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Which of these non acting winners most deserved their Emmy trophy this year? -- 7 votes
2 (28.6%) I didn't think any of these winners deserved it.
2 (28.6%) The Talk for Best Talk Show/Entertainment
2 (28.6%) Craig Ferguson for Best Game Show Host (Celebrity Name Game)
1 (14.3%) Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan (Live with Kelly and Michael) for Best Entertainment Talk Show Host

Here are all of the acting winners from the Daytime Emmys this year. Which actor that won, are you most happy for? -- 9 votes
2 (22.2%) Tyler Christopher who plays Nikolas on General Hospital for Lead Actor
2 (22.2%) Mary Beth Evans who plays Kayla on Days of Our Lives won for Leading Actress (used to play Katherine on GH)
1 (11.1%) I don't like any of the acting winners.
1 (11.1%) Obba Babbatunde who plays Julius Avant on The Bold & the Beautiful for Guest Actor
1 (11.1%) Bryan Craig who plays Morgan on General Hospital for Younger Actor
1 (11.1%) True O'Brien who played Paige on Days of Our Lives for Younger Actress
1 (11.1%) Sean Blakemore who played Shawn on General Hospital won for Supporting Actor

Anyone else annoyed by ''May the fourth'' as they just don't care about Star Wars? -- 10 votes
3 (30.0%) No! Get over yourself.
3 (30.0%) No! Not in the least
1 (10.0%) I have a different opinion
1 (10.0%) They should just call it El Cinco de Mayo Eve and drink more tequila.
1 (10.0%) Wait, it's from Star Wars?
1 (10.0%) Me! Me! Me!

Which soap should be sponsered by Dove Shampoo? -- 12 votes
4 (33.3%) The genre is dead, and so is Dove Shampoo.
4 (33.3%) Days of Our Lives.
2 (16.7%) I have a different opinion
1 (8.3%) All of these choices apply
1 (8.3%) They all deserve it.

Do you fell the reason Kelly Ripa was able to skip work with no consequence was because she's a white woman? -- 16 votes
8 (50.0%) Race had nothing to do with it.
4 (25.0%) I have a different opinion
3 (18.8%) No. She got a free pass because she's wealthy.
1 (6.2%) I feel her white priviledge is the reason she got the job in the first place.