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News for the week of 01-Apr-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

The Y&R/Sony site merged with March 28. What does that mean for devoted fans? More of everything in one convenient stop.

Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren) earned back her contract status from recurring. She even memorialized the moment with a tweet-pic of the signing.

Move over, Joshua Morrow (Nick) and Steve Burton (Dylan). Meet the new court jesters of Y&R: Christian LeBlanc (Michael), who’s so keenly intelligent it’s frightening, and Daniel Goddard (Cane), who hides his goofy camp in a way-too-buttoned-up onscreen persona. In their most recent fan video chat, the two very different actors come together like an experienced comedy team. They goof around for a great deal of the interview (the best stuff’s toward the end), cracking each other up with hilarious takes on Kevin, the chipmunk, ESL for the Aussie, and going down more than a few random rabbit holes. When asked right off the bat who they’d like to be paired with other than their current on-screen loves, Goddard took his time trying to remember some chick on the show who cut her hair and— “To make sure it’s someone that has some storyline, like Carmine would not be a good choice. Not Carmine the actor… [rabbit hole] Long story short, I don’t know.” LeBlanc chimed in, “Mine’s Jeanne Cooper, while he thinks, … ‘cause she’s got money, she has storyline, and she’s probably the most fun on the set. Jeanne Cooper, Ms. Chancellor and me, yes. But I’d have to get rid of Kevin first because she’s got an eye on him.” Then Goddard got hung up riffing about his passion; or rather, pass-ee-awn: “My pass-ion for that show [Price Is Right]— ” “I don’t feel clean when you say it like that.” “You look very good in burgundy by the way…” On a serious note — and there weren’t many in this video chat, thank god — Goddard heaped praise on LeBlanc for doing so much in such little time memorizing volumes of text and conveying tons in story after story.

Say hi to Doug Davidson (Paul), who joined Twitter last week. Be gentle.

Gossip for the week of 01-Apr-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

While waiting for Y&R, B&B came on with Maya and Rick in a modern-day My Fair Lady story, but on Rodeo Drive. Karla Mosley (Maya; ex-Christina, GL) commanded the TV screen as she fondly recalled her brief but blessed time with Rick Forrester. It’s the first time in a long time TPTB devoted a major, love story to a black female actress. And it’s reinventing B&B’s long-time staple, Rick, in a nice, charming, human way.

Victor launching himself on Bob, the Congressman’s hired hitman, was nice. Victor threatening a pregnant woman, Chelsea, simply for badmouthing his family was not. Get a hold of yourself, asshole.

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