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News for the week of 29-Oct-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Victoria Rowell (ex-Drucilla) tweeted fans last week that she would not return to Y&R, because Sony Television Sr. VP Steve Kent supposedly told her it wasn’t the “creative direction” TPTB were going for in the show. Rowell asserted that TPTB “don’t care” what the fans want and that in many respects, TPTB aren’t doing enough for diversity still.

More of her enlivening, controversial tweets from October 24: “I was told Steve Kent was trying to gets off Young & Restless while I was still there. And I knew that without anyone telling me.… Head of Diversity at CBS, Josie Thomas asks if I can find work w/ another Network? CBS helmer, Leslie Moonves does not want me affiliated.”

The outspoken actress did not hold back in a series of tweets depicting CBS and its PTB unfavorably. More: “CBS helmer, Leslie Moonves, and I have a standing lunch meeting, now two years old. I worked for the network collectively for 22 years… New Y&R Exec Prod, Head Writer Jill Farren-Phelps hawking costumer, Jen style? DRU brought her own clothes to set. U know it… WHY was Sally McDonald demoted from her producer position on Y&R - a woman, a mother, an enormous talent? They don't want NORMA RAE there;)… I gave 22 years to CBS on two, now you know the truth and it doesn't take a Charlie Sheen moment to send a smart girl packing… Here's the scoop ppl - for years I tackled diversity issues behind the camera re: unfair practices for minority hiring on Young & Restless.” It gets worse. See Y&R Gossip below.

Jess Walton (Jill) confirmed on her Facebook October 22nd that she most definitely is returning, next month in fact, having shot eight episodes. She hoped to make the commute from her Oregon home base.

Gossip for the week of 29-Oct-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Chances are Heather and Daniel will not leave together, hand-in-hand, not if the current rumor proves true. Executive producer Jill Farren Phelps is not known for giving characters happy endings.

What happened to spoilers that had Nick punching Jack after learning about the take-over? Maybe the actors prevailed upon TPTB to take that out, considering the two characters’ gentle surrogate father/son history. Joshua Morrow (Nick) has been turning in stupendous acting performances, informed, subtle, and grounding. Bravo. Quitting Phyllis becomes him.

Starting October 26, Victoria Rowell (ex-Drucilla) used Twitter to go off on former co-stars and TPTB. Critics came down on her for burning bridges professionally and generally behaving in an uncouth, arrogant manner. Others were more supportive, relieved that someone from the industry was cutting the PR crap and getting real. Rowell defended her rants and raves by tweeting that she had every right to share her experience, and: “…so some feel it's perfectly fine to slander behind walls, but having the guts to say it outright is wrong? Me think not. [October 27]… I owed that to the Y&R pro-DRU fans and hope Tweets shed real light on why Steve Kent will not bring back FAN fave, DRUCILLA. [October 26]”

Besides slamming SONY/CBS execs for refusing her an audience for greater diversity — she’d also wanted to direct some Y&R episodes while on as a featured actress — Rowell went down a list of Y&R/B&B cast members she liked or reviled, some with reasons attached. Here’s a frothy sampling: “Michelle Stafford has told producers she does not want me on Y&R… Believe me, Christel Khalil is NOT a fan… Melody Thomas Scott is just plain MEAN… Lauralee Bell/Cricket, her father's daughter...kind… OMG, an angel. Just great. Pleasant, easily could do other things. Thad's wife & a mommy too [Amelia Heinle]… Chemistry! [Sharon Case] brings the actor out of [Joshua Morrow], makes him WORK!... Kimberlin Brown/Sheila - FANTASTIC! I would hire her all day long. Unfortunately, there's an actress who guards the gate on that one… Jeanne Cooper/Mrs. Chancellor - old school cool… Jess Walton should've been a movie star, she's that good… Now I'll share about best & brightest left on Young & Restless are Eric Braeden who has to take crap everyday. He's amazingly resilient.”

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