Last Week’s Results

It is coming out that facebook is in really large decline. What are your plans? -- 22 votes
11 (50.0%) I'm keeping facebook. I go there a lot and I don't want to leave.
6 (27.3%) I never had a facebook account and I have no desire to get one.
3 (13.6%) I'm keeping facebook, but I don't really go there as much as I used to.
1 (4.5%) I have a different opinion
1 (4.5%) I already left facebook.

Which former/current sci-fi/fantasy show that aired on the WB/CW was the best? -- 18 votes
10 (55.6%) Never seen any.
3 (16.7%) Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
2 (11.1%) The Vampire Diaries
1 (5.6%) I have a different opinion
1 (5.6%) iZombie
1 (5.6%) Smallville

So some midseason premieres have aired already, and some are yet to premiere. Which is either your favorite? Or if you don't like the ones airing now, which are U most looking forward to? -- 14 votes
6 (42.9%) I have a different opinion
2 (14.3%) Superior Donuts (Judd Hirsch) CBS (already airing)
1 (7.1%) Making History (Adam Palley, Leighton Meester) FOX (already premiered)
1 (7.1%) Sweet Home Oklahoma (reality show) Bravo (already premiered)
1 (7.1%) Shots Fired (FOX) (premieres March 22nd)
1 (7.1%) American Gods (Starz) (not yet premiered)
1 (7.1%) Taken (includes Jennifer Beals) NBC (already airing)
1 (7.1%) Imaginary Mary (Jenna Elfman) ABC (not yet premiered)

These are this year's Daytime Emmy nominees for Best Younger Actress in a Drama Series. Who would get your vote? -- 13 votes
7 (53.8%) I don't like any, so I wouldn't vote.
3 (23.1%) Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina, GH)
1 (7.7%) Alyvia Alyn Lind (Faith, Y&R)
1 (7.7%) Reign Edwards (Nicole, B&B)
1 (7.7%) Chloe Lanier (Nelle, GH)

These are the 2017 Daytime Emmy nominees for Best Younger Actor in a Drama. Which would get your vote? -- 12 votes
7 (58.3%) I don't like any of the choices, so I'd pass.
3 (25.0%) Bryan Craig (ex Morgan, GH)
2 (16.7%) Tequan Richmond (TJ, GH)

Who will take the fall for the soon-to-be-failed health care act ? -- 16 votes
8 (50.0%) Donald Trump
8 (50.0%) Paul Ryan