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Port Charles Update for Thursday, 2-Oct-2003

Author: Kathim
Posting date: Fri, 03-Oct-2003 6:32:33 AM PST


[Open with [and am I ever glad to see it] the Silverhill Café] [And either dawn comes much later – or much darker – in Alabama, because we don’t get that nice lighting we had everywhere else]

rIcky is seated in one of the chair [a menu in his lap, naturally. This guy really likes Madea’s cooking] rIcky is trying to reassure Imani, who is pacing [like a thirsty vampire]

Imani is not to reassured – she’s got a bad feeling and she can’t shake it [maybe she’s on the Christina Psychic Network and doesn’t know it like Ian and Lucy do]

[Jamal enters [yes, still in doofy hat] Imani runs to him and they embrace. She tells him how worried she has been as they hug and rock back and forth.

rIcky comes over to them and he and Jamal do this sort of high-five/handshake while rIcky tells Jamal that he is glad to see him in one piece. [Jamal made it from Alabama to the woods in New York and back again? He must have used ALL his frequent flyer miles]

r I take it you found Bull*t?

[*Grrrrr. Still made now that I know he forged ownership papers to the Recovery Room/Elixir when by all rights it should have been Frank’s]

I: Is he OK, too?

J: yeah – we’re both fine. And that guy that was after you – let’s just – he’s long gone.

I: [a tad less thrilled] gone? Are you sure?

J: well, for now anyway.

r OK, I guess that’s my cue… I’m out of here

J: Back to the P.C, right?

r; yeah – that’s where I’m going – Home sweet home

I: Thanks for putting up with me

r [gestures to Imani] she was really worried about you, man.

J: [shakes hands with rIcky] thanks I owe you one

r you don’t owe me anything, look I took your bike, remember, so –it was pretty much even

J: you brought it back in one piece, so you know; all is forgiven and forgotten [I certainly forgot it immediately]

r All right guys – keep in touch

J: Cool. Peace Out, brother. [Hey – these are his lines]

[rIcky goes to the door, turns and faces them [they are quite rude and Jamal turns his back on him and he and Imani look at each other. rIcky backs out the door. Felt kind of bad for him there, I did]

I: look, now that he’s gone and I know you’re safe - -

J: fill you in on all the details, right? [He will, the only question is: how long will the flashback be this time?]

J: OK – when I found Bull, the guy – our friend – he was doing a job on him – so I jumped him – attacked him – and I thought I killed him. But the next thing I know, he was gone. [And so I blithely came back here and led him to you….]

I: gone?

J: Bull and I were turned around, talking for a second, and we turned back around and like that [!] the guy was just gone. And then - - here’s the funny part – Bull said that the exact same thing happened with you. [He left out the barfing in the bushes part – what a gentleman]

I: with me?

J: Yeah. Livvie told Bull that she was in a mod one day and she attacked you and she bit you - - and that you just got up and walked away. Now, is that true or not?!

I: Jamal …..

J: no! Come on – come on Imani, you got to tell me something! Who are you?

[But you have to wait to find out – we have to go to the BandB where dawn broke hours before anyplace else and now it’s time for The Sensuous Shower* starting Rali]

[*Note: this is kid stuff compared with the Chris/Julie Shower – does not even come close. no no no.]

[We cut to this ENORMOUS flower arrangement [it’s taller than Rafe] that is in front of the shower curtain [what a BandB – the bathroom must be huge] [silhouetted on the shade, they are while we hear the sound of running water and see a lot of steam – but I have to tell you – it doesn’t look like there is any water at all – guess ABC only paid the water bill up till the 30th of September]

[Rali giggle]

A: I bet you say that to all the girls

R: no, just the ones that I’m about to marry [I’ve heard of throwing the bride-to-be a shower, but I don’t think this is quite what is meant]

A: right

[Now we see Caleb testing the bed by leaning down and pushing it with his hands]
C: firm [he stands, smoothes the cover and the ruins it by sitting on it] I just hope you two like the room. I tried so hard to make sure it was just perfect.

