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News for the week of 28-Oct-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe) and Billy Miller (Billy) kept the conversation light-hearted—even when they had to answer deep, dark questions from fans about acting out the reactions to losing Delia in a recent live chat.

Billy Miller (Billy) had to do his emotional monologue to a rock, as the child actress couldn’t film at midnight. The on-location shoot took all night, Miller said, and was done in pretty much one take.

It was hard for both Hendrickson and Miller to play parents who lost a child to a senseless death, as both aren’t parents. They had to do a lot of imagining. Miller said he had to imagine the worst thing that could happen to someone he cared about. While he didn’t have any children, he did experience “a wealth of these sort of events in my personal life.” Then, there was the fast shooting schedule. “Being able to access something in the amount of time that we shot. We shot all these things one after the other after the other, and you get dizzy,” Miller said. “Sometimes you were freaking out and hoped that you don’t push it or ruin it, or just not be where you’d like to be. We all did a great job.”

Hendrickson “talked about it a lot with some family members, I talked about it with my mother, asked how she would handle something like this… On a more personal level, I did a lot of work on when I experienced loss for the first time as a young child, and not being able to say goodbye to that person and what that meant to me.”

Hendrickson would like her character to go off the deep end. Losing her only child would be the perfect trigger, thought Hendrickson. “I’d like to see the old Chloe come back… I would really like to see Chloe struggle on her own right now.”

Miller would (rightly) like to revisit the original, troubled Billy. He hasn’t felt comfortable with his current, pre-Delia character’s village idiot persona and would like that to change. Sounds as if the actor’s going to get his wish and explore what’s been troubling the guy.

TV Source Magazine writer Omar White-Nobles also picked Elizabeth Hendrickson’s (Chloe) brain about what she was going through when preparing to act in the story of a lifetime. As she told a fan in the live chat (above), she used her family as a main resource. Her mom reminded her of a father figure who meant the world to her before he passed on. This father figure wrote Hendrickson a poem to encourage her. The poem was about him watching over her from heaven. She used it as a touchstone to help her get into character when it was time to film the brutal reaction scenes, one after the other.

“Anytime I ever think about him, see a picture of him, read something that he wrote, I automatically get emotional. And even though I was five, I remember that love so clearly,” Hendrickson said. “So he was with me all day, and by that I mean I had pictures of him everywhere, I had the poem in my back pocket – I just knew that not only was he watching me, but I knew that if I ever struggled at a point where I was having a hard time connecting, that I could just walk off stage, take that poem out of my back pocket and read it and get there. But I think that all the preparation that I had done before, all those hours before, I didn’t need it. I was just so filled up to like my eyeballs with all of this stuff that I was just sitting with for all of those hours that by the time we got to it, I mean they had to pull me back because it was too much.”

Hendrickson wanted to get through one scene in particular with Greg Rikaart’s Kevin, but executive producer Jill Farren Phelps held her back and asked for a rare retake, because the overflow of raw emotions was getting to be a bit too much. “I remember Jill, [in] the scene with Kevin and Chloe where she’s talking about not being able to hear her voice or see her, we had to do that a couple of times because Jill just came out and said, ‘I can’t have this. The viewers won’t be able to watch anymore.’ [Laughs] To me I just thought, ‘Well she just lost her child! I’m going to the very depths of my soul and reaching everywhere I possibly could.’ [Laughs] But watching the show in its entirety, I do understand what she was saying. For me, at that moment, it really wasn’t an option because I still felt like I wasn’t even completely fully out of my mind. I felt like I still could have gone further. But we don’t really have time to try things over and over again. So that was the only scene in that entire show that I did more than once.”

November Sweeps seeks to give the fans what they want: lots of secretive angst conflicting with dramatic romance. Shaddick time. All that scheming and confessing does the girl good, ‘cause Nick starts coming around just as Sharon gets her life back in order, the right way—except for that pesky little Phyllis secret. Adam and Chelsea are in an ideal spot as a reunited couple with an adorable child who successfully survived a harrowing corneal transplant—were it not for the Delia secret over Adam’s head. Billy and Chloe undergo character transformation, after losing their daughter Delia in such a senseless manner. While Chloe turns to Kevin, Billy shuns everyone he loves and finds salvation from someone entirely new and different at an AA meeting. Nikki rides a gossamer fine line when she continues to develop a friendship with her long-lost son Dylan without telling him she’s his mom. She doesn’t want to because she can already see Nick interacting with Dylan like he did with Adam. Carmine continues to have a death grip on Lauren, Michael, and Fen. Hilary gets a character save as she finds someone new to hang her star on. Abby, not Lily, becomes Tyler’s rock as his past comes back to haunt him. Summer returns as a full-fledged working model in that cutthroat world. Kyle also enjoys a big story by December. As Noah focuses more on deepening his pair-bond with Courtney, he discovers she’s holding back on him about her personal life.

To bolster Summer’s new modeling career, casting’s on the hunt for the right young, hot actress to portray model Esmerelda, a potential mentor.

Y&R hit 4.76 million viewers for the week ending October 20, a new 2013 record. The show last enjoyed such a surge the week ending February 10. Read more of the number crunching on Soap Opera Network by Kambra Clifford, October 24, 2013.

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