Show Credits

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NOTE: This list might not include one or more of your favorite recurring (non-contract) characters. This means that they weren't called to appear on the show in the time period covered by this list. It is a function of rules for the Screen Actors Guild and the Screen Extras Guild -- among others -- as to who gets listed on the credits and who doesn't.

Sarah Aldrich
as Courtney Kanelos

Rachel Ames
as Audrey Hardy, R.N.

Kimberlin Brown
as Dr. Rachel Locke

David Gail
as Dr. Joe Scanlon

Lisa Ann Hadley
as Dr. Julie Devlin

Lynn Herring
as Lucy Coe

Jon Lindstrom
as Dr. Kevin Collins

Mitch Longley
as Dr. Matt Harmon

Nolan North
as Dr. Chris Ramsey

Jay Pickett
as Frank Scanlon

Julie Pinson
as Dr. Eve Lambert

Carly Schroeder
as Serena Baldwin

Kin Shriner
as Scott Baldwin

Marie Wilson
as Dr. Karen Wexler

Recurring Characters

Edward Albert
as Dr. Bennett Devlin

Susan Brown
as Dr. Gail Baldwin

Jeffrey Byron
as Dr. Mark Boardman

Pat Crowley
as Mary Scanlon

Ron Hale
as Mike Corbin

Peter Hansen
as Lee Baldwin

David Holcomb
as Dr. Greg Cooper

Colton James
as Neil Kanelos

Nicholas Pryor
as Victor Collins

Granville Van Dusen
as David "DV" Bordisso

Amy Weber
as Lark Madison


Julie Carruthers
Executive Producer

Marika Kushel
Assistant to the Executive Producer

Hope Smith

Mercer Barrows
Coordinating Producer

Barbara Bloom
Vice President of Daytime Programming

Mary Burch
Director of Daytime Programming

Rebecca Lane
Asst. to Vice President of Daytime Programming

Shelly Curtis
Consulting Producer

Helena Abilez
Production Coordinator

Jennifer Tartaro
Production Coordinator

Penny Pengra
Production Associate

Jennifer Scott
Production Associate

Shelley Honigbaum
Production Continuity

Karen Harris
Head Writer

Patricia Rosales
Assistant to Head Writer

Written By
Marla Kanelos, Casandra Morgan, Betsy Snyder, Alan Bernstein,
Susan McMartin, Neal Bell, Tom Babe, Jodie Scholz

Alicia Martino
Script Continuity

Jorge Arciniega
Writers' Assistant

Johnnie Raines

Mark Teschner
Casting Director

Gwen Hillier
Associate Casting Director

Peggy Illman
Casting Coordinator

Venus Perez
Casting Coordinator

Kelsey Martinez
PC Media Relations

Rebecca Palatnik
Publicity Coordinator

Oscar Ramirez
PC Messenger

Jill Ackles
Tony Morina
Andrew Lee
Albert Alarr
Bill Ludel
Scott Mckinsey

Technical Directors
Averill Perry
Russ Reinsel

Associate Directors
Joann Smith
Jeff Rabin

Brian Rosner
Fritz Curtis

Exec. Daytime Production
Joe Montrone

Mgr. Daytime Prog.
Steve Hearns

Technical Manager
Phil Angerhofer

Production Administrator
Vicki Davis

Business Manager
Hilda Recio

Accounting Coordinator
Maricela Gavidia

Script Coordinators
Heidi Ploen
Jim Reitzel
Frank Sissingh

Production Designer
Matthew Jacobs

Art Director
Dan Proett

Assistant Art Directors
Wade Batley
Kara Conrad
Judy Cosgrove

Bob Russo

Stage Managers
Sherry Carby
Susan Neigher
Michelle Azenzer
Brooke Eaton

Wardrobe Dept
Donna Hartman

Mel Stetson

Donna Messina

R.C Cates
Dave Macleod

Lighting Directors
Vince Steib, Jo Mayer, Kin Schamp

Costume Designers
Bob Miller, Steve Howard

Len Grice

Audio Show Mixer
Jan Hoag

Music Mixer
Chris Tyson

Sound Effects
Sharon Sanchez

Camera Operators
Ralph Alcocer, DJ Diomedes, Robert Martin

Boom Operators
Scott Glickman, Paulette Cronkhite

Videotape Editors
Peter Filmore, Brian Rosner, Donald Smith,
Fritz Curtis, David Gonzales, Mary Ann Benson

Electronic Maintenance
Nelson Dearborn, Cas Anchetta

Computer Asistance
Loretta Chambers

Studio Teacher
Hermine Kosta

Medical Consultant
Lori Robertson

Main Titles
Aerodrome Pictures

Theme By
Marty Davitch

Concept Developed By
Richard and Carolyn Culliton and Wendy Riche

Concept By
Wendy Riche

Videotaped at ABC Television Center, Hollywood