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News for the week of 07-Jul-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

As outlandish as Gina Tognoni (ex-Kelly, OLTL) taking over Michelle Stafford’s role as Phyllis sounds on paper, in the screentest, the recast killed it. Josh Morrow (Nick) told On-Air On-Soaps’ Michael Fairman July 1 all about it. “Gina is very talented. The read she gave when we tested her was outrageously good,” he said. “I am nervous for her, because those are some big shoes to fill, and I just hope the fans give her a shot. It’s nothing that we did. This is a change that was made by Michelle Stafford. She wanted to go and try something else, and we have to respect her decision. I just hope the fans understand and give Gina a shot. Those are some big ass shoes to fill and I love Michelle to death! Apparently, she is doing a great job over at General Hospital, but it’s time for fans to accept, and be willing to watch someone else try it. …just for the good of everything.”

Mishael Morgan (Hilary) was once a little girl whose mother religiously tuned into Y&R every week day. Morgan herself got hooked, so by the time she landed a major role opposite the Winters Family, she couldn’t believe her good fortune. She said she even got emotional in her first scenes with Neil Winters’ Kristoff St. John. Her character has gone from evil to good in the time it took Neil to bestow his forgiveness and propose. The turnaround surprised Morgan, too. She kind of missed playing a vixen for once; she said she’s usually cast as the good girl. But you never know. “Yeah, I was a little concerned about that. I loved coming onto Y&R as a villain, something I don’t get to play much. I’m usually cast as the good girl, the longtime girlfriend. But Hilary can always go back to being underhanded. She still loves making snippy comments to Lily.” –TV Guide, Michael Logan interview, July 2, 2014

Sean Carrigan (Stitch) plays a serious, secretive doctor on the show, but he’s known for cutting up — a lot. Check out his funny bone at the Comedy Store in La Jolla, July 18-19, 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

Recently, Greg Rikaart (Kevin) received a Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award in New Orleans for his activism on behalf of the LGBT community. He took a moment while accepting the award to apologize for having bullied someone growing up. He even went one step further, found this person, and apologized in person. The gay actor spoke to Michael Fairman for a June 30th post about the possibility of his Y&R character coming out of the closet. To Rikaart, it made more sense to have someone viewers already knew out himself as gay than to bring in an entirely new character for them to get to know and love. “The fans view the characters like family. So if there is a ‘family’ member that suddenly revealed something about themselves that no one knew about before, it mirrors what happens in real life,” Rikaart said. “I think the powerfulness of that message to the audience of this show would be way more profound than just introducing a new character that just happens to be gay. The audience would go on the same journey that a family member would go on.”

Perhaps the worst travesty of this year’s Daytime Emmys was Daniel Polo (ex-Jamie) not winning outstanding younger actor. Polo had a blast attending the Red Carpet and being a part of Y&R for that one special night — even if he didn’t win. “This has been the most fun I’ve had in my entire life. I was honored to be nominated in a category with so many talented actors. Getting Congrats messages from fans on social media who still remember my character a year later has been so awesome. I have enjoyed every single moment of this experience from my mom waking me up to tell me I was nominated to coming home after the final party last night. This has been an amazing experience for me.” Serial Scoop, June 23, 2014

Who is “Helen Copeland?” That’s the name attached to the next casting call for a 40-something nurse who’s also a bitter young mom, to run for a two-day stint. Sounds a lot like Mariah’s mom.

Gossip for the week of 07-Jul-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

Any guesses as to Stitch and Kelly’s secret? Could he have molested his own sister?

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