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Port Charles Update for Wednesday, 1-Oct-2003

Author: Kathim
Posting date: Fri, 03-Oct-2003 6:34:27 AM PST


[Open with Rali – as dawn breaks [I assume from the artful lighting across them] they are in bed in the BandB] what parts of their bodies that show are nekked]

[BTW there are A LOT of wind chimes at the BandB – wait – that’s just the “adorable” music that accompanies the awakening of these oh-so-sweet sweethearts] [If Caleb and Livvie are TOO dark, we now are being presented with their counterpoints][bleah]

Alison tells Rafe hi as he awakens and he looks around an laughs – he forgot where they were. She said so did she – and that it’s kind of fun. [those are their lines, really]

Alison says how wonderful the BandB is and beautiful and private and how the brochure said it was, “the best little place to get married” she says this kind of like a hint – but I thought that’s why they were there. She asks Rafe what does he think – he tells her that as long as it makes her happy – it can be whatever she wants. [I don’t think the people who wrote this read the stuff that came before it in the Rali story.]

: You know what I think? I think that this little Gift fell straight from Heaven right into our laps [so much for Ali’s psychic abilities]

[Cut to Livvie and Caleb’s, where if it’s dawn, there is very little evidence and no wind chimes either.]

Livvie is reading a brochure [and I’m betting it’s NOT for the Isle of the Duck] and going on about how wonderful the place in the brochure looks to her. She says she thinks that it would be the MOST amazing place where two b\people who love each other to get married.

Caleb tells her it was just what he was thinking [bwa ha ha]

She goes on about how this would be the most fantastic place for people to promise to love each other for the rest of their lives?

Caleb corrects “for all eternity.” [a phrase that he’s overused if you ask me – even Livvie ought to have caught a hint by now]

She asks him how did he pick this particular place ….

…and though I am on the edge of my seat waiting to hear the answer, I am still quite thrilled to cut to see Lucy, at the Mountainous Country Cabin, in the doorway [it’s her turn, I guess (everyone else having had a turn yesterday)]

[Aha! She’s watching a car drive off. As she enters the cabin we see only Ian there, rising from the couch]

I: Don’t let them leave

L: They already have.

[NOW if leaving Christina alone with Kevin yesterday would not mark this as the MOST blatantly plot driven mess already – this makes it official. How STUPID would you have to be to strand yourself without any means of getting emergency help. Grrrr.]

Lucy then tells Ian that Chris is going to send a tow truck [they didn’t order one before leaving PC when the KNEW the tires were slashed on TWO cars?!] and that it’s the least Chris can do as – Chris slashed the tires. If Lucy was expecting a reaction she was doomed to disappointment – Ian had guessed, plus he’s too tired an too hungry to care from the looks of it.

[BTW, wonder if it ever dawned on the writers that they have written it effectively that PC had to RE-TIRE just at the end of the show’s run. ]

She also mentions that she came up there as fast as shoe could – she didn’t have time to get blood [she THOUGHT OF IT; BUT DIDN”T DO IT? But couldn’t think to call AAA. Sheeesh!]

He tells her he is going to take a shower – she says that won’t help [but it couldn’t hurt – he looks a bit grungy] She goes on about how he just needs blood and how he should let her help him – it’s just the two of them – all alone – come on ….

[we cut to see Poor Christina, seated in the woods, all alone. She raises her head from where she has rested it on her bent knees and look around. She cries plaintively, “Mommy?” [sorry, sweetie, your Mom’ busy trying to get her boyfriend to let her open a vein. Can you tell that I really don’t like this story?]


Ian tells Lucy that she really doesn’t understand – he was about to feed on Elizabeth! [That’s nothing I was about to murder her] Lucy then points out that he didn’t, though. He tells her it’s because she stopped him – she tells him that if she hadn’t walked through the door and stopped him; he would have stopped himself!

Ian is angry – he asks her why can’t she listen to him?! He was about to do the one thing – the ONE thing that he said he would NEVER do! To feed on a human being. And yes, if she hadn’t stopped him ….

L: Me! You’re right – I will give you that! I saved you – and so now – what are you telling me to do – to get out of here? That’s what I get for saving you, “GO?”

I: what I’ve become will tear us apart sooner or later

L: only if you let it. Because we love each other. And I hate this! I can’t live apart from you [how far has this character fallen? Sigh] I hate watching you suffer when I’m it! [tag him!] I’m the solution! I’m the solution! [She tries to get near him – he shies away]


[Oops! Working on typing from the closed captioning and channel two ran their banner across the bottom and ….. Sorry about that!*]

I: you know what I hate? I hate using you as some kind of an antidote [I hate that this man who would have probably gratefully received a kidney donation, which is irreplaceable, is acting like such as weak sister about a pint of blood now and then.]

L; [I’m going to have to plug my ears and hum anytime now so I can’t hear this] ALL right I’ll make it easy – you make love to me because you want me. Because you can’t stand to walk into a room and have me standing there and not take me in your arms and show me how much you love me.

