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One Life to Live Update for Monday, 6-May-2013

Author: qodrn1
Posting date: Mon, 13-May-2013 8:01:42 PM PDT

David and Todd start out in a Blairís club where David is trying to film Todd for his new reality show. Todd says he could make a show about himself called the Ex-wives of Llandview.
Dani, Victor and Tea are in the living room of Teaís house and Dani wants to go out. Tea does not want her too because she just got out of the hospital and she is afraid that Dani might get in trouble. Tea admits she was a terrible mother during the last year, but she is back and is going to protect Dani now. Dani and Tea get into a fight despite Victorís attempt to calm them down and Dani leaves the house.
Nora delivers fingerprints to Natalie and finds her asleep. Natalie says she is tired as a single mom, and she feels that something is wrong with her because John just left her and her son. Nora wants to cheer her up and suggests that since she is starting over, she should go out with Nora for a brand new starting over wardrobe. Nora tells her to brush her hair.
Dani runs into Matthew in town and becomes angry at Dani. He is worried she is going to get into trouble again. She tells Matthew that she was really scared and knows what she did, but she doesnít want her mom to know. She tells him that her mom wants her and Victor to be a family again. Matthew leaves, telling Dani that he needs to go build the furniture for his new apartment.
Victor decides to go out by himself which confuses Tea. He says he needs a little fresh air.
David and Todd are going at it again about his television show. He asks Todd four questions using his ďfour question technique.Ē Three he answers with no comment. Then David asks about how Blair is. Todd says that he will tell him if he turns the camera off. (Of course, the camera is still on.) Todd says that about all he seems to do with Blair is break her heart. David lists a number of bad things Todd did to Blair such as selling her baby, lying to her, letting her think you were dead. David says he really like what Blair has done with the club except for Dani almost getting killed on opening night. David and Todd toast ex-wives of Llandview.
Clint is shown on the phone finishing a deal on the telephone in China. Matthew goes to see Clint at home. Clint offers Matthew a job as his assistant. He says he is in a hurry, but the job starts now and Matt needs to stay plugged in. Matt says that is great because he just got his own place.
Blair talks to Todd and tells him to leave her club. Blair tells Todd they can be civil around the kids, but that is it. Blair tells Todd she canít trust him at all. Todd tells her he does really love her, even though he did lie to her. Blair tells him no more pity parties.
Matthew is home and is talking to Jeffry. He tells Jeffry that he has a job. Jeffry shows him he set up the internet in the apartment so he can work. Matthew accuses of leaving the hard stuff for him.
Todd is shown with Tea and Dani who finally went home. Tea wants them to go out to dinner as a family, but Todd says he still is tired and wants to rest. After they leave, Todd gets on the computer and looks up poisons and settles in on arsenic.
The dinner takes place at Blairís club. Todd leaves the club without talking to the group at dinner which includes Jack who meets them at Blairís place.
Jeffry and Matthew are fighting the furniture building battle. Finally, Jeffry goes out to work. Matthew looks on the computer and sees that Michele, someone he meant through the computer earlier when Jeffry was looking for friends. Michele wants to be friends. Matthew says yes.
Clint goes to see Natalie to invite her to live with him and Viki at Llanfair. He worries that living on her own is too much. Natalie says she wants to live on her own for now.
Someone is shown in Toddís hotel room. That person is Victor and he adds something to Toddís drink container. Todd comes back home and Victor hides behind the door and sneaks out. Todd takes some of the drink and puts his feet up.
Note: Jeffry is a former roommate of Mathews, I think at college. He works as a free lance reporter for the Banner. Also, Victor is not dead and has come back to Llanview.
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