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News for the week of 24-Jun-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Unlike Daniel Goddard (Cane), Christel Khalil (Lily) isn’t much for the wedding scenes. Goddard’s totally into the romance of them as well as the courtship. Khalil, on the other hand, found shooting weddings to be a pain. “Oh, I hate wedding scenes. Cane and Lily’s second wedding was fun, because we were on location, which was cool; we got to get out of the studio. But weddings are horrible. They take forever, and if it’s your wedding, you usually have a lot of lines and a monologue, because you’re saying your vows. It’s just really awful.” Luckily, the taking forever part was eased considerably for her because Goddard, the gentleman, was by her side. “He’s a very sweet, caring person who’s very thoughtful. There are a lot of people in this industry that aren’t like that!” –Soap Opera Network, Kambra Clifford, May 31, 2013 interview

When soap newcomer Redaric Williams (Tyler) came onto the scene, he knew he better have his lines down pat and be ready to go. Y&R is a high-end establishment, a well-oiled machine, and really, the big time. He told Soap Opera Network West Coast Editor Kambra Clifford that his mind was a chaotic mess in his first scenes with Kristoff St. John (Neil) and Angell Conwell (Leslie). “I was worried about everything: I was worried about the crease in my shirt to the way my eyebrow moved, anything you could imagine. Anything and everything you could think of.” While carving out a place for himself as Tyler, Williams discovered that a soap myth he’d long held onto was just that, a myth. Before landing this soap role, he — like most people off the grid — assumed fans of this genre were of one, stereotypical ilk. He’s met all kinds of soap fans since and said his preconception was false. “I’ve met fans at restaurants and wherever, and they are some of the most genuine people. You know when you meet somebody, and you just get that warmth from them? Like that. Just such good people,” Williams explained. “I thought I had soap fans pegged. But it’s not like that. The fans are every single demographic you could imagine, every age category, and they’re from all over the place. So I think that’s what sort of amazed me, how diversified the fan base actually is. And I love them all.” The actor playing a social media expert isn’t completely playing; Williams comes from a strong business background and has his own social media company. Even more bizarre, his real-life fraternal twin sister is a lawyer, just like his Y&R sis.

Learn more about this multi-talented actor at We Love Soaps. They have videos from his Black Hollywood Live appearance back in May. Hosts Eboni K. Williams, Jason Carter, and Nick Perdue really get deep with some incisive questions, including one about whether he’s ever felt hampered by his good looks, i.e., too pretty for the role? Redaric Williams admitted he could see when the actors’ looks could distract from the characterization somewhat, as he exampled in last year’s Academy Award-winning movie, Silver Linings Playbook. But he never viewed himself in that way; actually quite the opposite.

Daniel Goddard (Cane) hinted in a June 13th interview with Soap Opera Network’s Kambra Clifford that this new woman, Hillary Curtis, just might give Lily a run for the money. The actor welcomes the disruption of Cane and Lily’s smooth groove. “There’s… a doubt factor,” Goddard said, which Mishael Morgan as Hillary really hits on well. “She’s hit the ground running. It’s a very tough job to fall straight into the rhythm of it, but she’s doing a good job.”

Losing Jeanne Cooper (Katherine) was hard for everyone at Y&R. But Goddard was thankful for the time he did share with the veteran actress, especially in the months leading up to her recent death. He said that Cooper had not really bounced back from a health setback in 2011. She remained physically frail, but pressed on. When he was given the gift of a storyline with her — life imitating art somewhat — he accepted it humbly and gratefully. “And then when the storyline came around and I [as Cane] got to take care of her, I was really cognizant of her status and what it meant to have that storyline with her. She was a sweetheart, and she’s sorely missed.”

There’s a method to Angell Conwell’s (Leslie) acting. She may walk into the studio humming to herself, laughing out loud, and lighter than air, but when it’s time for the cameras to roll, she prepares. She immerses herself into the darkness, stays away from loved ones, and really zeroes in on the material of whatever drama her character’s supposed to be grappling with. Veteran actor Michael Muhney (Adam) really took Conwell under his wing to help her find that zone. Initially, she found that turning the switch from light to dark was hard to do, especially working in the genre of fast-paced, one-take soaps. Muhney stepped in, “He was very generous; he gave me… words of wisdom [on] how to keep calm and keep relaxed and not get ahead of yourself. He helped keep me grounded, because I was a little nervous in the beginning.” After a shaky start, Conwell said she’s getting the hang of it, now, especially after viewing the process with clear eyes. “A lot of the time, human beings try to avoid sadness, and we try to avoid darkness, anything that would make us feel down or make us feel the blues. We try to avoid those situations. But I actually lean into them, and I allow myself to feel a certain way, and I let myself cry if I need to, and I listen to music that I know brings back sappy memories. And I don’t really do much talking. I just focus on the work and avoid talking to friends and family during that time. I isolate a little bit.” –Soap Opera Network, May 31, 2013 interview by Kambra Clifford

Michael Graziadei (Daniel) returns July 30 for four shows.

Ted Shackelford (Jeffrey) also returns, but earlier, starting July 8, butting in on Chelsea’s personal affairs.

Gossip for the week of 24-Jun-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Camryn Grimes (ex-Cassie) will return soon this summer and attract the attention of Nick and Sharon, who can’t get over the resemblance to their dead daughter Cassie. Her return is for longer than just a cameo.

Stitch isn’t visiting Dylan just for laughs but to trigger a different part of Dylan’s tortured soldier personality, one not very nice, “and the real Dylan the darker Dylan finally emerges.” Neil gets his own story involving… possibly a long-lost daughter, Hillary Curtis? –Loose Lips, SoapTown USA, June 16, 2013

Self righteous Mr. Do-Right, Nick Newman, expects Phyllis to do what she does best — lie like a bastard — so that he doesn’t have to tell Summer and Jack about his own paternity lie. This is going to compel Phyllis to have sex with Kyle to keep him from having sex with her daughter and his own sister, Summer. What a disaster. Nick’s going to lose credibility after this one. He puts Phyllis in an untenable position as a mother and Jack’s love interest, then will probably skate the consequences when his ongoing paternity lie causes more devastation than the truth. Most fans don’t understand how these two seemingly savvy parents could agree to putting off the truth for even one second with Kyle and Summer liable to drop it like it’s hot in Crimson Lights’ restroom. If Michelle Stafford’s going to leave the show, couldn’t the writers have come up with a more redemptive send-off than this throwback?

Victoria isn’t behaving like a shrew because of hormones. She’s always been that way. It’s time for her to free Billy from her Narcissism, and then die a painful death. Many fans are hard-pressed to save her for any reason lately, and not looking forward to Billy returning to his own vomit when he has to jump through more of her fiery hoops to save their sham of a marriage. Bring on Billy and Chloe, I say.

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