I: That’s not fair

[She’s crying and he just looks resigned – much as I think this is some of the worst dialog and story they’ve done – I have to give LH and TK credit – they are really doing it]

L: What’s fair then? Me wanting to live with you and be in your life and not being able to? Is it fair that all I want to do is make love to you – [hmmmm la la l la] that makes me happy- – and somehow that isn’t a reason enough for me to be with you – that’s not a good enough reason for you ..?!

I: [quietly] stop. There are only two ways to solve this – one is I find a cure

L: and the other?

I: you don’t want to hear this [is he speaking to me? The humming makes it hard to tell]

L: Tell me.

I: I would rather us live apart than to watch you grow to hate me.

[The BandB]

[Out on the private patio, Rali [dressed in complimentary robes] are being served breakfast by Annette* and Alison is complimenting Annette on the food and service]

*I bet her job description just Sucks]

Rali joke that they are moving in and need only to be supplied with daily scones. Annette tells them not to discount the massage services – a massage is the stuff of life – all is very sociable and happy.

Annette tells them they could stay as long as they like – and this is a wonderful place to Honeymoon – if they want to stay they can do some rearranging of rooms.

Alison says maybe they can talk about it [yeah their business is doing so well, what with two members and – oh – they gave those memberships away]

Annette tells Ali that the flowers she ordered are ready and do Rali have someone to conduct the ceremony? Rafe tells her that they’ve arranged for their minister to drive in from PC.

Annette also asks about whether they have guests – the BandB has arrangements with a local motel to shuttle guests to the BandB for ceremonies. Rali explain that the wedding will just be the two of them [no witnesses? ]

Annette tells her that many couples come up there on their own [I think I see another couple arriving now] but as long as they have each other – that’s all we need finishes Alison. That’s what we say all the time she adds.

Annette tells them that she hopes they enjoy their breakfast and if there is anything they need, just let her know. [Leaves]

Alison asks Rafe if he would love her more if she could make scones like the ones there – he [well trained] immediately tells her that she can make scones like that and she does. But I guess he realizes she looks a little pensive so he asks her what’s she’s thinking about.

She tells him that she was thinking how much fun it would be if the two of them had a BandB like this. He tells her that there is something else … he knows that there is ..

He asks her: Are you sure? Do you really want to go through with this?

[Back at Caleb’s – oops -0 they haven’t even left yet] they are discussing the BandB]

Caleb tells Livvie that first she says she loves the place and then she’s questioning him – what’s up with that? She explains that she never thought of him as the Bed and Breakfast type guy. [Dungeons and Dragons More like it?] He tells her that he picked it for her but if that it will bother her ….?

Livvie immediately assures him that it’s what she wants [she’s well trained, too] she can be unpredictable as anyone and needs to get a little looser about things.

He tells her that unpredictability is one of her more attractive qualities. They agree that it’s going to be a great place to go and Caleb adds that it will be a clean slate for them. She wants to know: what does he mean by that? He tells her that she is going to have to trust him [Would YOU buy a used hearse from this man?] – They did agree to start trusting each other, didn’t they?

He kisses her neck and walks away leaving Livvie with an uneasy expression on her face.


*but I want to add a big fat thank you to my ABC affiliate, WSB-TV Channel 2 for keeping all the PC available on while they could.

[Rali’s patio]

Alison tells Rafe “of course” she wants to get married - he assures her that he wasn’t questioning that [he IS well trained!] – Just is she sure she wants to do it there and now?

She wants to know why is he asking her? He tells her that although it seemed like a good idea to take off, run away, come to a place like this to get married [the word the writers seemed to be groping for here is: elope] now, he remembers that she always wanted a big wedding and her friends there - maybe he pushed too hard ?? They could have family around – people they love – they would witness them declaring their love –

Alison points out that they can go home and be called selfish and then have a celebration – but they should get married there and then Rafe points out that he saw Ali’s face when Annette mentions guest and then Ali points out that …

[Not only did we hear this all before in PC, we have to go over it endlessly here?!?!]

…while now Alison is pointing out that for less than a whole minute she thought it would be better to have someone there but wants to do this … and then Rafe asks [AGAIN] Is she sure [SHE’s SURE, SHE’s SURE!] and then they coo and cuddle and wubby dubby and won’t it be wonderful to be married and now he’s sure that she’s sure that she wants to be his wife and … she can’t wait and mentions that she has no regrets whatsoever [not even lying to him about Caleb] and doesn’t want him to have any, either.

[kiss] Ali says she has now eaten 21/2 scones – so he should relax and she is going to take a shower [why not –Ian isn’t using it]

Rafe sits back with a happy grin on his face and says,” That’s my wife.” [Not wife-to-be – but this particular show has NOT been written with any attention to detail so far, so why expect it now]

[Back at [Bwa-ha-ha!] Caleb’s]

Livvie has decided that she needs Caleb to know that she DOES trust him. But sometimes he says things that thrown her – like ‘clean slate’. He tells her it’s just and expression – she wants to know what did he mean by it – he says it’s trying something new, different – like getting married – She then tells him that it’s not about that – she’s getting nervous about their getting legally married.

