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Speaking of the World Series, how do you feel about athletes that are domestic abusers. Eg: Aroldis Chapman of the Chicago Cubs ? -- 6 votes
2 (33.3%) I cheer for the team, not the player. Will ignore.
2 (33.3%) They shouldn't be allowed to play.
1 (16.7%) Makes me feel icky to cheer for him.
1 (16.7%) Don't like them but will cheer for them anyway if they are on my team.

Who are you, or the person closest to you, rooting for in the MLB World Series? -- 11 votes
7 (63.6%) Chicago Cubs
2 (18.2%) Mmmm, don't care either way.
2 (18.2%) Cleveland Indians

From now until Halloween, will you be having or attending a Halloween party? (Whether in costumes or not) -- 11 votes
9 (81.8%) No
1 (9.1%) I don't know if I'd term it a party, but it's something.
1 (9.1%) Yes

Diet and exercise - are you doing enough? An honest assessment... -- 15 votes
7 (46.7%) I could do a bit better in both areas.
2 (13.3%) It's deplorable in both areas, sorry to say.
2 (13.3%) I get enough exercise but could have a better diet.
1 (6.7%) Depends on the season or time of year.
1 (6.7%) I don't really want to think about it.
1 (6.7%) My diet is good or great, but I could get more exercise.
1 (6.7%) Both my diet and exercise levels are acceptable to me. That's what matters.