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Having It All
by Erica Kane
Hardcover - 160 pages (July 1997)
Our price: $12.57

If you're looking for a heavy, didactic book on which to base a doctoral thesis, keep looking because it's definitely not Erica Kane, Having It All. But if you're looking for a piece of literature that doesn't take itself seriously this book based on the ramblings of the All My Children soap opera queen is for you. It's the kind of book you don't mind spilling sand and coke on at the beach because it doesn't really matter. It's not going to end up in your pemanent library of classics. But it is breezy and fun and the perfect book to throw in your tote bag on the way to the beach.

The Official All My Children Trivia Book
by Gerard J. Waggett
Paperback - 240 pages 1 Ed edition (May 1998)
Our price: $6.96

Packed with little-known tidbits, brain-teasing quizzes, and hundreds of facts found in no other book, this "official" trivia book for one of ABC's hottest daytime soaps is the best source for fans who want an expert's perspective on the sizzling drama--both onscreen and off. Photos throughout.

Soap Opera Cafe: The Skinny on Food from a Daytime Star
by Robin Mattson (Janet Dillon, AMC; ex-Heather Webber, GH)
Hardcover - 292 pages (October 1997)
Our price: $14.00

Robin Mattson, star of the highly rated daytime drama All My Children, has created collection of 150 recipes for delicious, low-fat cuisine that's sure to please the health conscious consumer as well as the soap fans. The recipes are accompanied by lively anecdotes and photos from Mattson's life as a daytime star.

Living Great: Style Expert and Television Star Linda Dano Shows You How to Bring Style Home With Her Easy, Affordable Decorating Ideas and techniques
by Linda Dano
Hardcover - 240 pages (April 1998)
Our price: $17.47

From basics like painting techniques to understanding the subtleties of lighting and color, the professional style consultant offers plenty of practical advice for creating the home ideal for you.

Looking Great: Fashion Authority and Television Star Linda Dano Shares Her Style and Beauty Secrets to Help You Look Your Best
by Linda Dano
Paperback - 208 pages (September 1998)
Our price: $12.00

Linda Dano's long-running role on NBC's "Another World" has made her a familiar face to millions. And her fashion consulting service--as well as her own exquisite designs--have made her a recognized authority on style. The popularity of this down-to-earth, accessible, fully-illustrated handbook now confirms her role as the style maven for real women everywhere--including those who may not have thirty-inch hips or million-dollar budgets.

As the World Turns: The Complete Family Scrapbook
by Julie Poll
Hardcover 40th anniv edition (April 1996)
Our price: $21.00

Since its premiere in 1956, As the World Turns has become a beloved daytime television institution with a legion of intensely loyal fans. Now, with the full cooperation and endorsement of Procter & Gamble Productions, Julie Poll has prepared a complete scrapbook that takes fans from the beginning to the present day in this popular soap opera universe, through 40 years of love and loss, heartbreak and happiness in the fictional town of Oakdale. 200 photos.

Making a Miracle
by Hunter Tylo
Hardcover - 320 pages (March 2000)
Our price: $17.46

Dig into Hunter Tylo's (Taylor, "Bold And The Beautiful") 352-page autobiography, "Making A Miracle," which throws some hinted dirt on former friend Kimberlin Brown (Rachel; ex-Sheila, B&B), and others in the biz.

Cooking With Days of Our Lives
by Paulette Cohn, Dotty Griffith
Hardcover (November 1997)
Our price: $13.97

"Cooking with Days of Our Lives" combines the fun and drama of the show with good food one might enjoy in some of Salem's finer homes and restaurants: the Brady Pub, Doug's Place, and the Penthouse Grill. This is a perfect souvenir gift for the show's fans, whether of 32 years or 32 days. It contains 200 recipes, trivia and quizzes about the show, and numerous photographs. Full color.

Love, Honor and Cherish: The Greatest Wedding Moments from All My Children, General Hospital, and One Life to Live
by Gary Warner
Hardcover - 304 pages 1 Ed edition (November 1998)
Our price: $20.97

Everybody loves weddings -- and nowhere are they celebrated with more excitement and style than on ABC Daytime. From fairy-tale celebrations to never-meant-to-be nuptials, tying the knot on ALL MY CHILDREN, ONE LIFE TO LIVE and GENERAL HOSPITAL is an unforgettable experience. Now fans can relive the beauty, magic and mishaps of all their favorite weddings in Gary Warner's LOVE, HONOR & CHERISH: The Greatest Weddings Moments From All My Children, General Hospital and One Life To Live. Spanning the last 30 years and featuring hundreds of color photographs, as well as never-before-seen candids, wedding vows, dazzling proposals, and a list of the musical selections chosen for special couples, LOVE, HONOR & CHERISH showcases each show's most memorable weddings and the romances and misadventures that led up to them.

