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News for the week of 24-Mar-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

Eric Braeden (Victor) takes his upcoming 2014 Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Pro/Celebrity Race seriously. This isn’t a celebrity show for him but a real race. He learned to drive in Germany at age 10 and told TV Guide’s Michael Logan it’s a good thing he didn’t have the funds to pursue race car driving back then. Braeden is racing to win — despite getting over a foot injury (tripping over a phone wire in the dressing room).

He has the same killer instinct for his longtime Y&R character. Lately, he hasn’t been liking the way Victor’s been treated by Nikki and the rest of his family. Braeden doesn’t stand for the popular culture making men look like buffoons, in commercials and TV shows. And he certainly doesn’t stand for it happening time and time again to Victor. The difference here is, Braeden would never pull the kind of underhanded stunts Victor does in the first place. He expects mutual respect in his real life. It’s not as if he disrespects his wife or the rest of his family. But he will not tolerate disrespect. “I would not be as Machiavellian as Victor is. I am much more of an up-front person. I would just tell people to go f--k themselves. But it is what it is. What I don't like is the whole Newman family being against him. Don't like it at all. If that were the case with me in real life I would tell my family to go to hell. But, then, I would never let things get that far.” All this mistreatment and disrespect seem to be rallying points for Victor, nevertheless, mused his portrayer. He’s noticed that Victor’s been in trouble a lot lately. “I don't know. It may presage a kind of downfall for Victor and then a return from the ashes. I never want to know what's going to happen ahead of time. That's no temptation for me. But I do feel the writers want to knock him off his pedestal. But, in Victor's mind, it's all totally justified. He rationalizes all of it.”

The Victor v. Ian face-off should’ve been harsher than it was, Braeden revealed. Originally, it was. But something happened in the translation. Another thing the veteran actor did not approve of. “… I did not like that they watered down the script for those scenes. I honestly don't know what happened, but we were not allowed to do it the way it was originally written. It was not what it should have been. But Ray Wise is a wonderful actor. … he is a very nice man and great to work with. We have so many good actors on our show. So many! This is very difficult work, this daytime thing. One take and almost no rehearsals! Are you kidding me? My God Almighty! I am very proud that we are still No. 1 and I protect it fiercely. Just try bringing in most film or primetime actors and put them on a daytime soap and see what happens. They could not handle it, I assure you! They would absolutely s--t in their pants!”

Love him or hate him, Eric Braeden always brings bracing perspective to any interview.

Joshua Morrow (Nick) got to play against Y&R type in the political thriller, Tentacle 8, playing the brainy, level-headed Brian Mosley. “Brian is much more of a cerebral person than Nick. He doesn’t think with his heart near as much; he’s all about his brain. He’s got to solve the riddle, because he’s not being given all the answers, and that’s kind of the best way to describe it without giving away too much of the story! But I will say it’s a thin line between good and evil in this movie. You don’t really know who the bad guys are at all times.” Playing a character engrossed in a political mystery of life and death gave Morrow a refreshing change of course. Playing with a group of solid actors (Matthew Borlenghi [ex-Brian, AMC], John Callahan [ex-Edmund, AMC], Bruce Gray [ex-Mark]), some from soaps like him, was also a perk. Tentacle 8 is out on DVD. –Soap Opera Network interview with Kambra Clifford, March 18, 2014

Jill Larson (ex-Opal, AMC) returns to daytime starting April 14 for two days to help film Chelsea’s fashion show. She’ll play a stage manager named Connie, forced to prevent all-out war from busting out behind-the-scenes with Chloe and Chelsea, Lily and god-knows-who-else. In another project, the much-talked-about indie short film First Kiss, Larson got to lock lips with a complete stranger as one of 20 artists. It turned out to be the man she was talking to who handled the wardrobe for the cast. Larson learned firsthand the poignant relevance of such a short film gone viral. “Sometimes when you kiss someone for the first time, you think, 'Do I like this person?' 'Should I get out now?' 'Are we going upstairs?' ‘Do I like him?’ 'Does he like me?' 'What are our children going to look like?’” Larson said. “The film resonates with people because of its tenderness. It expresses things that we all feel, but don't have the courage to say anymore.” ABC Soaps in Depth, March 20, 2014

Kate Linder (Esther) hosts her annual tea April 27 at Calgary’s Westin for fans and with special guest cast members Tristan Rogers (Colin), Jess Walton (Jill), Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe), and others. Alaska Airlines Presents ‘Opportunities for Independence’ High Tea features a Q&A, raffle, and live auction for Peer Support Programs Alberta through March of Dimes Canada. Tickets are $200 VIP, $100 preferred seating, and $80 regular.

Matthew Atkinson (Parenthood, CSI, Drop Dead Diva) recurs as Austin, starting April 17. He interacts with Steve Burton’s Dylan and Jessica Collins’ Avery, as her cameraman. His first day on-set March 19 turned out “great.”

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