[Back to silhouettes]

A: by this time tomorrow………..

R: wait – somebody’s here [he turns, leaves the ‘shower’]

A: Rafe! Wait! Be careful.

[Rafe enters the room – only his cheeks are damp* – hey! I mean on his face! In a very Austin Powers move, everything below the chest line is covered by a fruit basket** - as he puts his robe on.] He looks around, but Caleb is goooooone. [Ooooh. Spooky – I’m scared.]

[*yeah – that water bill went unpaid – looks like someone sprayed him in the face before the shot began.]

[** the prop master must not think too much of Brian G. Grapes, indeed]

[Cut to Christina, on the edge of the ledge – now I AM scared – not only for fear of what TIIC will do to the character of Christina, but in fear of more L’ian dialog like we got yesterday.]

Christina: [tottering] Mommy!

[We see he heel slip over the edge – she falls!]

[Ian dives over the edge after her]

L: [Screaming and running to the edge, she falls to her knees and looks over] Christina! No!! [Ian floats back up holding Christina][Lucy falls back on her keester with as her jaw drops. [Mine dropped too, but NOT, I think, for the same reasons]

[Ian lands and carries Christina over to Lucy, who takes her into her arms and holds her, hugs her and kisses her]

I: She’s fine – there’s not a scratch on her.
L: let me look at you [kiss] you’re ok? [Kiss] you’re all right, aren’t you? You’re OK [look at Kaitlyn’s face – she has the most amazingly sweet expression on it as LH kisses her]

C: Ian saved me

[Lucy nods her head in rapid succession [we do Not hear rattling]]

L: I know! I know Sweet Pea, I know he did [hey! Isn’t that Serena’s pet name – what sibling rivalry problems THIS family is going to have later!]

[Christina turns and looks at Ian]

C: Just like Superman! [No, just like Dracula I remember Superman, and Ian is NO Superman Superman never drank any blood.]
L: I know – just like Superman

[Wowzers!! Speaking of SUPERMAN – Kevin arrives!!! Now THERE’s my idea of a Super Man!][He made it there despite his condition. What a guy]

[Kevin enters the scene [with the use of a cane] from around the side of a large stone formation – he is unnoticed by L’ian who only have eyes for each other [bleah] [Can’t she just this once, think about the child, put the child first before drooling over Ian?]

[No] L: he is just like Superman – our own private Superman {DC Comics should sue] [she kisses Ian’s hand]

[Lucy who faces Kevin, still has note noted him – he’s behind Ian’s back]
[Ian turns his head and his [Yuck – still red!] eyes meet Kevin’s [whose eyes shine with unshed tears] – Kevin gives him a note of acknowledgement that is the best part of this scene.


[Silverhill Café]

I: Don’t ask me Jamal! [She puts her back to him]

J: You know what, Imani – it’s too late!

I: I think it’s clear I don’t really want to talk about this right now!

J: And I think it’s clear that you owe me an answer, OK? [LMAO – wasn’t it like just a couple of days ago that he said he would take her on faith and not ask any questions, no matter what?] I’m already caught up in the mix – I could have killed that guy, all right?!

[But isn’t that what he set out to do?]

J: I’m damn sure I need to know who I’m up against – and who I’m fighting for – don’t you think?!

I: You fought for me! [She’s facing him now]

J: I know –but what are you?! OK – you know what I am – we both know Livvie’s a vampire – and when one u\of us bites somebody it either turns them into a vampire – or it kills them!

I: well, I’m not vampire.

J: no – I got that already – I’m still not sure why you’re not – so, how come you didn’t tell me you got bitten?

I: Nothing really happened – you know – she thought that she bit me - -

J: what?! She miss or something –what?!

I: No – she tried to bite me – and I got away – I didn’t think about it – I pushed it out of my mind

[Do you get the feeling that this is the equivalent of Jamal and Bull talking while not paying attention to the badger? That Jamal and Imani are arguing when they should be paying attention to the badger?]

