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News for the week of 14-Jan-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

From the moment soap newcomer Jhoanna Flores first came on the screen as Noah Newman’s love interest, the bad girl with a heart of gold Adriana Stone, she won many viewers over. With a heady mix of vulnerability and bravado reminiscent of an early Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda, GH), Flores fit right in. Nerves almost got the better of her early on when she first learned she won the audition amongst so many “really beautiful Latin women.” She was overwhelmed by the fast pace of soaps and the veterans surrounding her, but said she is starting to adjust. Her co-star Robert Adamson (Noah) made it easy with his easygoing kindness (in the audition and for the actual scenes calling for her to make out with him). Her first scene involves a first on-screen kiss too. “It has been really fun to play this seductive, young girl who is just having fun. And the relationship between me and Noah on the show I think will really excite the viewers.” How lucky can a girl be? Flores expects smitten Noah fans to hate her for stealing their man, but she gets it. She also gets her complex character and has been able to translate that on-screen: Adriana has walls up and can be manipulative, but she will soften as she realizes Noah’s a good guy and cares about her. Sony/Y&R interview, January 3, 2013

In news that surprised no one (who follows online soap columnist Raven Beauty), Steve Burton (ex-Jason, GH) made his surprise announcement the other week about joining Y&R as Dylan McAvoy, Avery’s former military beau. The actor appeared on CBS’s The Talk January 7 to make that huge announcement that will shake up daytime TV, complete with confetti. “McAvoy is a war veteran, he had two tours in the Middle East, by trade he’s an architect, he has to take over his family’s construction business ‘cause his dad gets a serious injury. This is all really new for me right now, and I’m trying to really grasp how he really deals with his demons from the war and I know he’s got a bunch of secrets, and I know he’s coming to town looking for someone special,” is how Burton described his character. Burton first appears on Y&R January 29.

Steve Burton (ex-Jason, GH) tried to explain why he quit GH to retire from L.A.’s craziness and live in Nashville… only to return to that craziness for Y&R. There were many reasons for his GH departure, he told the co-hosts of The Talk, but prime among them was to get his family settled in Nashville and “get out of L.A.” But he said he told his manager if he could find a way to go back and forth from his home base in Nashville to his acting job, he would get the best of both worlds. CBS/Y&R made him a reasonable offer to accommodate such a request, and he jumped at a chance to continue working with his former GH boss, EP Jill Farren Phelps.

Stephen Nichols ended his Y&R tenure as Tucker McCall, with January 28th as the last airdate. Stephen Nichols Facebook

Gossip for the week of 14-Jan-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Billy would probably murder the entire state of Wisconsin on Victoria’s say-so, he’s so pussywhipped to the point of cult brainwashing.

Unless the writers begin infusing humanity into Victor soon, he might as well get killed off along with the rest of the unrepentant psychopaths Y&R has had on. He’s no better than a serial killer lately, going after a mentally ill woman (Sharon) and a drug addict (Jack), considering his fiancée Nikki’s a recovering alcoholic and he’s probably a raving Narcissist. I won’t even get into the insulting scenes of Mason groveling for crumbs.

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