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News for the week of 17-Nov-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

It pays to reveal Sharon’s secret, Phyllis. The week of November 3rd gave Y&R the biggest ratings numbers in awhile, since March.

CBS officially acknowledged on November 10th that Charles Pratt Jr. will take over as the new head writer, via the soap’s Twitter.

Snagging movie star Sally Kellerman (M.A.S.H) was one of JFP’s biggest gets. Kellerman, who plays possibly Adam’s grandmother Constance, was as surprised as viewers to be asked to the dance. It’s her first daytime role, and quite a whirlwind. She’s done countless movies but she’s never encountered the amount of dialogue of a typical soap actress. In a November 14th interview with Michael Fairman, Kellerman said, “I am on my knees in adulation for the people who do this. These young kids and the people that have been on the show for 28 years or so, and learning all those lines, it’s unbelievable! I kept thinking to myself, ‘How could I have possibly signed up for this?’ (Laughs) But, I really enjoy my time there and love everybody. It’s so organized and amazingly run. They have given me the nicest dressing room and parking spot! They have treated me like gold. I love everyone in the make-up department. My idea of a good movie is a good make-up artist and some burritos and a donut and hanging out in the trailer! (Laughs) I will say … people seem so happy at Y&R and I have been really having fun. I know I may like to whine and complain sometimes, (laughs), but luckily they are not drowning me in 20 pages of dialogue a day all of the time.”

Peter Bergman (Jack) and Eileen Davidson (Ashley) loved on fans in a live Connect Chat last Monday. They fielded fan questions left and right, about past stories, future stories, and how they feel about each other as actors. Everything was warm and lovey-dovey. In fact, Bergman revealed that Davidson almost caused him to pause in shooting recently because she made him laugh so hard. Check out the entire chat at We Love Soaps, posted November 12.

Kelly Sullivan (Sage; ex-Kate/Connie, GH) as Phyllis? It almost happened, were it not for the acting powerhouse of Gina Tognoni (ex-Kelly, OLTL). Sullivan explained how that didn’t happen and how she didn’t mind in a November 13th-posted interview with On-Air On-Soaps’ Michael Fairman. “First of all, Gina is a badass! Basically what happened was, Gina Tognoni and I both tested for the role of Phyllis, and I knew right away I didn’t get the part. They called me when I was driving home. They said, ‘We love you, but it’s not happening.’ I said, ‘No, worries.’ Then they told me that the writers on Y&R love you so much that they want to write a character for you. Then a couple months later, they called me and said the character had been written, would you like to do it, and I said, ‘Hell, yes!’ I am so flattered and honored to be at Y&R… I can tell you that!”

Kate Linder (Esther) may not be on Y&R much, but she’s in Katie Holmes’ new movie, Miss Meadows.

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