Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons We're Looking Forward to "Port Charles"

10) Some cool new sets 
 9) Jagger top ten lists 
 8) Lucy's choices so entertaining; Shifty Shyster or Psycho Shrink
 7) Drooling at the thought of slapping our FPC on whatever character
    turns out to be the most unpopular
 6) Not wasting enough video tape now
 5) Can't wait to start that "Send in a Watermelon Campaign" to force
    them to put Scotty Baldwin and Rhonda Wexler together
 4) Nikolas might decide to give his Uncle the brush-off and enroll
    in Medical School
 3) Two and a half Bobbie-free hours a week
 2) Heard they'll be giving away "free stuff"
And the number one reason we're looking forward to "Port Charles"
 1) All the rubbish in half the time
"Coming up on the next General Hospital." -- Ending Announcement

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