Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things You Should Do If Your Affiliate Is Not Carrying "Port Charles"

10) Spend that half hour on Community service
 9) Start a "Martha Stewart: Devil Worshipper" rumor
 8) Eat Chocolate
 7) Hold a group of interns hostage
 6) Whine to Lynelle and she'll "take care" of them
 5) Buy a satellite dish and a descrambler
 4) Call them up and tell them you know Commissioner
    Scorpio, personally
 3) Start a "send creamed spinach to your station" campaign
 2) Watch GH and ER at the same time and you'll get
    the basic idea
And the number one thing you should do if your
affiliate is not carrying "Port Charles"
 1) Move
"I needed this like a hole in the head." -- Audrey Hardy

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