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News for the week of 04-Jun-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

As believable as Phyllis’s hatred of Cricket is, it’s all acting. When Lauralee Bell (Cricket/Christine) returned to the set recently, Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) couldn’t wait to play with her. She told Bell that already she felt jazzed like before from their on-screen rivalry, and she loved that. Bell relished reconnecting with so many co-stars from her past, including Michael Damian (Danny Romalotti). But, she wanted the story to suit them, if she was to come back. This time, she said, it has. “I have to say this was done so well, in terms of the reasons why they are there… the surprise of seeing each other, the intense quickness with them recognizing even though they have not seen each other, the connection is there,” she said. “They have such a strong connection, and then it’s goodbye. That is why I have been eager for people to tune in. If you don’t watch Y&R that much anymore, but you were a fan back then, you have got to watch these episodes. Watching the last few days of episodes with Jack and Victor and Nikki, these seem to be really strong shows. And what is great now too, is that there is a lot of suspense. You have Ricky getting creepy on everyone. I kind of like those feelings where you are nervous. I think there are multiple emotions going through the viewers’ mind[s] when they are watching these days.” –Michael Fairman, May 30, 2012 interview

Tricia Cast (Nina) revealed on her Twitter that her character will return by end of June.

Jerry Douglas (John) returns this month as well, shooting June 20.

Gossip for the week of 04-Jun-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Ricky will kill Daisy, starting a murder mystery that brings Ronan back with his detective cap on. In his investigation, it’ll come out that Daisy was never related to Sheila. Or maybe Phyllis and Daniel find this out earlier.

Victor won’t just end things with Sharon. He’ll ridicule her too, a Scorpio to the end.

Abby will join Team Jack in the Beauty of Nature fight, over her own dad, Victor. Ouch.

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