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All My Children

Having It All
by Erica Kane
Hardcover - 160 pages (July 1997)
Our price: $12.57

If you're looking for a heavy, didactic book on which to base a doctoral thesis, keep looking because it's definitely not Erica Kane, Having It All. But if you're looking for a piece of literature that doesn't take itself seriously this book based on the ramblings of the All My Children soap opera queen is for you. It's the kind of book you don't mind spilling sand and coke on at the beach because it doesn't really matter. It's not going to end up in your pemanent library of classics. But it is breezy and fun and the perfect book to throw in your tote bag on the way to the beach.

The Official All My Children Trivia Book
by Gerard J. Waggett
Paperback - 240 pages 1 Ed edition (May 1998)
Our price: $6.96

Packed with little-known tidbits, brain-teasing quizzes, and hundreds of facts found in no other book, this "official" trivia book for one of ABC's hottest daytime soaps is the best source for fans who want an expert's perspective on the sizzling drama--both onscreen and off. Photos throughout.

Soap Opera Cafe: The Skinny on Food from a Daytime Star
by Robin Mattson (Janet Dillon, AMC; ex-Heather Webber, GH)
Hardcover - 292 pages (October 1997)
Our price: $14.00

Robin Mattson, star of the highly rated daytime drama All My Children, has created collection of 150 recipes for delicious, low-fat cuisine that's sure to please the health conscious consumer as well as the soap fans. The recipes are accompanied by lively anecdotes and photos from Mattson's life as a daytime star.

Living Great: Style Expert and Television Star Linda Dano Shows You How to Bring Style Home With Her Easy, Affordable Decorating Ideas and techniques
by Linda Dano
Hardcover - 240 pages (April 1998)
Our price: $17.47

From basics like painting techniques to understanding the subtleties of lighting and color, the professional style consultant offers plenty of practical advice for creating the home ideal for you.

Looking Great: Fashion Authority and Television Star Linda Dano Shares Her Style and Beauty Secrets to Help You Look Your Best
by Linda Dano
Paperback - 208 pages (September 1998)
Our price: $12.00

Linda Dano's long-running role on NBC's "Another World" has made her a familiar face to millions. And her fashion consulting service--as well as her own exquisite designs--have made her a recognized authority on style. The popularity of this down-to-earth, accessible, fully-illustrated handbook now confirms her role as the style maven for real women everywhere--including those who may not have thirty-inch hips or million-dollar budgets.

Love, Honor and Cherish: The Greatest Wedding Moments from All My Children, General Hospital, and One Life to Live
by Gary Warner
Hardcover - 304 pages 1 Ed edition (November 1998)
Our price: $20.97

Everybody loves weddings -- and nowhere are they celebrated with more excitement and style than on ABC Daytime. From fairy-tale celebrations to never-meant-to-be nuptials, tying the knot on ALL MY CHILDREN, ONE LIFE TO LIVE and GENERAL HOSPITAL is an unforgettable experience. Now fans can relive the beauty, magic and mishaps of all their favorite weddings in Gary Warner's LOVE, HONOR & CHERISH: The Greatest Weddings Moments From All My Children, General Hospital and One Life To Live. Spanning the last 30 years and featuring hundreds of color photographs, as well as never-before-seen candids, wedding vows, dazzling proposals, and a list of the musical selections chosen for special couples, LOVE, HONOR & CHERISH showcases each show's most memorable weddings and the romances and misadventures that led up to them.

Consuming Pleasures: Active Audiences and Serial Fictions from Dickens to Soap Opera
by Jennifer Poole Hayward
Hardcover - 232 pages (November 1997)
Our price: $17.47

Hayward chooses four texts--Dickens's novel Our Mutual Friend (1864-65), Milton Caniff's comic strip Terry and the Pirates (1934-46), and the soap operas All My Children (1970-) and One Life to Live (1968-)--to represent the evolution of serial fiction as a genre, and to analyze the peculiar draw serials have upon their audiences. Although the serial has enjoyed great marketplace success, traditional literary and social critics have denounced its ties to mass culture, claiming it preys upon passive fans. But Hayward argues that active serial audiences have developed identifiable strategies of consumption, such as collaborative reading and attempts to shape the production process. logo enter keywords...