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News for the week of 02-Jul-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Eric Braeden (Victor) takes two scheduled weeks off, with one of those weeks when Y&R will be closed anyway, and the rumor mill goes into overtime about him leaving the show. A representative swears that Braeden is not leaving and is only on a scheduled break. The rumor gained strength when the actor appeared at the recent Daytime Emmys, something he never does. Everybody was buzzing that Braeden only appeared to beef up his acting profile outside Y&R for his departure. The truth is more boring: he appeared as a presenter because the new host, HLN (Headline News), asked him to, and he approves of CNN. –Soaps in Depth

Eileen Davidson may be out at Y&R as the long-running core character Ashley, but she’s back in at DOOL as Kristen/Susan. According to Soaps Uncensored’s Nelson Branco, Sony preferred Davidson to do both soaps, but “sources say that the Y&R writing team refused to share Davidson with DAYS and forced Sony to make a decision, ultimately leading to her Y&R firing.”

Stephen Nichols (Tucker; ex-Stefan, GH) hated to see Eileen Davidson (Ashley) go, as did all of the rest of the cast. Just when the two of them were sparking as a couple too. “I’m devastated. I was shocked and I’m still upset, especially because we were so good together. We really, really got it. These things happen.” Deep Soap by Sara Bibel, June 22, 2012

Gossip for the week of 02-Jul-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

After Michael Muhney's (Adam) Daytime Emmy gaffe — “Some old guy [Geary] who has won a bunch of Emmys…” — and many fans responding critically to the offensive tweet, the actor decided to make his timeline private.

Muhney and Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea) are the saving grace on a show that’s been bogged down by too much expository and senseless plot devices (murder! one-night romps! kidnapping! galas gone wrong!). Their exquisite romance in the rain last week garnered the highest ratings interest by far, and should signal to TPTB to cut half this bloated cast (most of the youth demo reps), and focus more on this couple as the lead storyline.

Just as Adam heats up with Chelsea as his intended bride, a former presumed dead girlfriend, Skye, rises up to fight for her man. And, Skye has their love child in tow.

Diane, Jana, and Patty/Emily may also return to mix it up.

B&B’s Adrienne Frantz (Amber) may come back to Y&R.

The latest rumor has Eric Braeden (Victor) retiring from Y&R, due to an alleged conflict in contract negotiations, and Stephen Nichols (Tucker) poised to take over the powerful executive type role, around August maybe. Nichols purportedly was hired in the first place as a back-up Victor when rumored contract talks hit a snag with Braeden and TPTB. Soaps in Depth recently learned from one of Braeden’s reps that this rumor is patently false.

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