Top Ten Lists

Rex's Top Ten Secrets

10) Adores Green Acres
 9) Killed the family dog
 8) Fellow mercenary of Mac Scorpio, under the name Butch
 7) Avery isn't the only one who slept with the family cook
 6) Enjoys a budweiser every once in a while
 5) Planning to murder Danielle next time she doesn't get a 
    literary reference
 4) Just joined MHPC Scotty
 3) Thinking of renaming Serenity, Perdition
 2) Spent a few years in a European Sanitarium
And Rex's number one secret:
 1) He's either Carly's father or Bobbie's Daughter
"Hey Carly, I'm your long lost father. You wanna pretend you're Serena's mother?" -- Rex

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