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General Hospital

Love, Honor and Cherish: The Greatest Wedding Moments from All My Children, General Hospital, and One Life to Live
by Gary Warner
Hardcover - 304 pages 1 Ed edition (November 1998)
Our price: $20.97

Everybody loves weddings -- and nowhere are they celebrated with more excitement and style than on ABC Daytime. From fairy-tale celebrations to never-meant-to-be nuptials, tying the knot on ALL MY CHILDREN, ONE LIFE TO LIVE and GENERAL HOSPITAL is an unforgettable experience. Now fans can relive the beauty, magic and mishaps of all their favorite weddings in Gary Warner's LOVE, HONOR & CHERISH: The Greatest Weddings Moments From All My Children, General Hospital and One Life To Live. Spanning the last 30 years and featuring hundreds of color photographs, as well as never-before-seen candids, wedding vows, dazzling proposals, and a list of the musical selections chosen for special couples, LOVE, HONOR & CHERISH showcases each show's most memorable weddings and the romances and misadventures that led up to them.

The Official General Hospital Trivia Book
by Gerard J. Waggett
Paperback - 192 pages 1 Ed edition (October 1997)
Our price: $7.96

Crammed with invaluable information, unbelievable details, surprises, and loving commemoration, this connoisseur's guide to one of America's favorite daytime dramas will entertain fans almost as much as the show itself. From Quatermaine and Cassadine family trees to the show's most wanted criminals to the Luke and Laura phenomenon, the full wealth of the General Hospital universe is mined to the core. 25 photos.

Whistling Girl
by Ann Marcus
Hardcover - 320 pages (November 1998)
Our price: $22.95

As cocreator and writer of the wild, groundbreaking soap Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, Ann Marcus didn't hold back--and that's still her style. Her new, ultra-dishy autobiography, Whistling Girl (Mulholland Pacific Publishing), chronicles her years as queen of the prime-time serials--she also wrote for Peyton Place, Knots Landing and Falcon Crest--but what really had us gasping were her no- holds-barred memories of writing Search For Tomorrow, Days of Our Lives and General Hospital. It's all here: paranoia, petty jealousies, office politics and angry stars. Marcus says she was verbally attacked in public by SFT leading lady Mary Stuart. She openly blames her firing at Days on the "plotting" of elderly cowriter Elizabeth Harrower, mother of the show's star, Susan Seaforth Hayes. Then there's the 1988 set-side intervention to help an alcoholic GH actress, whom Marcus doesn't name but does say is still on the show, making it very easy to do the math. Ouch! [-- Michael Logan, TV Guide]

Enchantment (My Romance series)
by Christina Skye, Rena Sofer (Reader), Wally Kurth (Reader)
Audio Cassette (May 1999)
Our price: $11.96

Enchantment is the latest release from the My Romance series of audio romances, a continuing library of classics featuring the best of today's romantic fiction read by daytime television's hottest stars. This sexy, romantic and magical adventure is performed by real-life couple Rena Sofer and Wally Kurth, best known to television audiences as "Lois Cerullo" and "Ned Ashton" of ABC-TV's "General Hospital". For the millions of romance readers and fans of daytime dramas, the My Romance series brings the romance novel to life.

When American art restorer Kacey Mallory travels to the beautiful and mysterious Draycott Abbey in a remote corner of England to verify the authenticity of a newly-discovered James Whistler masterpiece, little does she suspect that something far more precious awaits her; nothing less than echoes of her past, the promise of her future, and dashing British viscount, Nicholas Draycott--the man who is her destiny.

Young Doctors in Love
by Garry Marshall
VHS Video
Our price: $9.99

This gag-filled parody of daytime soap operas concerns the tumultuous personal and professional lives of the lusty doctors and nurses at the disaster-prone City Hospital. Many cameos by General Hospital cast members.

by Michael Hoffman
VHS Video
Our price: $12.99

Jealousy and intrigue, on and off the set of a popular daytime soap opera. Celeste Talbert is the neurotic diva of "The Sun Also Sets," but her popularity with the show's fans does not extend to her relationships with her envious co-stars. Sultry Montana Moorehead has set her eyes on the soap's top spot, and she even offers to sleep with the show's nervous young producer if he'll have Celeste written off the program. In a moment of inspiration, the horny executive decides to bring Talbert's hated ex-lover, Jeffrey Anderson, back onto the series, with the hope of driving the fragile star to an early retirement. The fact that Anderson's character was decapitated in an earlier episode is seen as a difficult, but not insurmountable, obstacle. Stephen Nichols (Stefan, GH; Patch, DAYS) appears as himself in the film.

The Music Of General Hospital
by Various
Audio CD (March 3, 1998)
Our price: $12.99

Faces Of The Heart (General Hospital Opening Theme) - Dave Koz, Me Loving You Loving Me - John Warren, My Heart Only Knows What It Feels - Brad Maule, Power To Believe - Wally Kurth, Love Has The Last Word - Wally Kurth, There Ain't Nothing Wrong With Me (That You Can't Fix) - Brad Maule, Forever Home-A Father's Lullaby - Wally Kurth, Blue Hour, The, Must Be An Angel - Vanita Harbour, Like You, God Bless The Child - Vanita Harbour, Luke And Laura's Theme, B.J.'s Theme, Robin And Stone's Theme, Faces Of The Heart (General Hospital Closing Theme) - Dave Koz logo enter keywords...