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News for the week of 08-Apr-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Y&R encore episodes will air on the TV Guide Network from this coming summer on. Y&R used to re-air on SOAPnet.

Initially, according to Michelle Stafford (Phyllis), the pre-show interviews with certain veteran members of the cast were already online at the show’s website. Then, someone in charge took notice and decided to expand on this creative, genius idea for the show’s 40th anniversary — to air prior to several shows last month. Stafford particularly enjoyed Jeanne Cooper (Katherine) and Melody Thomas Scott’s (Nikki), which made her tear up. (She wasn’t the only one, I’m sure).

In an April 2nd interview with “Tainted Dreams” columnist Carolyn Hinsey, Stafford gave her opinion on Phick/Phonan/Phack fans, Phick’s future, the fun and sometimes vexing democracy of Twitter, and her acting approach. She again stated that, in her opinion, Phyllis and Nick (Phick) are playing out hate — just like they did back when Cassie died and Daniel was charged with having something to do with it — with a reunion in the near-future highly unlikely. Then reiterated that she’s not the one who dictated that storyline turn and she doesn’t have a personal stake in any soap couple she is a part of. “I’m an actress. My job is to do what’s written. My job is not to manipulate story or complain about it, but to do the best job I can with what’s written. Period.”

While it’s been tricky navigating the social network of Twitter with fans of different soap couples putting her in the middle, she understands the social media’s importance overall in influencing TPTB’s next move, and she’s respectful of that. Just don’t get personal. “Social media has changed the game for sure. You get to hear right away how people feel. I think it’s a great thing as an artist, but there’s also a lot of criticism out there. The networks are definitely paying attention to what people say on social media. I think it’s important for people to have a voice and to state their opinion. If people like or don’t like a story, they have every right to talk about it. If you don’t like Phyllis’s dress, you can talk about it. If you don’t like Phyllis’s ass, you can’t talk about it because it also happens to be Michelle Stafford’s ass [laughs].”

Stafford personally does a lot more on her website if that’s possible to believe (stay tuned for a blog about social media). She’s got something new going on all the time and regularly updates there. Currently, she has an American Humane Association PSA up (it aired on the Animal Planet last November) featuring her and her pet golden retriever Beauregard, asking viewers to consider adopting from animal shelters. She also has a screenshot of her Watch! Magazine interview about her best workout routine (beach volleyball included).

Fans are reacting favorably to Adam taking a bullet (literally) for his hateful father Victor, which aired in riveting scenes a few weeks ago. But Adam’s portrayer, Michael Muhney, was sitting on this bombshell of a plot turn for months. He eagerly looked forward to the fan response, over his own. Obviously he approves of the Adam reset, set in motion when head writer Josh Griffith came on. In the April 5th interview with Michael Fairman, Muhney spoke about his character’s reason for being, the inevitable growth, and the exciting new development of Adam’s existentialism.

Adam’s given up on hoping for love, Muhney explained, and put up walls after many, many past experiences of losing out. What happens to those walls is what makes acting on this show so exciting for him.

He also wisely stays out of the fan fighting over who Adam belongs with. Again, he prefers to hear what others have to say than weigh in himself.  Furthermore, playing the grays and the “ambiguity” is more his thing, “because then you keep the audience guessing. And, because we work in a medium where it’s not 22 episodes a year but 250, the show doesn’t have a closure. It’s in a constant state of falling forward. The more ambiguous it is, it leaves hints at things, and you can keep an audience rooting for one direction, or questioning another direction, and thinking, ‘Could it be this?’ So I know where things are headed, obviously. I know where Adam will be in six months and in 12 months, but I can’t play that, and I can’t tell you. (Laughs)”

Mark Pinter (Congressman Marcus Wheeler) ends his reign as the resident villain after April 12.

Zack Conroy (Oliver Jones, fashion photographer) crosses over from B&B, to air starting May 21 in two shows.

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