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[Photo for the week of 02-Apr-2001]

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There, just a couple more spoonfuls of this DL-56 and we'll be all set for the night!
Karen is wondering how long Frank has spent with the computer after he repeatedly ignores her claims that she can feed herself.
"Come on Karen - who's your Daddy? There - that's a good girl!"
Frank helps Karen sample the nasty tasting "Time in a Bottle."
Eat up. You'll need all your strength to finish this idiotic story line.
Frank: "Open up. Here comes the airplane."
In an attempt to kill Karen, Frank feeds her take out from Kelly's that Luke cooked.
Somehow these romantic eating scenes just don't work as well with Chinese takeout boxes and plastic flatware.
In addition to Neil and Christina, Frank discovers he has fathered yet another child: Karen.
Deciding that the PC actors need to be tuned into how the viewers feel, Karen is force fed crap.
After months of the drivel they have been given, Marie goes catatonic and must be spoon-fed.
You try it! Karen likes everything!
Frank: Now you be a good girl and eat this while I go heat up your Time in a Bottle.
Proof that Karen will take anything Frank feeds her...
Obviously Karen doesn't remember that Frank likes eyeballs in his chinese food.
Time In A Bottle reduces Karen to infancy.
"Here Karen, keep eating. Maybe people will think you've gained weight and we won't have to try to hide your pregnancy anymore. We're running out of things to hide behind."
Frank: After one more bite I'll let you have some "Water In A Bottle"
"Crow can be very tasty. This spoonful is for Nellie."
I'll loosen the ropes around you hands as soon as you try this new chinese delicacy; stir fried grubs and browned rice. Ummmm, Ummmm good.
When I said "gag me with a spoon" about this storyline, I meant it as a joke!
Frank: "Here Karen, take this Pepto Bismo. It helps get me through this arc, and hopefully it will help you fight the nausea too."
Have some Frank n' Beans.
Frank and Karen are unaware that the two bottles on the table are filled with TIME
Frank kepts feeding Karen food so she won't have an opportunity to talk about old boyfriends from PCH, Jason and Jagger.

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