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Hump Wed, "I want to make things right in my family." Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 21-Aug-2013 5:19:03 PM PDT
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Stop it, Dad!. I am going to be with Billy and nothing you can do about it Victoria
You watch me! Victor

Good job, Victor. You did everything but make things right today! Victoria is an adult, it's her choice to be with Billy. And he needs to respect. Though, I thought she acted like 16 year old in her protest. I am tired of their same old fight over her husband. I did want to smack Victor stating that under no circumstance will "Jack@ss" Abbott be a father to his grand daughter.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here [link]
Dylan still remains the biggest idiot on the show. Not even questioning that a premature baby is okay to come home. But I hated that Chelsea has robbed Adam the chance of welcoming his son home. It is cruel, what she is doing to Dylan. He is trying to be a good father. And Dylan did notice that the baby didn't look like him, but she brushes it off that he didn't look like his Dad. He just keeps buying her lies. I also hated them playing house. Ugh, when Chelsea called him a hero, which he denied he way. He has a dark side. Hmm, called Jason Morgan(GH) LOL.

I liked Jack reading Katherine's obituary to Billy/Abby. Glad they mentioned all her family. I loved how he intended to make her and his Dad proud and making Jabot the best and passing it on to their children. LOL as Abby, said she could be running Jabot. It was great to see that Jack was happy to learn that Billy and Vicki reconciled. But I laughed when Billy felt bad for leaving Jack high and dry. Billy, you do that all the time!! Thank goodness, Adam is there for him. I liked Jack/Abby remembering how they upset Kay in the past. Though I disagree that Kay was always there for Jack. She would often pick Victor over him.

I'm glad that Jack was skeptical of Nikki's claim that Victor(due to Kay's death) wasn't going to fight him about Summer anymore. But was nice to accept it for Nikki's sake. Interesting she said that there was stuff that Kay knows that Victor doesn't. Hmm, Nikki's got a secret.

More fighting, ugh! This time with Nikki/Victor over Bicki and Jack/Summer. He hated that she went to Jack with the "news" She was foolish to ever think that he would ever let Jack/Billy in the family. And she yells at Victor to let his feelings about Kay yet. Ugh, enough to give you a headache. But she breaks down in his arms that she lost her best friend and feels so lost, as she cries.

What do you think of Noah, becoming Tyler's photographer(as part of the deal of him coming back) at Jabot? Do you agree with Devon, that Noah isn't experienced for the job? I don't know why Noah doesn't ask that same job at Newman? He could get on-the-job training there? So what are your thoughts on Tyler trying to comfort Devon(having a pity party) about Grandma Kay today?

LOL when Billy told Vicki that Victor needs a hobby like Alligator wresting or skydiving without a parachute.

Loved the Jack/Summer scenes. I was moved when he told her that he was proud to have a bright loving daughter. And have a special place in his heart. Her happiness was so important to him, that he would step back if that what she needed. I could feel how much he loved her today. I just he was really was her father, not Nick. I also enjoyed the Summer/Noah scenes.
So, what were your thoughts from today? Like/Dislike?? Any comment is greatly appreciated and welcomed, very much.


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