The Official General Hospital Trivia Book
by Gerard J. Waggett
Paperback - 192 pages 1 Ed edition (October 1997)
Our price: $7.96

Crammed with invaluable information, unbelievable details, surprises, and loving commemoration, this connoisseur's guide to one of America's favorite daytime dramas will entertain fans almost as much as the show itself. From Quatermaine and Cassadine family trees to the show's most wanted criminals to the Luke and Laura phenomenon, the full wealth of the General Hospital universe is mined to the core. 25 photos.

Whistling Girl
by Ann Marcus
Hardcover - 320 pages (November 1998)
Our price: $22.95

As cocreator and writer of the wild, groundbreaking soap Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, Ann Marcus didn't hold back--and that's still her style. Her new, ultra-dishy autobiography, Whistling Girl (Mulholland Pacific Publishing), chronicles her years as queen of the prime-time serials--she also wrote for Peyton Place, Knots Landing and Falcon Crest--but what really had us gasping were her no- holds-barred memories of writing Search For Tomorrow, Days of Our Lives and General Hospital. It's all here: paranoia, petty jealousies, office politics and angry stars. Marcus says she was verbally attacked in public by SFT leading lady Mary Stuart. She openly blames her firing at Days on the "plotting" of elderly cowriter Elizabeth Harrower, mother of the show's star, Susan Seaforth Hayes. Then there's the 1988 set-side intervention to help an alcoholic GH actress, whom Marcus doesn't name but does say is still on the show, making it very easy to do the math. Ouch! [-- Michael Logan, TV Guide]

Enchantment (My Romance series)
by Christina Skye, Rena Sofer (Reader), Wally Kurth (Reader)
Audio Cassette (May 1999)
Our price: $11.96

Enchantment is the latest release from the My Romance series of audio romances, a continuing library of classics featuring the best of today's romantic fiction read by daytime television's hottest stars. This sexy, romantic and magical adventure is performed by real-life couple Rena Sofer and Wally Kurth, best known to television audiences as "Lois Cerullo" and "Ned Ashton" of ABC-TV's "General Hospital". For the millions of romance readers and fans of daytime dramas, the My Romance series brings the romance novel to life.

When American art restorer Kacey Mallory travels to the beautiful and mysterious Draycott Abbey in a remote corner of England to verify the authenticity of a newly-discovered James Whistler masterpiece, little does she suspect that something far more precious awaits her; nothing less than echoes of her past, the promise of her future, and dashing British viscount, Nicholas Draycott--the man who is her destiny.

One Life to Live: Thirty Years of Memories
by Gary Warner, Erika Slezak, Agnes Nixon
Hardcover - 304 pages 1 Ed edition (July 1998)
Our price: $20.97

Now, for the millions of fans of ABC's "One Life to Live", comes its anniversary scrapbook, which beautifully and definitively captures 30 years of the popular soap's intrigue, fantastic plot twists, and so much more! Includes a complete wedding album and a genealogy of Llanview's illustrious residents. 350 photos, many in full color.

Steven Underhill's Twins
by Steven Underhill, Bruno Gmunder
Hardcover - 104 pages (April 1999)
Our price: $27.97

Dozens of black & white photos of Bruce Michael Hall ("Reese", Passions) and his twin brother Seth. No frontal nudity, but erotic nonetheless.

Women and Soap Opera: A Cultural Feminist Perspective
by Dannielle Blumenthal
Hardcover (October 1997)
Our price: $49.95

Women's soap opera viewing has long been thought of by feminists and nonfeminists as an unproductive waste of time. Blumenthal takes the opposing view, arguing that women's "indulgence" in these programs is actually liberating. In overcoming the social opposition to the stigma attached to the feminine content and style, and engaging in soap opera viewing, women celebrate their femininity, particularly their gendered identification with romance, relationality, intuitiveness, talkativeness, and other aspects of emotionality. This book will be of interest to academics in the areas of sociology, women's studies, and media studies.

