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News for the week of 17-Jun-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Y&R led in wins at the 40th annual Creative Arts & Entertainment Daytime Emmys June 14, including art direction/set direction/scenic design, makeup, and original song (“Only Love Goes On Forever”). Y&R also took awards for best casting director and lighting direction — with B&B.

Melody Thomas Scott pledged her character Nikki’s 2002 wedding gown to the Smithsonian at the 40th annual Daytime Emmy Awards June 16. She and host Alex Trebek (Jeopardy) went onstage to announce the partnership between the Smithsonian and the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. The partnership allows the Smithsonian Museum to add collections from daytime television. It all started with the May 9th donations from Trebek, Susan Lucci (Erica, AMC), and Barney co-creator Kathy and composer Phil Parker.

Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) was the best part of the June 16th Daytime Emmys. Best dressed, funny, sweet, to the point (“I’m running late, gotta go!”), natural, amazing lady. She pledged her character’s wedding dress to the Smithsonian with an effortless charm, able to remember all of Nikki’s married names.

Second best part of the night had to be son Corbin Bernsen (Father Todd) channeling his late mom Jeanne Cooper (Katherine) during the memoriam tribute intro, cussing up a storm (no bleeps!) on her behalf and ripping a little into the awards itself. “Oh shit, I’m on the memoriam list? … And what’s with this couch? … Oh well, there is the alternative. At least I made the fucking list.”

In an outcome that surprised nobody (sorry, Michael Muhney), Doug Davidson (Paul) took the outstanding lead actor in a drama series award away from some big contenders, including co-star Peter Bergman (Jack), who seemed genuinely tickled pink to the point of tears. Amidst paying his proper respects to TPTB and Jeanne Cooper, Davidson cracked a few jokes, “These presenters [from the younger actor category] are younger than my tux,” before thanking the viewers most of all. “They’ve supported me and my character through some good and bad times.” During Davidson’s onstage interview with The Talk’s Sheryl Underwood (finally a soap fan!), he answered that what made this his moment was “the story,” praising creator Bill Bell for getting into a character’s head and creating magic. He also kept that praise going for those who followed Bell, “even through the new environment.” Any viewers who watched Davidson’s wrenching scenes before, during, and after having to shoot his son Ricky through a window to save an innocent life would understand why this award had to go to this likeable veteran. Davidson earned his Emmy the right way, by acting for it.

In a surprise early on, Billy Miller (Billy) and Scott Clifton (Liam, B&B) both won outstanding supporting actor awards in a tie. Miller deferred to Clifton all the way, from acceptance speech to an awkward, terribly amateurish, follow-up, onstage interview by Food Network star Giada de Laurentiis. She couldn’t get much meat out of either of the dumbstruck winners with her half-assed questions. Miller saved the night by saying his own words, lauding Clifton as someone he’s known — they share the same agent — for a long time and admired as a good person, so talented and deserving. “I’m happy to be with you” sharing this award, Miller said. It touched and surprised Clifton greatly, and showed Miller as a really nice, insightful, well-spoken guy.

The TVGN network plans to show Y&R same-day reruns from CBS starting next month, July 1, 7 p.m. ET/PT, plus repeats the next morning at 10 a.m. ET/PT. Before this happens, TVGN will show two Y&R specials. On June 17, 9/8c, Infanity features exclusive cast interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, with host Kristoff St. John (Neil). On July 1, 6/5c, Countdown features a Q&A with a live audience of fans and many from the Y&R cast. Fans can go on Twitter with questions too; use #YRonTVGN.

Greg Rikaart (Kevin) recently celebrated 10 years with the show by doing a few exclusives and talking up his enjoyment of the cast, as well as playing the darker side of his character. In his June 10th interview with TVDeeva Deanna Barnert, Rikaart said he preferred to explore the dark side, because there’s a lot more to explore there. And, “I like him better when he's troubled and challenged. That's certainly more fun than when he's having a good time and things are going well, so this has been fun. Though getting rid of the coffee house was actually harder for me, emotionally, than I thought it would be. It's been such a part of my history on the show.”

The Rose Turner turns up July 25 in the form of actress Leslie Stevens (ex-Justine Calvert, Search For Tomorrow; True Blood, Criminal Minds, Private Practice, Revenge).

Gossip for the week of 17-Jun-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Go to Daytime Confidential and follow its senior editor, Jillian Bowe, on Twitter for the latest on the dismal June 16th Daytime Emmys. They live-blogged and live-tweeted during the HLN telecast, hilariously, astutely, and righteously. HLN butchered the show worse than it did last year. Like me, Bowe disagreed with some of the acting awards. Here are a few of her tweet gems:

>> Last year Tony Geary took it to the house against ABC, now Corbin cleaning HLN's CLOCK for this damn telecast. #DaytimeEmmys

Melody Thomas Scott. WERK GIRL WERK! #DaytimeEmmys @TVGMLogan She looks fab doesn't she!?

as am i. RT @WubsNet: JULIE WON!! #gh SHE'S shocked. #DaytimeEmmys

so when they gon' have Lung Fu and Quantanisha do a plug for their haircare lines? #DaytimeEmmys

GET IT DOUG! He cries like a black woman at a funeral. #DaytimeEmmys <<

After a rumor surfaced at all the usual online soap spots about the recast of Tucker, comes the new rumor that TPTB changed their minds, because it would be adding yet another new actor to an already full roster. Ya think???

It’s hard to tell whether Y&R characters are truly in love, especially with Sharon and Adam. Who does Sharon love — Adam? Nick? Jack? Carmine? Wayne? The barista at Crimson Lights? Does Sharon love anyone? Is anyone on this show capable of lasting love, love longer than a four-week story arc? One minute Adam’s all about Sharon, the next she’s just a sexual conquest, because he’s truly in love with Chelsea (where the hell did that come from?!) — which we never saw play out on the actors’ faces or on-screen in any manner. Sharon’s worse. When she’s with Adam, she kept him at arm’s length when he seemed to want more of a commitment. She in essence created this sex-using monster who screwed her over then dumped her. Where she’s getting her interest in Nick is from left field. Now, Sharon’s turning (again) into a two-dollar whore, giving it away to some stranger, very likely a married man looking for his kicks on a business trip. The only couples believably in love: Victor & Nikki, Michael & Lauren, poor sad, clueless sap Cane for Lily.

Lucky Eric Braeden (Victor)! He and a handful of other cast members were treated like royalty at Monte Carlo starting June 8th for a massive press event in honor of the show’s 40th anniversary. Braeden has been tweeting some delightful pictures and brief comments during his travels. He said that Y&R is big with fans in Monte Carlo. Check out his ET Canada interview (“What the hell is Honey Boo Boo?”). Braeden’s kind of royalty himself, very familiar with the area, even won a tennis tournament with Prince Albert once. Joshua Morrow (Nick), Braeden, Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki), Christian LeBlanc (Michael), and Sharon Case (Sharon) were having a blast eating their 40th anniversary cake at the June 10th Monte-Carlo Bay Resort Hotel.

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