J: OK – you know what else Livvie told Bull? She told him that after she bit you – she got really really sick afterwards. Ok – you want to guess how I felt after I attacked your friend? [OK, he loses all his ‘gentleman’ points]

I: lousy

J; [continuing] I already know there’s a connection between you two - -

I: A connection?

J: Come on!

I: Truth – I’ll tell you – I’ll tell you ….

[But not now – now we go to the BandB [from Hell] where Rafe, in robe, is pacing. Alison [in robe] is wrapping her hair up in a towel [so we won’t see that it’s not wet – remember the water bill and cross your fingers that it all doesn’t ’go dark’ soon] and joins him, wondering what is going on?]

Rafe tells her that he’s not sure – he felt – in fact, still feels – something’s off. [Not yet, but we worry about the lights Rafe.]

R: It’s almost like I can hear this hum [It’s NOT me – I only do that during L’ian scenes!] I can’t tell where it’s coming from – it’s everywhere around us [Ali goes over to the bed while he talks, not noticing her] She picks up a small festively wrapped item.

R: I can’t explain it – I know that it’s true though, I feel a presence [or does he mean he felt a presents? Because that’s what it looks like Ali has] Someone – Someone has been here ---

[She brings it to him – holds it up like it’s mysterious – she’s mocking playing, he’s not]
A: [sober voice] someone was here – they left the evidence on our pillows! It’s chocolate! It must have been the maid!

R [really, and I mean REALLY not amused] That’s not funny! Oh –maid – sorry [smiles – big]

A: It’s ok – it’s just the maid...

R: Maids don’t come in here, though.

A: Yes they do – it’s exactly what they do! It’s a hotel – actually it’s a BandB, but it’s the same thing –they come in [they do – if you don’t put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door while you want – private – moments]

A: [continues] they come in – they leave new, fresh towels, they put chocolates on the pillows…..

R: but that doesn’t change – I mean, I’m telling you - - [poor guy – got all theses ‘slayer’ instincts, and will ANYBODY listen to them –even Rafe? Nope.]

A: [like a steamroller here] Come on! They put chocolates on our pillows [she hugs them to her cheek, sort of] because we are almost newlyweds!

R; [well-trained, remember?] I – I maybe overreacted. Just had a feeling. [In words agreeing but all the body language is ‘this is wrong’]

A: Rafe – you got to let it go. [Because I say so] there’s nobody here – the room is completely empty. There’s no more battles that you need to fight [as Caleb can be trusted to keep his word] danger’s not lurking behind every curtain; there’s no dragons under the bed. There’s no more vampires [that’s Saturday] We’re free to live our lives, together, you and me.

R: [sufficiently cowed] ok, ok. Yeah – I’m just gonna – I’m gonna let it go. [Smile, hop - VERY cute] see? That was letting it go. [Big smile, laughs]

A: good [doggy]

R: BYE! I’m saying bye to the --- hello New life I am, really.

A: well, that was a very nice welcoming. Ok – well, I’m going to go get changed. It won’t take me very long – eat your chocolates. [and don’t’ get into any trouble while I’m out of the room.]

[She starts to leave the room, but he calls her name – she stops, turns]

R: Seriously, Alison – I’m going to do it. I’m letting it go.

[She leaves]

[Rafe looks pained – he leans on [something] speaks to himself, “yeah –that’s what I’m going to do. No reason why I wouldn’t be able to do that, right? [Bites his lower lip like there IS a reason – he’s got good instincts]

[WAH – Commercial – and NO Kevin in PART II – what a rip off]

[I dry my tears as PART II opens with KEVIN, Lucy, Christina, Ian and some guy in a suit that I don’t know* [but he’s in black and on this show it probably means that Aliens Have Landed and the MIIB are her to thwart them]]

[*Or he could be Kevin’s chauffer]

[They are all outside the Mountainous Country Cabin. Lucy first, holding Christina tight in her arms. Kevin, with cane followed by Ian and the MIIB guy] [Christina is sleeping against Lucy’s shoulder] [Have I mentioned that Kevin is in his black leather sports coat? Mmmm.]

