you can.”

Despite Prospect Park’s official announcement several weeks ago that OLTL was merely shelved, the rest of the industry’s assuming that’s code for canceled. Nathan Fillion (ex-Joey; Castle) did in his September 23rd interview with Susan Hornik on Daytime Confidential. Here he goes: “It really made me sad to hear that One Life to Live was cancelled again. I had such an incredible time on that show. It was my very first job. I am very sad that daytime is a dying breed; not just because we are going to be denied that source of entertainment, but because, for actors like myself, anybody who has ever done a soap can tell you it is the most incredible intense work experience you can ever put yourself into. Truly, the only people who don't respect daytime are the people who haven't worked in it. It's incredibly hard work and I learned from the best. I was very well cared for on that show, people who became my friends....I consider them to be the best in the biz.”

Gossip for the week of 30-Sep-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Kassie Depaiva (Blair) is just devastated by the writing on the wall. Via third-hand Twitter: “Crazy ride for cast/crew of AMC/#OLTL..1 min we're wrking/airing the next we're airing 2 days a week.. Now we aren't even shooting.”

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