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News for the week of 24-Dec-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Christian LeBlanc (Michael) and Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren) are heavy-hitting actors in the soap opera business. They know a good actor when they see one. When Max Ehrich (Fen) came on to play their son, they recognized in him a great potential to fit in with a wacky crowd and bring his own energy to the pivotal SORAS’d role — beats away from a major teen bullying storyline. To portray a teenaged boy when an actor is older isn’t easy to do, LeBlanc explained. This is why Ehrich stood out from the crowd during auditions. “What was so interesting in the audition process is a lot of these actors came right at you in the scene, and the older came through and so it became a very different scene,” LeBlanc described in a recent Michael Fairman interview. “And then Max came in to do what I consider a very difficult thing. I thought about it because I think I was around 26-years-old playing 16 on As The World Turns. So what Max did is he played a 15-year-old coming at his father. This was a son coming at you, a young son. Again, I know the difficulty of that, but it was really sweet what Max did with the material in the audition.”

Besides formal acting training, Max Ehrich also draws from his own personal history as a N.J. middle schooler when bringing to life the bullying storyline — not as the bully but the bullied. “Yes. I personally experienced it. I went to middle school in New Jersey, and I was always into the arts, and I got bullied. I experienced it a lot. So to be on the other end of it, the only thing that has been sort of an awakening is that a lot of these bullies are having their own internal struggle, and that is what I realized. They may have something going on at home and they don’t know who to take it out on. Summer is doing it because of her own struggle with her mom. I don’t think she is a bad girl. Fen just likes someone who is doing stupid things.”

Gossip for the week of 24-Dec-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Soap Opera Uncensored’s Nelson Branco scooped last week that Stephen Nichols (Tucker) filmed his final episode and would be gone soon, as well as Jessica Heap (Eden).

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