He [bwa-ha-ha!] admits that the anticipation of what’s to come has gotten to him, too.

[With these lines, I’m beginning to expect he’s going to tie her up and put her on the railroad tracks]

Livvie says it’s pre-wedding jitters.

Caleb says “Something like that” and asks her if she is ready to start packing. She tells him absolutely – kisses him and goes to pack. In a relatively teasing way he tells her not to forget the black nightgown – the little tiny one that barely exists – she identifies the garment. He says – ‘yeah that one” then gets all serious and curt: “I want to leave before nightfall.”

He puts his jacket on – she asks where he is going – he tells her that he hasn’t had time to finish his wedding vows yet – needs some time alone to make them perfect. He tells her that he will be back soon and leaves.

[Back to the ‘didn’t ANYONE edit this story’ plot at the cabin…]

L: so that’s what you want me to do – leave you up here all alone?

I: yeah

[He goes to the door and opens it][He expects her to WALK down the mountain?]

L: you leave me no choice [takes off her jacket and sits on the couch] I’m not going anywhere

[He goes over and sits on the coffee table in front of her and takes her hands] why do you have to make this more difficult? [They have 22 minutes to fill for 2 more days, and frankly, it looks like they didn’t care much HOW they filled it]

Lucy tells him that she will make it very very very easy for him. She’s the Slayer [and she slew….? Victor Jerome had more harm at her hands than any vampire I can think of] he’s the vampire: fight her. She wants him to fight – until only one of them is left standing [she says, seated on the couch] personally, she says she’d rather use all her power for good rather than evil – but it’s his choice

Ian says what I’ve been thinking: “What is wrong with you, woman?” He again asks if she wants him to fight her. She says yes and she is serious – but doesn’t sound it or look it and [bleah] she would never give up on him and more of exactly what was said earlier in the show


I: I not me.

L: You is you. You is you-plus. You is doctor and vampire

[And I am thinking of Eve, drunk at Karen’s divorce party “I’m a doctor ! And a model! THAT was great. This is [as Jed Clampett would say] pit-yful]

L: you save me when dying. I sick, sick. You save because you is you. I not know if I get better, but you brilliant. You able as man and doctor save. You save.

I: you say I gave GIFT? [We have had had to go through ALL that JUST so TIIC could insert their TAG LINE into this?! ! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!]

Lucy decides now that her purpose [in life] is to heal – or at least save – for now –Ian and Thank God for that. And it does not diminish Ian in her eyes that she has to do that. She tells him that he has to fight her of love her. [Humming is no longer working – TIIC have done it – they have made me really glad that there is only one more show to recap.]

[He pulls her close to him and he hugs her – but draws back – argh!]

Lucy asks him; what is it?
I: Something ..
L: Christina?
I: yes

[HUH ?!?!? Where did THAT come from?]

[cut to Christina – out in the woods, now standing – the wind howls and blows a her – we she her look up and back away – and then we cut to a ledge where someone’s fee t[the badger’s?] are heels to the edge and slipping? And then ………………..

[Commercials] [Shame that the one person I’m interested in on today’s show [Christina] is seen in glimpses]

[Caleb’s place - Livvie is packing sort of – mostly she is having a flashback on what they said in the LAST PART I just recapped. As if that weren’t enough, Livvie is now going over in her mind – and having an audible mental conversation with Caleb – about why she still has problems trusting Caleb and then his voice tells her that maybe it’s her guilt over her past transgressions.

She gets so worked up that she calls the BandB and talks to Annette – who assures her that ‘it’s all good’ and BTW there is another couple getting married that is staying there and Livvie will really like them [and I am still thinking this is the BandB from Hell] but the [ more or less] reassures Livvie.

She does however, still comment to herself [after the phone call] OK Caleb, why can’t I trust you, still?

[Back to check on that other nice couple at the BandB]

[Alison is in the shower – behind a shower curtain between us and her] [Rafe stands in the doorway [it was HIS turn] talking to her – she hints she is lonely – he laughs and asks

R: You need someone to wash your back?
A: It would be nice – I mean, a bride does have to have clean hair

[Alison has a hairy back? Who knew?]

[Rafe gets in the shower][Ali giggles] [Now all we see is their silhouettes]

Rafe asks her if he has mentioned how much he loves her [the question is – can he ever stop mentioning it in every scene?] [OK – I’ll back off – this is honeymoon and all -]

She tells him he doesn’t mention it nearly enough and he says he does loves her and he is a very happy man …..

… but we pan back in order to see their room now … while we hear them happy and giggles we see Caleb appear …

…and cut to Ian and Lucy running and showing up right in front of Christina and now I see it was Christina’s feet on the edge of the ledge – MY BAD – and not that there was anyone else – she is in peril of falling [and there being no more DL-56 to restore her, this is serious]

Christina: Mommy!
L: Don’t move!

[and the show is Over]

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