Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Suggestions For The Nurses' Ball

10) Two parter, no unnecessary story
 9) Alan sings the theme to Valley of the Dolls
 8) This year's sponsor Helena Cassadine
    (Does steamy tango with Luke too.)
 7) Very special guest singing star - Tom Jones
 6) Free autographed copy of "General Homicide" (along 
    with your odds of being murdered) at every table
 5) Katherine, bad case of hoof and mouth, can't make it
 4) Very, very special guest appearance of Sonny
    Corinthos, singing, "I Enjoy Being a Girl"
 3) Chippendale routine by Chris Ramsey, Frank and
    Joe Scanlon, Jake Marshak, Matt Harmon and very,
    very, very special guest Dr. Kevin Collins
 2) This year's entree... Corn Dogs
And the number one suggestion for the Nurses' Ball
 1) Another arrest for Officer Rick
"Can't let the corny dogs go to waste." -- Scott

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