Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Both Chris AND Frank find Scary

10) Dinner special at The Recovery Room
 9) Another "Before Women Had Wings" promo
 8) Jake volunteering to work in the hospital cafeteria
 7) Eve, before she has her morning coffee
 6) Joe with a medical degree and a tool belt 
 5) Seemingly dying in a fiery plane crash, but actually surviving for
    three years with amnesia, only to recover and return to your true love
    only to find she is about to be married to a guy whose name is
    a natural phenomenon like River or Granite or some such thing
    and that she also, inexplicably, has a seven year old child you 
    fathered, and then it turns out her best friend is your long lost
    sister, Ashara, renamed Polly by her rich adoptive parents who
    taught her everything she needs to know to take over as head
    of the mob, and to cure your prostate cancer.
 4) Julie using the word "committment"
 3) Audrey's hair
 2) The latest ratings
And the number one thing both Chris AND Frank find Scary:
 1) Birthdays

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