Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Problems Julie and Eve Might Have Sharing An Apartment

10) Eve plans to get a pet lawyer  
 9) Bound to cause a local toothpaste shortage
 8) Julie does indeed spontaneously sing "My Favorite Things"
    at odd times 
 7) Eve not a baseball fan
 6) Julie plans to get a pet paramedic
 5) Eve hoping for intelligent conversation
 4) Julie's a teetotaler and Eve likes to knock back a few brews
 3) Constant complaint "She's on my side!"
 2) Joe and Frank will expect them to do all the Housework
    ("Kitchen privileges" is a euphemism)
And the number one problem Julie and Eve might have sharing an
 1) Chris bound to get them mixed up
"Well, we could mud-wrestle for it." -- Eve

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