Last Week’s Results

Stephen Collins who was the pastor/father on the show 7th Heaven, has been implicated in child molestation after a recording of him admitting it was leaked to the public. Regarding the show's reruns.. -- 16 votes
7 (43.8%) They are going to have to shelve that show for years. It's a pity he is going to ruin the memories of the show for people when the cast was much larger than just him.
3 (18.8%) I have a different opinion
2 (12.5%) You know what? Obviously, the teenage girls who Collins molested years ago are the priority. But it's a shame this is overshadowing the death of series regular Sarah Goldberg, who played Matt's wife S
2 (12.5%) In a weird and twisted way, I think the audience would get larger because people would be curious about an actor accused of this who also played a pastor on a family show.
1 (6.2%) The show shouldn't have been pulled in the first place. It airs on the Up! channel and TVGuide channel. It's not like it can offend a big audience.
1 (6.2%) They have been pulled now, but I think after a couple of months they can bring them back and the audience it had will return.

Most of the new dramas have aired already, and several have aired multiple episodes. Of the new dramas on the main networks (NOT counting cable), which have you enjoyed the most? -- 15 votes
5 (33.3%) I have a different opinion
3 (20.0%) NCIS: New Orleans (CBS)
3 (20.0%) How to Get Away with Murder (ABC)
3 (20.0%) Forever (ABC)
1 (6.7%) Gotham (FOX)

By now most of the comedies of the fall season have aired. Some have aired a couple, and one or two have only aired their 1st episode. Of the ones that have premiered, which did U enjoy the most? -- 13 votes
4 (30.8%) black ish (ABC)
3 (23.1%) I have a different opinion
3 (23.1%) Cristela (ABC)
1 (7.7%) Selfie (ABC)
1 (7.7%) Bad Judge (NBC)
1 (7.7%) Marry Me (NBC)

My question comes from an ad I keep seeing here on Soapzone: have you ever had that special Southern (although others have as well) tradition of chicken and waffles? -- 17 votes
9 (52.9%) No, I've never cared to try that combo.
5 (29.4%) Yes, I have tried them together.
3 (17.6%) I haven't seen that ad, and I didn't know chicken and waffles were ever served together.