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News for the week of 11-Nov-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Lauralee Bell (Christine) knows full well what her character’s about to do to poor Nina. In real life, Bell and Tricia Cast (Nina) are good pals. Cast has been over Bell’s a lot. This is gonna hurt. “The worst part of the whole thing was that Tricia Cast was staying at my house the week we were shooting those shows. As Trish's friend, I felt so guilty! I was, like, ‘I'll dump him tomorrow! I'll get hit by a car!’” Otherwise, Bell’s digging the turn of events, mixing things up for her and Doug Davidson (Paul). She tried to explain Paul’s change of heart, character-wise: “Being with Chris helps center him. He can relax around her. A new relationship is work. As great as things may seem with Nina, there isn't that same comfort level.

Paul needs calm and Chris represents it. Even though he and Nina are technically together, Doug and I have always chosen to play it like there's something heavily emotional whenever our characters are in the same room. I think maybe [exec producer] Jill Phelps and [head writer] Josh Griffith looked at those scenes we had at the police station where Paul and Chris would cry and hug and they picked up on their really deep relationship. Doug's so good at exploring his emotional side.” All of this was never in former EP/HW Maria Arena Bell’s cards. MAB had intended for Christine and Danny to leave the scene together, to Lauralee Bell’s understanding. But when the new regime came on, they told the actress they really wanted her to stick around longer. The new regime also saved Phyllis from prison, by working in the kink in Christine’s investigative plans by making her so gung ho she twisted the truth about having worked for the Feds back then. It’s a kink that seemed to go against the grain of Christine’s tough and thorough work ethic, thought her portrayer. “I am torn about the way [the trial] played out. No one wants to see Phyllis in an orange jumpsuit for months. They want to see her out raising hell. But I feel like Christine would have investigated the case so well that she'd never have lost. It made her seem so unqualified in her research.” TV Guide interview by Michael Logan, November 6, 2012

Michael Muhney (Adam) welcomed baby Truman into the world November 4. Truman is Muhney and his wife Jaime’s third child. They already have Dylan and Ella.

Michael Damian (Danny) will be on hand at the 15th annual Film Freak Thanksgiving Food Drive November 16-18 at L.A.’s Smart & Final store, 11221 West Pico Blvd. As a star presenter and co-chair of the event, Damian encouraged everyone to donate food and/or money in person at the store or online. As the event gets closer, Damian will update more info, including times of his appearance, on his website.

Gossip for the week of 11-Nov-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Is Victor Newman god almighty? Look at him waltzing in and out, and in and out of his former Newman Enterprises like he owned the joint, harassing the new management. This doesn’t even seem legal.

Boo to TPTB for the underwhelming way they ushered out Abby and Genevieve. At least Harmony got a goodbye from Neil. Genevieve’s hasty exit was especially disrespectful to portrayer and soap legend, Genie Francis. Having Genevieve’s son Cane turn his back—on flimsy evidence at best and zero back story at worse, considering Colin’s criminal history—and then having Genevieve grovel back to Tucker—after she threw him to the SEC wolves—was just terribly written. Y&R never treated Francis’ character as anything other than a pathetic, white-collar whore and scapegoat to the major core characters, like Jack and Victor.

You know executive producer and former musical director Jill Farren Phelps is in the room, because of those awful, abrupt cutaways she probably thinks is dramatic flair. RME. This show’s as doomed as GH.

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