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News for the week of 19-Mar-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Just as Blake Hood (Kyle) gets a major stalker story with Summer crushing on him hard, the actor gets the boot, with quite a different actor taking his place. Hartley Sawyer (GCB, Jane By Design, NCIS: Los Angeles) takes over as Kyle and starts taping this week.

More GH poaching! Bruce Weitz (ex-Anthony, GH) crosses over as Barry, starting April 17th but only for the short term (three shows).

Y&R fans can now stream HD episodes on their iPhones and IPads through a new app. Y&R is only one of several major CBS shows enjoying this new app. Twenty-four hours after the show airs on TV, fans can tune in. Also handy on the new app are features that let users know when a new episode shows up and let users post about it in live social feeds. Download the CBS app on iTunes.

Gossip for the week of 19-Mar-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Last week, I extoled the virtues of the dramatic plot turn and acting by Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) in a confrontation with on-screen sister Avery. A reader named Lynne took polite issue with my take on the situation. Unlike me, she didn’t see Phyllis’ point in labeling Avery a dispassionate hypocrite on the cheating. But she did point out the continuing, disturbing trend of Phyllis’ seemingly singling out Avery for exceptional bullying. I can’t say I completely disagree with Lynne’s take, either:

>> Carol, love you and your detailed spoilers and news. Keep it up. Just one minor disagreement: Really? The actress who plays Avery is not up to MS's standards? Are you kidding me? MS is certainly toned down now, but she comes across as a hypocritical jealous witch anytime she is with Avery. After all the things Phyl has done, including trying to kill two people, stealing from her daughter to pay blackmail, and rolling a body up in a rug that she tried to fake seduce, she has no right to judge Avery who, for what we know about her, has only this one blemish on her record. And [Avery] is kind, smart and "normal." Her relationship with Nick is honest and she makes him happy (Phyl would have NEVER told Nick about Dylan should their roles be reversed. She would have lied and manipulated, where Avery came clean. I think the Avery actress kicks ass, and MS doesn't, but then I can't stand Phyl no matter what she does. It always comes back to it being all about her. She is only mildly tolerable when in scenes with Jack. JMHO :-)

Lynne >>

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