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One Life to Live Update for Monday, 13-May-2013

Author: qodrn1
Posting date: Tue, 21-May-2013 7:12:34 PM PDT

Note: Everyone so far who uses a laptop only uses an Apple laptop. Donít know about touch pads. The laptops all seem to be the same model too.
Blair hears David, Jack and Sam talking about boners in the living room. She opens the door and asks What the hell is going on here?
Matthew answers the apartment door after Dani asks him to and finds that Destiny is there with her and Mattís son.
Todd thanks Vicky for meeting him and says he is now zen Todd. He tells her he is a new Todd.
Tea is there with Victor telling him how upset she is at Dani who wonít talk to her. She says Dani is punishing her for the last year.
Victor is telling Tea he needs to leave town now. He canít tell her what changed, but it is dangerous. Tea is yelling at him and tells Victor she wants to help him. Victor says he must leave for her and the kids sake.
Destiny needs help with her son so she can go to work. Dani agrees to look after the baby.
Blair is told that Todd gave Jack the most awesome gaming computer ever. David says the computer cost more than his first car. David leaves. Jack tells Blair that Todd sent it to him. Blair says he will send it back. She does not trust Todd.
Todd is telling Vicki that he has offered to fix the hatchet with Victor. He admits he doesnít like Victor, but he is really concerned about Jack and he looks up to Victor.
Tea is still yelling at Victor, telling him he died in her arms, and then he came back. Now, he is going to leave again. Victor says he should have settled this business before coming back. Victor said that then he saw Dani get sick and at the hospital he saw Todd giving you a hard time. He was looking in on the family and did not intend to come back yet. Victor asks her to trust him. Finally, Tea says he has to say goodbye to the kids if he is leaving. No more sneaking off into the night. Tea wonders what those people who held him prisoner did to him.
Tea and Victor are still arguing. She insists that she tell the kids in case he does not return.
Dani gets a phone call telling her to come over and talk to Victor. Jeffrey will look after the baby. It seems he is good with young kids.
Blair is still arguing about the computer when they receive a phone call to go over and talk to Victor. Blair still wants Jack to return it.
Vickie tells Todd if he pretends long enough, it might become real. Todd then runs into David who tells Todd that Blair wants Jack to return the computer. David thinks the computer is great, and anyone with a Y chromosome would love it.
The kids arrive at Teaís home to see Victor. Victor tells them he is leaving town for awhile. The kids were hoping he and Tea were getting married. The older kids are starting to get very angry. They have figured out that they might not see him again for a while or maybe not at all. He tells them it will be different because they know he is not dead. Sam and Jack leave; Victor tells Jack to give Todd a chance. Jack is mad at fathers in general at this time. Dani leaves with Jack.
Dani and Matt argue about him caring about Joe, their son. She tells him she is busy night and day is not taking a night out and go to work. Matt tells Dani she should have had an abortion after she tells him he should have worn a condo. Dani leaves and Jeffry gets mad at Matt. He tells him he knows how hard it is for a single mom because his mother was one and he lived it. He thinks that Matt does not really understand and needs to be a father. Roger leaves Jack alone with his son, Joe, who cries.
Blair and Todd argue about the computer. Blair tells Todd she does not want Jack turning into him, thinking money can buy everything.
Victor leaves Tea and she is crying. Todd is drinking some more of the arsnic booze in his hotel room. Jack destroys the computer his dad gave him. Tea wrecks some stuff in the living room. Todd answers the room door and Victor is there.
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