L: she fell right to sleep [went to sleep would be a better choice of words, considering]

Kevin [looking into Lucy’s eyes] It’s big excitement

L: yeah, for everybody. Thanks for taking her home [NO! They can’t leave – that will only leave us with ….. ]

K: I’ll give you two some time alone [as I feared]

[Lucy (carrying Christina) and the MIIB leave]

K: Our little girl wouldn’t be here right now if it weren’t for you [OTOH, she wouldn’t have been up on ‘fall-off’ mountain if Ian weren’t a vampire]

I: right [quietly, nicely]

K: [serious – intent – looking at Ian] I won’t forget it.

[Long look exchanged between Ian and Kevin. Lucy comes back.]

[Kevin leaves, leaning heavily on his cane]

L: Drive careful, ok?
K: you know I will.

[He’s gone][Sadly – and I mean really, I’m upset - I fear this is probably our last glimpse of Kevin, and I need those Kleenexes I started this part with again.]

L: Right.

[She and Ian go into the cabin. We hear Kevin’s car starting]

L: I agree with Kevin – I will always be grateful to you. Thank God you were here.

I: Don’t say that! The only reason that I’m here is because I’m not in control of who I am.

L: That’s why you could do this. [How stupid is she, really? Does she think that one good act cancels out every other thing abut the nature of the kind of being he has become?] That’s why you could jump off that cliff – you had that ability to save my little girl [yes, she’s THAT stupid] That’s who you are – you are a vampire with a heart and a soul – and that’s why you could save Christina. [No, that’s why he DID save Christina – but that’s not the total package of vampirism as invented by TIIC] Don’t you see that?

I: No, I don’t.

L: It’s true – all this time I think we’ve been wrong – we’ve been thinking that there is only a BAD side to this!

I: because there is only a bad side!

L: I think there might be another side. You’ve been trying to change yourself –you’ve been trying to change this curse and get rid of it – we BOTH have. But what if something else happens – what if in a week – or a month – or who knows when – something happens – and you could use all your powers to do good for somebody – to save somebody’s life [is she wanting to get him a red cape and tights and put a big gold “V” on his chest?] make a difference between life and death – what if you could be a force of good?

I: good?

L: yes – if you can find a way to accept THIS in your heart it would change everything – it would change your life – and it would change our lives together. [Like SuperChicken – only his supersauce’s secret ingredient is no secret]

[Sorry if I can’t see the good in the scene but [besides being totally bummed out about the shortness of Kevin’s part of today’s show*, I am still queasy from finding out how Lucy “helps” Ian.

[*Though ANY time with Kevin is a good day]

[Back at the Silverhill Café]

J: I’m waiting

I: I’m just trying to find the right words to start.

[They sit in a booth]

J: just start – open your mouth and the words’ll come out - trust me. [“Begin at the beginning and go on till you reach the end; then stop.” ~ Alice in Wonderland]

J: [continuing] I knew there was something different about you when I met you. And I think it’s about time that I found out what it is.

I: I’m lucky that I met you. I know that. I’ve never – I’ve never met anyone – I mean I don’t even think that I could --- [dithering]

J: I’m happy that that I could be that person, I’m blessed that I could be that person - - that but you have to tell me –

I: And you’re so good tom e – so caring that you just took me off my game …

J: did you think this was some kind of game we were playing or something?

I: No! no no no – not that type of game – I mean; I lost my balance [she means gymnastics?] I look in your eyes and I just - -

J: - - and you what?

I: Jamal – I’m afraid of what you’ll do when you know – do you understand? This could change everything – I’m sure that it will

J: I’m sure that it won’t. I’m not going anywhere

I: I hope you can still say that after…

J: Imani, trust me. You see my eyes and what I feel in my heart that’s not going to change. You just have to have faith in me – have faith in us – understand?

I: Ok, I’ll try.

J: Ok.

I: Here goes: Jamal, I’m a ....CLARG! – [no - that’s NOT what Imani IS – the sound [roughly] of a cast-iron skillet hitting Jamal’s head from behind as Madea clobbers him!]

