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Results for 26-Mar-2001

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19 (19.4%) Eve is grateful to find Simone and Tommy after all these years
(submitted by Leia)

9 (9.2%) Oo-Ee-Oo Ah-Ah, Ting Tang, Walla Walla Bing-Bang!
(submitted by LinRob)

8 (8.2%) "C'mon kid! If you don't wake up they'll vote you off the island!"
(submitted by antelope)

6 (6.1%) Even though liquor isn't normally given to children, Ms. Pinson take pity on the youngster and hopes this will get him through the insultingly dumb scene.
(submitted by Trev123)

5 (5.1%) "Here, drink some of this stupid potion. By tomorrow you won't even notice how idiotic this story is!"
(submitted by DeenaL)

5 (5.1%) A native boy misinterprets when Eve asks him to hold her coconuts.
(submitted by Lucky2luvr)

5 (5.1%) Eve: I am a trained doctor. Watch, as I put this sponge on his head his disease will be cured.
(submitted by footgirl)

4 (4.1%) (Unstuffing her bra) Eve: "I got more where this came from, Baby!"
(submitted by S)

4 (4.1%) When did PC go Survivor?
(submitted by UWERELUVD)

4 (4.1%) I'm a superb doctor. He has a virus, so we must treat it with antibiotics.
(submitted by WSB_Agent)

4 (4.1%) "My acting made you this sick? Well, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Have some more!"
(submitted by RachelChrisFan)

3 (3.1%) Put the lime in the coconut...
(submitted by SJ)

3 (3.1%) Eve 'teaches' the PC motto "Eve is beautiful. Eve is the star. Eve is everything to everybody. My very existence is all about Eve."
(submitted by pusscat)

3 (3.1%) "Trust me, this DL-56 will work like a charm, and with no side effects!"
(submitted by melielli)

3 (3.1%) Eve uses one of her melons to cure an ailing boy.
(submitted by rw99angels)

2 (2.0%) Eve: OK! I need a powerdrill....
(submitted by Majick)

2 (2.0%) Here little boy, this is the Sponge Bob Squarepants doll you wanted.
(submitted by DaddyO)

2 (2.0%) "I had the worst dream. I was on a show that had stupid storyarcs. I'm glad to be back at OLTL...what, I'm still on PC? Hit me with the mellon!"
(submitted by kareen)

1 (1.0%) Wake up! It's your line.
(submitted by LindianaJones)

1 (1.0%) I told him not to eat the shell fish, Now what do we do?
(submitted by rlynch8)

1 (1.0%) Eve: Heh heh--Ian's going to freak out when he wakes up and sees these shorts and the melon juice I'm going to put all over them.
(submitted by luckyjenn)

1 (1.0%) Look kid, just drink this spinach juice. You'll feel stronger in no time!! It works for Popeye.
(submitted by TeriTripp)

1 (1.0%) Eve is saddened as she uses a sponge since it just reminds her of Ariana.
(submitted by rw99angels)

1 (1.0%) Eve tries to revive a boy who saw a commercial for the video "Girls Gone Wild"
(submitted by Lucky2luvr)

1 (1.0%) Hey! Why does this kid resemble Ian missy?
(submitted by julie4GH)