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News for the week of 14-Oct-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Shocker of shockers! Steve Burton’s Dylan turns out to be connected to a major Genoa City family: he’s Nikki’s long-lost son! The actor said he always felt a certain connection with Nikki’s Melody Thomas Scott, somewhat similarly to Leslie Charleson, who played his/Jason’s mom, Monica on GH. Obviously, Burton loves the recent storyline turn. “I love working with Mel. She is so great. … There is vulnerability there between us, and it’s not on purpose. It’s just something that is there. It was actually kind of there before it happened that we were on-screen mother and son.” –On-Air On-Soaps’ Michael Fairman interview, October 10, 2013

Eileen Davidson (Ashley; Kristen, DOOL) returns to Y&R October 25, November 27, and December 2. Eric Braeden’s (Victor) delighted; he tweeted last week that it felt like old times.

Gossip for the week of 14-Oct-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Maybe it’s not so cut and dried that Adam ran down Delia and didn’t even know it. The man stopped to make sure he didn’t hit the dog. The dog was all he saw. What if Adam and Nikki are the red herrings? What if it’s the new girl Cynthia Watros plays? Spoilers did say her recurring character Kelly (just divorced elementary school teacher) is gonna be a big deal to Billy, Chloe, and Victoria.

Word on the street is that the gifted little actress Sophie Pollono (Delia Abbott) booked herself a role on the new CBS sitcom, The Millers (when the original actress on the pilot backed out/was replaced). This might’ve been what spurred TPTB to kill off her recurring character, as opposed to recasting. Recasting child actors can run up the bills, so…

How do you like JFP killing off another child (Delia) for ratings, just like she did with Guza & Co. over at GH (Jake)? Or how about giving the initial beats of the accident to a leading male (Billy Miller/Billy) — as told from the dad’s perspective — instead of to the leading female, Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe), the mom, who’s been by Delia’s side throughout her cancer diagnosis and recovery? Perhaps writing a story about these children, integrated with their families, throughout the rest of the year might’ve given outraged viewers more to invest in. Otherwise, this latest child killing just felt like a cheap shot by ratings-hungry scumbags. Better yet, fire JFP now before she completely runs her soulless Y&R into the ground.

Highlight Hollywood’s Tommy Lightfoot Garrett knew about Delia dying off before the rest of us did, but held off making it public in case executive producer Jill Farren Phelps was playing her game of floating ideas to the media. Garrett promised that, based on what he knows, more characters will die. Get a load of this: “The killing of Delia Abbott is atrocious. The fact that fans of the once venerable and respected drama had to grieve the loss of Katherine Chancellor, and previously, the loss of our beloved iconic matriarch of daytime TV, Jeanne Cooper, this is just beyond the pale. There is not much lower this woman can go, but don’t count her out yet. As we reported last summer, Jill is planning to kill more beloved characters, and our sources told us that it was to be Delia, but we did not want to put it in print, because Phelps oftentimes floats trial balloons in the press to see if fans will revolt or not. We wanted unfortunately the viewers of this soap to find out what this woman is made of. Pure antifreeze runs through her veins.”

Fans/soap critics the world over went to Twitter and Facebook to rip JFP apart for choosing to kill off a child in this sensationalistic manner, out of the blue. Too many of them have sworn off Y&R for good. The timing couldn’t have been worse either, as news came of the brutal killing of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson’s two-year-old son at the hands of the abusive boyfriend of Peterson’s ex-girlfriend.

At the bottom of the October 12, 2013 Highlight Hollywood article is a Fire JFP petition. Sign it now. CBS/Sony may not give a damn what we think. They may only care about JFP. Make them pay attention.

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