M: I’m sorry! I’m sorry, baby – I had to do this! For BOTH your sakes!

[We see Poor Jamal – who at least had the protection of his doofy hat – laid out flat on his back on the floor….

And leave to go to the BandB [from Hell]

[Alison is now dressed and has her hair all done up in a little bun. She’s sniffing a rose when Rafe, also dressed, enters and asks Alison what she wants to do with their last few precious hours as single people. ]

She tells him she has a few ideas, they could take a nap or – if she is going to be a blushing bride – she needs to get some things done. He wonders if they are things she has to do alone. They are, so since Rafe has things he needs to do alone [too] he gets his jacket and kisses her a big, sloppy kiss and runs to the door – she stops him – if she needs to find him – where should she look? The wedding room, he tells her. – And he is gone.

[But so are we – we are in the wedding room – and guess who got there first?!] [If you guessed: Caleb Morley, go to the head of the class.] [If you guessed anyone else, I’ll be amazed. – it’s going to be really crowded at the head of the class.]

[Caleb turns up the lights and looks around]

C; You know I’m here, don’t you? [Now THAT’s Spooky! He knew about the pop quiz question where you all went to the head of the class!]

He plucks a daisy from a flower arrangement [more like pops the head off it. Please don’t Eat the Daisies Caleb – Mary would object! ]

C; You sense it. You know something’s coming – outside the dark clouds have started gathering – and all those usual questions are running through your head - - [he sits in one of the chairs and starts ripping the petals from the flower in a sort of nasty ‘mock’ she loves me – she loves me not – VERY menacing] What’s he planning this time - what’d he going to do next? Well, I got a question for you – will you break your promise to your lovely bride-to-be or are you going to do something about it?!

[He throws the remnants of the mangled flower and tilts his head back.


[The Mountainous Country Cabin]

I: Accept what I am.

L: yeah – because what you are - inside – hasn’t’ changed. You are who you have always been.

I: I have this curse on me…

L: It’s not a curse! Maybe it’s a blessing. Granted it’s a strange blessing [I am suddenly SO reminded of the Life Of Brian Always look on the bright side of Life, the men are singing] I mean, so is being a slayer, after all. But you are in control of your soul. At least for now – maybe that’s a really good start.

I: You have that much faith in me?

L: yeah, I do. [I feel a “Hum” coming on] because you are so strong and you have been so strong and you have fought so long and so hard …

I: If I accept this – if I can let go then I would

L: you’d be whole – [la la la hmmmmm] and this would complete you – [HHMMMMMM] and I’m not telling you that there would not be bad times [ha ha ha – remember that time at the family reunion when you got tipsy and drank Aunt Charlene instead of the Punch Hoo-ha!] I would be by you side and help you [EEeeewwwWWW] and I would want to help you [I can’t hum loud enough, here] you know that - with everything I have, I would want to be there for you You know that [I live to serve] If you just accept this part of you – as meant to be – maybe the universe meant to balance us.

[If this weren’t so close to the last recap I’d ffwd right here]

L: [more] you’re the vampire and I’m the slayer and maybe this is our destiny – what is supposed to happen to us.

I: I’ll try.

{BTW, LH and TK do a great job – it’s just this is SO much [IMO] crappola I can hardly bear to think that my favorite show, ever is going out on this note]

[Ian comes close to Lucy – [Of course, though his PHYSICAL NEED for blood nearly had hi nutso before, now – without any help at all – he’s completely fine]

I: I’ll try to love you with everything that is in me

L: And I love you. With everything that is me.

[They kiss – and it looks like Ian is going to get some. Help – of course, I mean - “help” for his need] [Poor LH and TK – I felt bad that Kevin might be going out on the ‘driving home with Christina’ as his last scene. It was pure grace to compared to this dialog.]

