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Top Ten Storylines Port Charles Might Use - This Coming Year

10) Lucy and Kevin have Twins (Devon and Brian) 
 9) Karen and Joe break up.  Karen and Joe get back together, Karen
    and Joe break up, Karen and Joe get back together...
 8) A Character currently on the canvas is revealed to be Gay
 7) Mac and Felicia come over to Port Charles and have more of a 
    storyline there then they have on GH in three years
 6) Chris will find a new partner in crime... Courtney  
 5) Eve and Scott will be extremely happy and dull for six months
 4) Joe and Frank's black sheep Uncle (played by Larry Poindexter)
     arrives in town to cause more trouble for the Scanlons 
 3) Sigmund demonstrates his psychic abilities by fingering (webbing?)
    the real killer
 2) Lucy's romance novel comes out and everyone in town begins
     imitating their characters by sleeping with each other
And the number one Storyline Port Charles Might Use - This Coming
 1) Zombie Jake
"I didn't notice any difference," -- Lark

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