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News for the week of 12-Aug-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

For Michael Muhney (Adam), raising money for a cure to pancreatic cancer is personal. His uncle died from the dreaded disease several years ago. Ever since, the actor’s been a tireless advocate. He’ll host the 16th annual L.A. Cancer Challenge (LACC), raising funds for the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research, October 27—for the sixth time. Fans can donate to Muhney’s team here. The Challenge walk/run takes place on L.A.’s Veterans Administration Grounds.

Christel Khalil is suing her own talent agency for mismanagement and embezzlement. She filed a complaint against Mavrick Artists Agency August 6 in California’s Superior Court. The straw came when the Agency reportedly sent her on an audition for Y&R. She’s already a Y&R star! This Agency allegedly failed to honor its part of the agreement in preparation for pilot season, sending her out on only two auditions for series roles, forget about commercials. The Agency also, according to her allegations, refused to pay her what was owed for a 2 Broke Girls guest spot, as well as took more than its cut in commission, above the regular 10 percent. Read more in the Wrap’s August 7, 2013 write-up.

Obviously, since her Agency has dropped the ball (allegedly), Khalil has to go make her own press. She has a “Make Mondays Matter” presence on YouTube. In the most recent update, she talks about facing her fears. “Every time I go to an audition, I’m terrified. I sweat and I sometimes sabotage myself,” she intro’d. Instead of trying to control every outcome, she advised to “trust,” to really be there in the present and enjoy.

Joshua Morrow (Nick) believes who his character ends up with romantically is totally up in the air. He’s not exactly 100 percent confident Nick will walk down the aisle with Avery, either. What he is sure about is the way he conducts himself and what he finds awe-inspiring about children. His father always showed him that kindness is everything. “I will never treat people differently than I would people in my own family. I think everybody deserves a chance to be treated with respect. I hope that I can instill that into my children, because people just aren't as nice as they used to be anymore. I come from a small town in Oklahoma where everybody knew everybody and everybody was nice to everybody. It's just not like that anymore. Everybody's worlds are in phones. It's antisocial. I kind of wish the world got a lot simpler.”

When he watches children show the same kindness he grew up with in his family, it does his heart a world of good. As a Little League coach, Morrow’s heart fills up when he catches children extending sportsmanship above and beyond toward one another, especially in this day and age of bullying.

Filming in the faster-paced world of soaps is exciting as hell, Morrow acknowledged. But it also takes a lot out of him to hold so much information in his head and be able to perform on cue with relatively little prep time. What prep time? He said the cast has to be ready to go and be emotional when the scene calls for it, with no room for error. “When I first started if I wanted to do three or four takes, I got to do it. Now, you better come out there prepared and get yourself done in one take no matter how much material you have, no matter how many places you need to get emotional. You've got to move fast and learn. These are not the high-flying days of the '90s. We've got a budget; we've got time restraints. That's the biggest change that I see. We've got to change our model and, I think, we've made the necessary steps.”

Soaps interview by Paulette Cohn

Greg Rikaart (Kevin) will show up on the primetime series, Bones, September 23, as a guest star. His guest role is nothing like his Y&R character, which he finds exciting. Rumor has it, he might be playing a marriage counselor.

Gossip for the week of 12-Aug-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Watch Michelle Stafford’s The Stafford Project teaser from Episode 1, “Technicalities” — uploaded last week and generating over 42,000 views so far. The scene has Stafford in a meeting with two clueless Hollywood agent types pitching ideas for her reality series, while she slowly goes insane. It is hilarious and real and relatable. It should be on a cable network, similar to HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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