[Back at Silverhill Cafe, Imani is now tending to the [still unconscious] Jamal – who is still on the floor]

I: Why didn’t you give me a chance?! I think he would have understood! [I dunno – we’ve watched for 6 years and WE certainly don’t understand]

[Madea brings an ice bag and puts it on Jamal’s head – at NO point does anyone remove the doofy hat to check the bump/wound]

M: [she joins Imani on the floor beside Jamal’s prone form] you can never be sure. And you can never trust anyone completely – not with a secret like yours! And, no! Not even with someone who seems as up front as Jamal.

I: Not trust ANYONE?! You just want me to live my life --

M: That’s the ONLY way you’ll have a life! Baby, if you make a mistake – or if someone you trust does – they will hunt you down [practically crying openly] just like an animal…

I: How long, Madea? I cannot live my life like this [she is crying]

M: you’ll live darling, and you’ll keep on living. But as far as right now goes – your time has run out! And our time here is over. Over for good – [Madea stands – picks up Imani’s bag] so you go now! [She has Imani by the hand and pulls her to her feet] you go and I’ll take care of everything!

I: But I want - -

M: I’ll take care of him – he’ll be all right! [Less hurried, very sincere] I promise you! I promise you! [Puts her hands to each side of Imani’s face] I just want to make damn sure that you’re all right. You remember what your Daddy said to you? His last words? “Never look back – you have no choice.” Run, baby! [She hugs her – tight close they embrace] run!

I: But, Jamal - -

M: Run, sweetheart, while there is still time!

[Glad to see that someone realizes the badger could be closing in]

[Imani bends and kisses Jamal – Madea pulls her away]

M: go baby!

[Imani runs to the door – opens it – she is out]

M: Run fast! [She goes to the door opens it looks out [it’s her turn] Run far! And don’t look back! Never, never look back [LOL – we do – we look back to see that Jamal is still conked out on the floor and

……………then we look back in on the weeding room – now minus Caleb – but in runs Rafe!]

R: [both arms out and then smack! Against his thighs –sort of a ‘what gives’ gesture] hey! It’s me, Big Guy. [Since he is looking Up, I presume he is talking to the Biggest of All the Big Guys.] How you doing? - - You remember me.

[What happened to “Our Father” or “Great One” or “Oh Lord” or even “Dear Sir or Madam”? Or [at least] Your Awesomeness, Mr. Eisner?” I digress. Again. Rali has that effect on me.]

R: [continuing] Ex- Angel. You know - - [he kneels] you know the resume [ex-slayer – ex-dead guy] so, here I am again. Huh. Her I am – so close – to marrying Alison again.

[But we don’t finish this prayer/chat –we cut to Alison, who is in front of the fire twirling her rose]

A: Please, just give him some peace – it’s all I want – for him to have the peace that he deserves. You know I’ve made some mistakes - - and I’ve done some things I shouldn’t have – some things I just can’t repair – but I’m trying to [sigh] move past that*.

[*Is it only me – or is it obvious that Today’s Episode was written by Native Californians?]

A: [continuing] get on with my life and forgive myself – at least that is what the minister told me [anybody feel that she needs a new minister?] [She is fiddling with the rose and gesturing with it throughout this speech] and I think that we can do that – I think that we can have that. That .new life [HINT] I want that with Rafe. I just want to be his wife, that’s all.

[Back to Rafe – and I am SO reminded of the day with the minister]

R: Something’s off [PC, in one more day] and I just – that’s what I want to talk to you about – I just - - [rubs his head –those Slayer Instincts are kicking in something fierce] well, I just want you to kind of tell me, give me a sign, or something [he is making ‘fist gestures – his frustration is obvious] Tell me these are pre-wedding jitters –or – you know –something like that…tell me. Please – I men – you let me come back – you let me get this far. So, don’t just snatch it all away from me now.

R: [he bows his head – clasps his hand together and prays] Please. Please please please please tell me this is nothing. Please tell me this is nothing ….

[Back at the fire, and Alison]

A: [puts rose on her forehead] so I pray that we [we?] can put our past behind us and have a fresh, new start. God, I just want us to be [we are panning back, we see Caleb behind her] happy, please! Just let us be happy.

{And the show is Over]

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