Consuming Pleasures: Active Audiences and Serial Fictions from Dickens to Soap Opera
by Jennifer Poole Hayward
Hardcover - 232 pages (November 1997)
Our price: $17.47

Hayward chooses four texts--Dickens's novel Our Mutual Friend (1864-65), Milton Caniff's comic strip Terry and the Pirates (1934-46), and the soap operas All My Children (1970-) and One Life to Live (1968-)--to represent the evolution of serial fiction as a genre, and to analyze the peculiar draw serials have upon their audiences. Although the serial has enjoyed great marketplace success, traditional literary and social critics have denounced its ties to mass culture, claiming it preys upon passive fans. But Hayward argues that active serial audiences have developed identifiable strategies of consumption, such as collaborative reading and attempts to shape the production process.

Prime Time Network Serials: Episode Guides, Casts and Credits for 37 Continuing Television Dramas, 1964-1993
by Bruce B. Morris
Library Binding - 800 pages (August 1997)
Our price: $82.50

This reference work details 37 prime-time serials that appeared on network television through 1993. For each show, there is a season-by-season guide, providing start and end of the season, time slot, comprehensive cast and credits, and an episode guide.

The Soap Opera Encyclopedia
by Gerard J. Waggett
Paperback - 608 pages (November 1997)
Our price: $6.00

A unique look at TV's most successful kind of show, this handy reference book is a must-have for any soap fan. Readers will find the history and stars of all the shows, including character breakdowns, storylines, and a who's who with cast lists of all the featured actors and behind-the-scenes personalities. This is the one and only reference to nearly 100 soaps from the first 50 years of TV.

Worlds Without End: The Art and History of the Soap Opera
by Museum of Television, Radio, Ron Simon, Robert J. Thompson, Robert M. Batscha
Hardcover - 176 pages (October 1997)
Our price: $20.97

Perhaps when a museum dedicates a three-month exhibit to the subject of soap operas, it's time to hang up our cultural hats and admit that we now occupy a world of overstimulated philistines. With that confession happily concluded, what could we want more than this gorgeous volume documenting the Museum of Television & Radio's soap opera show. Exhaustively chronicling the life of the soap opera, Worlds Without End covers the form from its roots in radio up to the late '90s. It not only reviews the histories of every soap series ever to air (up through late 1996), but also provides a general historical overview of the changes in subject matter, racial casting, and filming styles of the genre as a whole. This heavily illustrated volume features behind-the-scenes production shots and cast photos from current popular soaps alongside cult and long-running serials from the past. A specially created "family tree' of soap creators and their shows and interviews with leading writers, producers, actors, and directors further illuminate the birth and growth of this television staple. 140 illustrations, 60 in color.

Love and Dishes: Scene-Stealing Recipes from Your Favorite Soap Stars
by Irene Krause Keene (Editor)
Hardcover (February 1996)
Our price: $16.95

America's favorite soap opera stars--including Tommy Michaels, Melody Thomas Scott, and Sydney Penny--open their hearts and their kitchens with this collection of recipes for everything from quick family snacks to memorable meals. Photos of the stars, brief bios, and personal anecdotes round out the book. A portion of royalties will be donated to the Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Young Doctors in Love
by Garry Marshall
VHS Video
Our price: $9.99

This gag-filled parody of daytime soap operas concerns the tumultuous personal and professional lives of the lusty doctors and nurses at the disaster-prone City Hospital. Many cameos by General Hospital cast members.

by Michael Hoffman
VHS Video
Our price: $12.99

Jealousy and intrigue, on and off the set of a popular daytime soap opera. Celeste Talbert is the neurotic diva of "The Sun Also Sets," but her popularity with the show's fans does not extend to her relationships with her envious co-stars. Sultry Montana Moorehead has set her eyes on the soap's top spot, and she even offers to sleep with the show's nervous young producer if he'll have Celeste written off the program. In a moment of inspiration, the horny executive decides to bring Talbert's hated ex-lover, Jeffrey Anderson, back onto the series, with the hope of driving the fragile star to an early retirement. The fact that Anderson's character was decapitated in an earlier episode is seen as a difficult, but not insurmountable, obstacle. Stephen Nichols (Stefan, GH; Patch, DAYS) appears as himself in the film.

The Music Of General Hospital
by Various
Audio CD (March 3, 1998)
Our price: $12.99

Faces Of The Heart (General Hospital Opening Theme) - Dave Koz, Me Loving You Loving Me - John Warren, My Heart Only Knows What It Feels - Brad Maule, Power To Believe - Wally Kurth, Love Has The Last Word - Wally Kurth, There Ain't Nothing Wrong With Me (That You Can't Fix) - Brad Maule, Forever Home-A Father's Lullaby - Wally Kurth, Blue Hour, The, Must Be An Angel - Vanita Harbour, Like You, God Bless The Child - Vanita Harbour, Luke And Laura's Theme, B.J.'s Theme, Robin And Stone's Theme, Faces Of The Heart (General Hospital Closing Theme) - Dave Koz

The Young and the Restless
by Mary B. Cassata, Barbara Irwin
Hardcover - 304 pages collectors edition (March 1998)
Our price: $20.97

This star-studded tribute to daytime's top-rated soap opera features the complete, blow-by-blow storyline of the show since its beginning in 1973, actor profiles, a special section of genuine fan letters, and much more. Publication scheduled to coincide with the show's 25th anniversary in March 1998. Hundreds of color photos, many never before published.

