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News for the week of 11-Feb-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Forget Dylan McAvoy and Avery Clark. There’s a new couple in town: Portrayer Steve Burton and Joshua Morrow (Nick), aka “Dick!” The two had a live chat with fans that was hilariously unplugged [Daytime Confidential, February 4, 2013]. Burton lost his composure entirely trying to relay the part where his character had to make this badass military drink called the Rip Cord, only to come up with this fruity red confection. Other gems: biggest prankster has to be Morrow, “That would be me. It’s a role that I take very seriously. I consider it my job to act as the mayor/comedic whatsoever…,” Burton said the key to learning so many lines so fast is practice, practice, practice, “The longer you do it, the easier it becomes,” although coming into a new role after decades at another soap was a challenge, but Burton pointed to Morrow as a whiz at memorizing his lines, to which Morrow replied, “I’m the rainman from daytime. I do wear underwear from K-Mart.”

Steve Burton (Dylan McAvoy; ex-Jason, GH) found his new Y&R role quite freeing to play. Before, Burton had to straitjacket his outgoing personality into the GH role of a hitman with brain damage, leaving little emotional room to roam. “I get to have a personality. Jason was so stoic. Here, I am more myself and you get to see a real light side of me. I think I've smiled more on the show already than I ever have in my life. [Soap Opera Digest, February 11, 2013]”

Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) apparently wasn’t feeling the love for her character and Joshua Morrow’s (Nick) under the Maria Arena Bell regime. All the couple did was focus on Sharon and split up. It got worse when head writer Josh Griffith came on board, Phick simply ended, seemingly for good. Even Stafford doesn’t see a reunion in the near future. "If the show stays on long enough or I stay on the show long enough, there could be another incarnation… I just don't think they have anything to say to each other, to be honest with you, except if it's about their kid." However, Phyllis will undergo a life-changing moment later this month, which the actress hoped won’t be “swept under the rug, because it’s such a change.” –Soap Opera Digest, February 11, 2013

Lauralee Bell (Christine) had to make the hard choice when it came to her 1997 wedding invite list. She and her then-fiancÚ Scott Martin had room for 120 guests. They zeroed in on only the closest family and friends, so close that she wouldn’t have had to make introductions or defend her other wedding choices, like the menu. “Most didn’t care but some did and it made those weeks leading up to the wedding extremely uncomfortable,” Bell told Soap Opera Digest [“ALTAR IT,” February 4, 2013].

Bell is probably surrounded by a ton of stars. But she’s never gone the autograph fan route. The closest she’s come is asking Disney characters if they could pose with her daughter at a Hollywood Christmas Parade she was in last December.

Don’t mess with Sharon. This character is so beloved amongst fans that even newcomer Lamon Archey (Mason) feared for his life a little when his character had to make the decision to switch her bi-polar meds for sugar pills, in answer to Victor’s machinations. “Holy shit! #yr fans are no joke! I have a feeling @sharonlcase fans will whoop my ass over these placebo pills.” No joke.

Michael Muhney (Adam), Joshua Morrow (Nick), Sharon Case (Sharon), and Greg Rikaart (Kevin) don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day just because the world does. They celebrate romance when it has particular meaning for them. In fact, Morrow hasn’t acknowledged the official Hallmark Card Day of Love with his wife in ages; she wisely prefer he pick a random day for them to enjoy, meaningfully. Muhney’s wife gave him a Valentine’s Day gift that really packed a punch, and is probably worth a fortune now: a Zippo lighter from Frank Sinatra. “My wife a year or two ago gave me a super rare Zippo lighter from the 1950s that had been owned by Frank Sinatra. He gave them as a gift to anyone who stayed at his house...they were never for sale...he personally had them made and she was able to procure one. I use it to light a's a nice conversation starter.” If considering a gift for Case, it should be a thoughtful one, a nice card is always better than something just to get something. All four discussed romantic restaurants, awesome destinations to escape to (Kauai! Maui! Staten Island Ferry!), and focusing on meaning over gesture. Read the rest of their stories on the Y&R/Sony site.

Sharon’s biggest fan, Nelson Branco of Soap Opera Uncensored, published Part 2 of the Sharon Case interview. Highlights include Case’s thoughts on sexing up Avery and Noah. Oh no he didn’t!

The little kids playing Lily and Cane’s twins need an update. Recasting time, SORAS’d to four+. Charlie and Matilda needn’t be played by actual siblings, either, so long as they meet the cutie-pie requirement.

Different actors talk about different things when they’re in the background of a scene. Doug Davidson (Paul) said (was he joking?) it’s always about sex, while Hunter King (Summer) enjoyed mocking people in a funny way. But she does it without being heard in the foreground, “with a really serious face, so you can’t tell what I’m saying. [Soap Opera Digest, February 4, 2013]”

Ellen K is an L.A. radio personality who will drop in on the citizens of the Underground as a hot DJ, February 12-14.

Gossip for the week of 11-Feb-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

During the week of January 28th, Y&R’s ratings shot up. That was the week Steve Burton (ex-Jason, GH) first appeared as Avery’s ex-boy on the side, Dylan McAvoy. Coincidence? Nah.

What’s going on, is Chelsea pregnant with Adam’s child—again? This will really put a crimp in things with Sharon—again. Back and forth, forth and back, end the pairings now and start fresh.

And please, don’t even start with Carmine hitting on Lauren. Carmine’s a dud. But Alex ain’t. Have him be Chelsea’s on the side.

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