Top Ten Lists

Scotty's Top Ten Dangerous Proclivities

10) Sleeping with Tracy Quartermaine
 9) Taking Serena to have her hair done by Pepe
 8) Getting between Lucy and a loaf of french bread
 7) Violating reality and endangering the space/time
    continuum by mentioning "General Hospital" the show
 6) Telling Lee he's given up being a lawyer
 5) Getting himself mixed up with the character
    on Star Trek
 4) Trying to resurrect Dom with questionable
    black magic practices
 3) Putting foil in the microwave
 2) Teasing Canadian Mounties
And Scotty's number one Dangerous proclivity
 1) Returning to Port Charles
"You crave the soft side. You fear the danger."
-- ABC Promo

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