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News for the week of 23-Jul-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Doug Davidson (Paul) is overwhelmed by the fan support and fan accolades for his current storyline involving the Ricky shooting aftermath. He said that even the message boards have been overwhelmingly favorable, and that’s almost unheard of. His job as an actor recently—to compellingly convey Paul’s sense of humanity in the abandonment of his young son Ricky—has been a tremendous challenge. He is in no control of that part of the story, just in portraying guilt and sorrow over what has been. “They did not write it in, and they did not explain it. I made the assumption that Paul would make periodic trips to see him, and so I had to have that in my own head to play,” Davidson told Michael Fairman. “I think Paul, as a responsible father, would have done things like that. By the same token, once I realized that was not what their past was, you validate it by you saying you own your business, and that it is never a good time to get away. Out of sight and out of mind. You might send an e-mail here and there. And of course, they aged him to a point to where, in reality, Ricky would be 12. Faced with that, then I try to validate the fact that I was not as attentive as I might have been. Even doing it 24/7 with my own kids, you second-guess your actions. Even with my own parents and their aging, I don’t always make the best, or admirable choice, in retrospect. I would probably push my kids too hard, or not hard enough. I was angry or not angry enough, and you can second-guess it. So how I validate it in real life is come hell or high water, I did the best of my capabilities.”

Bonnie Franklin (One Day At A Time, Hot In Cleveland) guest-stars mid-August as nun, Sister Celeste, who advises Victor on important matters.

Daniel Goddard (Cane) and Christel Khalil (Lily) appear in Greenwood, SC’s the Arts Building August 4-5 to raise funds in a fun way for the Greenwood/Abbeville counties’ United Way. Register for the entire weekend at $140, not including fees.

Jennifer Rachel Landon (Heather) is a lovely name and to most of us, it really fits the actress. Jennifer connotes a down-to-earth girl, while Rachel gives off the slightly sexy and daring. But the actress doesn’t see herself in this birth name and seriously believes her parents were picking them out of a popular 1980s baby names book. She once attempted to act professionally under another name, one of her own choosing: Margo J. London. “I’ve told my mom before, ‘I just don’t feel like a Jennifer.’ I prefer names like Margo and Ingrid.” –Soap Opera Digest, “Routine Landon” by Devin Owens, July 9, 2012

Doug Davidson (Paul) thinks Landon makes a great Heather, he told Michael Fairman (in a July 22nd-posted interview). With all due respect to the previous Heathers, Davidson singled Landon out as “funny, … smart, and … is great to work with. She is organic and free, and that is the part I connect to. She also has one degree of separation from me, because she is really good friends with my best friend and his family. We get along really well.”

Gossip for the week of 23-Jul-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Ashley will give up control of Jabot, let Jack have it, then leave town. The actress is moving on over to DOOL to reprise a popular role.

Adam and Chelsea will fight for sole custody of baby John, living out Victoria’s worst nightmare. With Billy rumored to be out, Victoria will not have much of a case in this custody battle.

Heather’s been making the rounds (chemistry test). She’ll play with Ronan and Daniel.

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