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News for the week of 03-Dec-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Redaric Williams will play Leslie’s brother Tyler and will interact — wink, wink — with Lily at Jabot in the weeks to come, in an effort by the new regime to build up a new black family.

Ignacio Serricchio (ex-Diego, GH) didn’t hesitate when his former boss Jill Farren Phelps asked him to join Y&R as Det. Alex Chavez, a sexy, sharp smartie, with a savvy eye for the truth, starting December 7. Why should he? He owes the executive producer his first real big break in show business. He can’t wait. “Jill knows me very well. I'm all about having fun and being creative. There's nothing else that interests me. We understand each other.” Sony/Y&R website

Gossip for the week of 03-Dec-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Impressed by the changes in the new regime, yet? Me neither. Greg Rikaart’s Kevin is coming off as an ungrateful, money-grubbing, immature spoiled brat acting out if he doesn’t get his way. This is the character’s spiral into depression?! The much-maligned, alleged heroine Victoria was subjected to a dismal kidnapping session by the woefully underutilized Blake Gibbons (if you’ve ever seen him on GH as the irrepressibly sexy and offbeat Coleman, you know what I mean). The once-virile and vibrant leading man Neil Winters was thrown a paltry bone in background character, attorney Leslie, instead of enjoying a feast that was Sofia, Olivia, Drucilla, or even Harmony. Despite incessant, repetitiously boring scenes of Adam proclaiming his sole devotion and love to Sharon— I mean, Chelsea, he’ll finally admit to the truth that everybody saw coming: Shadam’s back. I could go on, but I’m having trouble getting through even one episode of last week’s soap. Pull the plug already.

Maybe if TPTB applied the same heartwarming turnaround in B&B, when long-time enemies Stephanie died in Brooke’s arms, this soap could be saved. However, would many of the cast members be willing to portray such turning of the other cheek in storyline?

Don’t expect closure on Ricky’s murder. Word is Paul and Christine will move on, out of Genoa City for good, as a couple. All of the red herrings and teases, including Daisy’s mom springing the psycho out of the psych ward, won’t ever be addressed again.

Darnell Williams (Sarge; ex-Jesse, AMC) may also leave Genoa City without much fanfare or explanation.

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