Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Signs That Scotty Is An Idiot

10) Escapes from the hospital after major surgery 
9) Still waiting for Karen to cash her check 
8) Doesn't take advantage of a willing fainting girl in his arms 
7) Leaves Kevin and Lucy's phone number to receive private messages 
6) Thinks Canadian Mounties are his private police force; disappointed they couldn't come to
Port Charles 
5) Thinks you can buy steak in the hospital cafeteria 
4) Wasting a perfectly good daughter 
3) Scott doesn't even use his directional gyro 
2) It's flowers and candy not pizza and marked cash 
And the number one sign Scott is an idiot:
1) Does not recognize Kevin as a superior being 
"Duh, hello, Superior Being." -- Stimpson J. Cat

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