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Soap Sociology and Culture

Women and Soap Opera: A Cultural Feminist Perspective
by Dannielle Blumenthal
Hardcover (October 1997)
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Women's soap opera viewing has long been thought of by feminists and nonfeminists as an unproductive waste of time. Blumenthal takes the opposing view, arguing that women's "indulgence" in these programs is actually liberating. In overcoming the social opposition to the stigma attached to the feminine content and style, and engaging in soap opera viewing, women celebrate their femininity, particularly their gendered identification with romance, relationality, intuitiveness, talkativeness, and other aspects of emotionality. This book will be of interest to academics in the areas of sociology, women's studies, and media studies.

Consuming Pleasures: Active Audiences and Serial Fictions from Dickens to Soap Opera
by Jennifer Poole Hayward
Hardcover - 232 pages (November 1997)
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Hayward chooses four texts--Dickens's novel Our Mutual Friend (1864-65), Milton Caniff's comic strip Terry and the Pirates (1934-46), and the soap operas All My Children (1970-) and One Life to Live (1968-)--to represent the evolution of serial fiction as a genre, and to analyze the peculiar draw serials have upon their audiences. Although the serial has enjoyed great marketplace success, traditional literary and social critics have denounced its ties to mass culture, claiming it preys upon passive fans. But Hayward argues that active serial audiences have developed identifiable strategies of consumption, such as collaborative reading and attempts to shape the production process.

No End to Her: Soap Opera and the Female Subject
by Martha Nochimson
Paperback (March 1993)
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China Pop: How Soap Operas, Tabloids and Bestsellers Are Transforming a Culture
by Jianying Zha, Tranying Zha
Paperback (April 1996)
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Written by a Chinese American journalist, China Pop is an original look at the ways in which contemporary China has been changed by its media. Soap operas were planned to placate unrest after Tiananmen, and sex tabloids and pornography are growing. Zha provides readers with a fascinating example of the way modern media are transforming the non-Western world.

'It's Time for My Story': Soap Opera Sources, Structure, and Response (Media and Society Series)
by Carol Traynor Williams
Hardcover (October 1992)
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Williams here examines soap opera sources, structure, and response, particularly from the critical viewpoints of psychology, both archetypal and empirical, and popular culture, specifically narratology and feminism, that uncover the true nature of the genre. First, Williams traces the development of soap opera from its immediate source in radio and television as well as from its fundamental source in age-old myth and storytelling. Then she analyzes the content and form that together make up the structure of soap opera. Finally, she looks at what soaps mean to watchers and in the process debunks many myths about soap opera.

Beautiful Baby Names from Your Favorite Soap Operas
by Charlee Trantino
Paperback - 285 pages (April 1996)
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Here's an imaginative, one-of-a-kind guide to over 600 personalities and the shows that made them household names. From All My Children to The Young and the Restless, this book reveals the names that are hot and names that are not, the most popular, daring and different names, and the names that are as memorable as the characters themselves. Listing the most popular and image-inspiring names from today's hottest soap operas, a baby name book reveals little-known facts and secrets about names and lists the origins of six hundred favorites.

Good Times, Bad Times: Soap Operas and Society in Western Europe
by Hugh O'Donnell
Paperback (September 1998)
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Life on Daytime Television : Tuning-In American Serial Drama
by Mary Cassata, Thomas Skill
Paperback (June 1983)
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Love and Ideology in the Afternoon: Soap Opera, Women, and Television Genre (Arts and Politics of the Everyday)
by Laura Stempel Mumford
Paperback - 165 pages (September 1995)
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Other Worlds: Society Seen Through Soap Opera
by Dorothy Anger
Paperback (October 1998)
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Screen Tastes: From Soap Opera to Satellite Dishes
by Charlotte Brunsdon
Paperback - 192 pages (July 1997)
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Soap Fans: Pursuing Pleasure and Making Meaning in Everyday Life
by C. Lee Harrington, Denise D. Bielby (Contributor)
Paperback - 225 pages (August 1995)
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Soap Opera and Women's Talk: The Pleasure of Resistance (Communication and Human Values)
by Mary Ellen Brown
Paperback (May 1994)
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Soap Operas Worldwide: Cultural and Serial Realities
by Marilyn J. Matelski
$34.50 Hardcover (September 1998)
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Speaking of Soap Operas
by Robert C. Allen
Paperback (April 1985)
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Staying Tuned: Contemporary Soap Opera Criticism
by Suzanne Frentz (Editor)
Hardcover (March 1992)
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To Be Continued... : Soap Operas Around the World
by Robert C. Allen (Editor)
Paperback (March 1995)
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Women and Soap Opera: A Study of Prime Time Soaps
by Christine Geraghty
Paperback (January 1991)
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