Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Storylines Port Charles Should Use

10) The young interns go out and buy a van, call it "the mystery 
    machine", get a great dane and go out and solve mysteries   
 9) Lucy's psychic powers allow PCPD to solve a crime for
    the first time in its history
 8) The Stanton family reunion
 7) Mad Cow Disease Epidemic
 6) Matt and Dr. Burgess begin a secret, passsionate affair
 5) Victor Collins invents formula that makes time travel possible.
    Kevin and Lucy go back in time and meet Catacomb Charlie
 4) Frank murders Julie and buries her body under the boiler.  Eve
    suspects, but no one believes her
 3) Jake concocts potion to make himself more gregarious.  It 
    backfires, and he changes back and forth between his normal
    self and a Broadway Chorus Boy
 2) Invent computer virus that gives everyone cash and lingerie.
    (Oops sorry already being done on GH)
And the number one storyline Port Charles should use:
 1) Alien abduction
"Well, I know you're going to Alpha Centauri, but can you just let me off here at the hospital?" -- Danielle Asheley

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