The Young and the Restless: Most Memorable Moments
by Mary B. Cassata, Barbara Irwin
Hardcover - 288 pages (November 1996)
Our price: $20.97

Nominated for sixteen 1996 Daytime Emmy awards, The Young and the Restless is one of the longest running and most popular of the day-time dramas (soap operas). The Young And The Restless Most Memorable Moments is filled with over 300 color and b/w photos and extensively researched and is the only fully authorized coffee-table book that every fan will want to read. Mary Cassata and Barbara Irwin sifted through numerous photo and video archives and conducted interviews with the writers, producers, cast members, production and technical personnel to capture the heart and soul of this favorite daytime drama. The Young And The Restless Most Memorable Moments is a valuable and painstakingly researched contribution to television history and culture.

Cooking With the Young and the Restless
by Robert Waldron, Martha Hollis (Contributor), Nancy Bradley Wiard
Hardcover - 192 pages (November 1997)
Our price: $13.97

What do you do when you discover your true love is actually the brother you never knew you had? Or that your father is really your uncle and he's having an affair with your fiancée? If you happen to live in Genoa City, Wisconsin, the fictional locale for the daytime drama, The Young and the Restless, you might head over to Gina's Place for a comforting plate of Zucchini Frittata, or maybe you'd prefer to cry over an Iced Mocha at Crimson Lights Coffeehouse. Then again, if you go anywhere in Genoa City, you're sure to meet your ex-husband's third ex-wife, who also happens to be your stepsister and the woman who's had her eye on your boyfriend-cum-brother since you two met during a hostage situation at the courthouse all those weeks ago. So, maybe you'd better stay home and whip up that Huevos Rancheros recipe you'll find in the "Comfort Foods for Devastating Breakups" chapter of Cooking with the Young and the Restless instead. In addition to cast pictures andinformation about the show's history, Cooking with the Young and the Restless contains more than 200 mouth-watering recipes from Genoa City's hottest restaurants as well as the special menus for special occasions such as Kay Chancellor's New Year's Eve party and Olivia and Malcolm's wedding reception. Fans of the show will enjoy reading up on their favorite characters' romantic tangles and personal triumphs and tragedies as they try out the dishes that keep the Newmans, the Abbotts, the Chancellors, and all the other citizens of Genoa City coming back for more.

The As the World Turns Quiz Book:
Celebrating Forty Years of the Popular Soap Opera

by Gerard J. Waggett
Paperback - 133 pages (September 1996)
Our price: $7.96

No End to Her: Soap Opera and the Female Subject
by Martha Nochimson
Paperback (March 1993)
Our price: $16.95

Did I Miss Anything?: Memoirs of a Soap Opera Star
by Terry O'Sullivan
Paperback / Published 1997
Our price: $16.95

As My World Still Turns:
The Uncensored Memoirs of America's Soap Opera Queen

by Eileen Fulton
Hardcover - 243 pages (May 1995)
Our price: $19.95

The original conniving vixen of the soap opera world recounts her thirty-five years as Lisa Miller on As the World Turns, detailing the often unpredictable life on the set, the death threats she has received, and her love life.

China Pop: How Soap Operas, Tabloids and Bestsellers Are Transforming a Culture
by Jianying Zha, Tranying Zha
Paperback (April 1996)
Our price: $9.60

Written by a Chinese American journalist, China Pop is an original look at the ways in which contemporary China has been changed by its media. Soap operas were planned to placate unrest after Tiananmen, and sex tabloids and pornography are growing. Zha provides readers with a fascinating example of the way modern media are transforming the non-Western world.

'It's Time for My Story': Soap Opera Sources, Structure, and Response (Media and Society Series)
by Carol Traynor Williams
Hardcover (October 1992)
Our price: $55.00

Williams here examines soap opera sources, structure, and response, particularly from the critical viewpoints of psychology, both archetypal and empirical, and popular culture, specifically narratology and feminism, that uncover the true nature of the genre. First, Williams traces the development of soap opera from its immediate source in radio and television as well as from its fundamental source in age-old myth and storytelling. Then she analyzes the content and form that together make up the structure of soap opera. Finally, she looks at what soaps mean to watchers and in the process debunks many myths about soap opera.

