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News for the week of 25-May-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) told it like it is in a straight-shooting, May 18th Michael Logan interview on TV Insider. Like what, exactly? She likes drunk Nikki (as do we all) and hopes the upcoming May 28th intervention doesn’t take. She likes Nikki turning to her longtime friend, fellow alky Neil for loving comfort — “If it does happen, the s—t will hit the fan with Victor. [Laughs] And wouldn’t that be fun?” And she really likes how new head writer/co-executive producer Charles Pratt Jr. has completely charged up the show. At first, she admitted, it was touch and go, as she wondered if Pratt will just turn the show into a constant disaster area. But then he showed his softer, dramatic side, and she was hooked. Thomas Scott vouched for both the controversial Pratt and co-executive producer Jill Farren Phelps, which had critics in an uproar and doubting the veracity of the interview. But it’s true. She said this: “I like him a lot. He's the kind of guy you want to invite over and be silly and giggle with. I was the last one in the cast to be introduced to him, because I was out sick for quite a while. He and all the other actors had become best friends and I hadn't even met the guy!” and this: “…And I love Jill. All this bulls--t about her being evil and wicked and whatever is ridiculous. Believe me, this cast is happier than we've been in years!”

Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) filmed an episode of Lifetime Movie Network’s documentary television series The Haunting of… with host Kim Russo. Airdate to be announced. The Haunting, formerly on the Bio Channel, is a spinoff to Celebrity Ghost Stories. Thomas Scott explored hauntings in her former homes with the Happy Medium. The actress is also brainstorming ideas on a contest for reaching 100K followers.

Gossip for the week of 25-May-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

Winterthorne creator Michael Caruso threw a little shade CBS’s way on Twitter Friday in a friendly exchange with Jillian Bowe from Daytime Confidential. When Bowe asked why there weren’t any CBS stars on the new web series (to premiere later in August), he responded: “Honest answer? CBS told us to go stick it. True story.” Honesty in daytime? Imagine that.

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