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News for the week of 26-Nov-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Judith Chapman (Gloria) appeared as a socialite in the Lifetime bio-pic of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Liz & Dick, starring Lindsay Lohan as Taylor and Grant Bowler (Ugly Betty) as Burton, aired November 25, 9 p.m. EST. Chapman told Soaps In Depth that she originally auditioned to be Elizabeth Taylor’s mom, but was so memorable to TPTB that they brought her back as another character, a socialite. Chapman got along with the famously controversial Lohan during filming. In an improv scene (for Chapman), the Y&R actress made Lohan laugh. “I thought, ‘There's a really nice, young girl in there.’” Lohan also immediately brought up her soap tie (Alli, eight, AW) when she heard of Chapman’s. Eyal Podell (ex-Adrian) also auditioned for the original Lifetime movie, originally as Eddie Fisher, but then got a call back as another lover of Elizabeth Taylor’s.

Jeff Branson (Ronan) ends his six-month tenure, as scheduled.

Gossip for the week of 26-Nov-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Is this the new, improved, veteran-centered Y&R under executive producer Jill Farren Phelps and head writer Josh Griffith, ‘cause I’m not impressed. I have no wish to see Jack continually wincing and popping pills, Phyllis repeat her lines at least twice as the resident Narcissist to everyone, Adam biting his lip to pass for angst, and anything to do with Victoria and Billy, or any of the entitled Newmans. This show needs to end. Put it out of its misery, please. Perhaps JFP should take some notes from her GH successor, Frank Valentini, who’s made budgetary art out of pace, heart, and veterans.

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