The Encyclopedia of Daytime Television
by Wesley Hyatt
Paperback - 528 pages (October 1997)
Our price: $19.96

Anyone seeking information about daytime television will find it in this comprehensive, five-decade chronicle. This resource covers all the series that aired for three or more weeks on a commercial network between 1947 and 1996, plus 100 nationally syndicated programs from that period. Included are soap operas, women's series, game shows, sports, cartoons, and children's programs. Each entry tells the dates the show ran, who its principal cast members were, and other pertinent information. 100 illustrations.

Beautiful Baby Names from Your Favorite Soap Operas
by Charlee Trantino
Paperback - 285 pages (April 1996)
Our price: $4.79

Here's an imaginative, one-of-a-kind guide to over 600 personalities and the shows that made them household names. From All My Children to The Young and the Restless, this book reveals the names that are hot and names that are not, the most popular, daring and different names, and the names that are as memorable as the characters themselves. Listing the most popular and image-inspiring names from today's hottest soap operas, a baby name book reveals little-known facts and secrets about names and lists the origins of six hundred favorites.

Young and the Restless TV Soundtrack
by Various
Audio CD (April 7, 1998)
Our price: $14.39

Theme From The Young & The Restless (Nadia's Theme) - (short version), Best Of All, Tranquility, Reunion, Lost Hope, Seasons Change, Big Homecoming, Aloneness, Broadway, Happy Tears, 3 A.M., Withchitar Harp, Say Yes, Dawn Waltz, Look At Me, Longin For Sax, Peaceful, Giverny, Morning Wings, Rolling Hills, Whisper, Fantasy, Nightscape, Friendship, Last Moment, My Hero, Unseen Disguise, Lustful, Monroe, Rainbow, Janice, Young Romance, Sueno, Theme From The Young & The Restless (Nadia's Theme) - (long version).

Days of Our Lives:
A Complete History of the Long-Running Soap Opera

by Maureen Russell
Hardcover (December 1995)
Our price: $29.95

Studio Drama Processes and Procedures (Multiple Camera Video Series)
by Robert J. Schihl
Paperback - 123 pages (September 1991)
Our price: $34.95

The Soaps: Scene Stealing Scenes for Actors
by Karen Dent, Arthur L. Zapel (Editor)
Paperback - 128 pages (December 1990)
Our price: $7.96

Writing for Daytime Drama
by Jean Rouverol
Paperback - 356 pages (March 1992)
Our price: $44.95

Good Times, Bad Times: Soap Operas and Society in Western Europe
by Hugh O'Donnell
Paperback (September 1998)
Our price: $24.95

Life on Daytime Television : Tuning-In American Serial Drama
by Mary Cassata, Thomas Skill
Paperback (June 1983)
Our price: $39.50

Love and Ideology in the Afternoon: Soap Opera, Women, and Television Genre (Arts and Politics of the Everyday)
by Laura Stempel Mumford
Paperback - 165 pages (September 1995)
Our price: $12.95

Other Worlds: Society Seen Through Soap Opera
by Dorothy Anger
Paperback (October 1998)
Our price: $15.95

Screen Tastes: From Soap Opera to Satellite Dishes
by Charlotte Brunsdon
Paperback - 192 pages (July 1997)
Our price: $17.99

Soap Fans: Pursuing Pleasure and Making Meaning in Everyday Life
by C. Lee Harrington, Denise D. Bielby (Contributor)
Paperback - 225 pages (August 1995)
Our price: $22.95

Soap Opera and Women's Talk: The Pleasure of Resistance (Communication and Human Values)
by Mary Ellen Brown
Paperback (May 1994)
Our price: $24.95

Soap Operas Worldwide: Cultural and Serial Realities
by Marilyn J. Matelski
$34.50 Hardcover (September 1998)
Our price: $34.50

Speaking of Soap Operas
by Robert C. Allen
Paperback (April 1985)
Our price: $16.95

Staying Tuned: Contemporary Soap Opera Criticism
by Suzanne Frentz (Editor)
Hardcover (March 1992)
Our price: $26.95

To Be Continued... : Soap Operas Around the World
by Robert C. Allen (Editor)
Paperback (March 1995)
Our price: $20.99

Women and Soap Opera: A Study of Prime Time Soaps
by Christine Geraghty
Paperback (January 1991)
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