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News for the week of 08-Jul-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Without giving much away, Peter Bergman (Jack) assessed the possible fallout from Nick’s paternity secret. It’s going to all drop this week. Bergman told TV Guide’s Michael Logan (July 3, 2013) that of course Jack will feel blindsided and his friendship with Nick may not survive. Playing out the scene where Jack and Summer get together to discuss the aftermath — he’s her father, not Nick! — gave Bergman and Hunter Haley King (Summer) a buffet to act off of. “As an actor I always say that it's much easier to kiss a stranger on screen — someone who has just joined the cast — than it is to suddenly start making out with someone you've worked with for years. That's similar for Jack and Summer,” Bergman described. “If she had been a stranger who suddenly knocked on his door and said, ‘Hi, I'm your daughter,’ it would be much easier for him than making this Herculean shift to, ‘Wait, what? Summer is my daughter?’ And it's the same giant leap for her. The scenes where the two of them are finally alone together are brilliantly written. I mean, what do you say under circumstances like that? It's some of the best material I've had in a long time, and Hunter is absolutely spectacular. And, of course, as you know we've lost Michelle Stafford. How does Jack maintain a relationship with Summer if there's no Phyllis around? That's going to be tricky. Plus there are more big things coming — something really major that will distract Jack from the situation with Summer in a huge way.”

After weeks of mysterious innuendo about a big surprise and big news, it turns out Victoria Rowell (ex-Druscilla) isn’t returning to Y&R after all but launching her own, original primetime pilot, The Young & Ruthless/The Rich And The Ruthless based on her behind-the-scenes, fictionalized soapy book. She started promoting her pre-Kickstarter campaign for fans to help contribute to the launch last week, calling the new show, “Soap Dish x The Office.” Rowell’s been out and about all over the country on her book signing, most recently at the New Orleans Essence Music Festival, July 5.

When TPTB asked Michael Graziadei to briefly reprise the role of Daniel, Phyllis’ grown-up artist son, the actor was a little taken aback but happy to do it. Once there, he got to play opposite the great Peter Bergman (Jack), a dream of Graziadei’s. Graziadei told Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) about the return when they caught a hockey game together. She was thrilled and pleased to share scenes with her on-screen son as well. Daniel reappears July 30 and stays for four episodes. He wouldn’t mind reappearing again for longer, depending on his schedule.

Camryn Grimes (ex-Cassie) returns this week. Her Y&R character passed away in a car accident years ago. So what’s up? Tune in. The actress might live-tweet Monday. The Buzz caught up with her at the Daytime Emmys.

Gossip for the week of 08-Jul-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Despite denials all around, it seems very likely that Michelle Stafford’s (Phyllis) going to GH in a major role, as hinted at for months by soap columnists as that huge casting exchange. (Unless they were referring to Emme Rylan [ex-Abby; Lulu, GH].)

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