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News for the week of 27-Oct-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

When Chelsea spots, then removes the surveillance equipment in her son’s room, Adam will have no choice but to return to Genoa City prematurely. His recast, Justin Hartley (Smallville; ex-Fox Crane, PSNS), explained to TV Guide’s Michael Logan that Adam’s need for control forces him to abandon a detailed plan and rush a return. Hartley has a healthy attitude about taking on the role left behind by a popular actor with a very loyal fan base. He understood the loyalty, likening it to his sports stars. “It's like trying to get your brain around Derek Jeter leaving the Yankees. I was an emotional mess over that, so I understand the feeling of loss,” Hartley explained in an October 22nd interview. “I was a massive Michael Jordan fan but when he retired and came back as a Wizard I was, like, ‘I want him playing for the Bulls!’ We fans don't like change. I just hope Michael's fans will give me a chance. I'm going to do my best. We'll see what happens. By the way, I don't technically feel I'm replacing Michael Muhney. I am replacing the computer hand than replaced Muhney [laughs]. I feel confident I can at least do a better job than the hand did!”

One thing’s for sure, Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea; ex-Annie, AMC) won’t have any trouble getting used to the new Adam recast. Justin Hartley just happens to be a good friend, and the boyfriend of her best friend Chrishell Stause (Jordan, DOOL; ex-Amanda, AMC). Egan told Soap Opera Network’s Kambra Clifford (October 23) that she and her now-husband Matt Katrosar double-date all the time. It won’t be weird at all. “We’ve been getting that question a lot, and it’s so funny… It actually works out perfectly: I’ve always wanted Chrishell’s body, so now, since Justin’s her real-life boyfriend, I can just hire her as my body double for love scenes. Everybody wins!”

Judith Chapman (Gloria) crosses over to fellow CBS soap, B&B, to chase after Eric Forrester, played by John McCook. Chapman first appears November 20.

Eileen Davidson (Ashley) made sure to emphasize that her Y&R character isn’t so much a bitch as she is a strong executive. She pointed out that had the character been a man in the business world, nobody would think twice about “Ashton’s” take-charge behavior. That said, Davidson would like to revisit the business feud between Ashley and Jack, and for him to really go there regarding her turning out not to be a true Abbott. “It’s a fantastic story point and nobody has ever gone there, but I don’t know if the character of Jack is that underhanded anymore,” Davidson told Michael Fairman in a lengthy On-Air, On-Soaps, October 23rd interview. She also responded honestly to Fairman’s effusive flattery about her timeless beauty by referring to “a little Botox here and there, nothing major,” which was the most interesting part of the interview. “I have never had a facelift.  I think it’s good genes, I guess. You know, I feel like I am going to wake up one morning and the whole thing is going to be on the floor [laughs]. Gravity is not a kind friend. I will tell my husband, ‘Maybe, I should get a facelift,’ and he says, ‘If you get a facelift … I will divorce you!’ I will have to hope he is out of town for like a month and then when he comes back my face will be pulled so tight. I will go, ‘Hi, honey! I missed you so much! What? I had nothing done. What are you talking about? [laughs]’”

A lot of viewers can’t stand Christine’s holier-than-thou, whining character. Neither can her portrayer a lot of the time. Lauralee Bell (Cricket) swears she is nothing like Christine in that regard. Even she gets annoyed. Currently, she’s completely happy about catfighting with Nikki on-screen. Bell said that she’s played a good character for so long that it feels good to sneak in a little of the bad life through those catfights. “When I get to do little catfights, I sort of feel like I have a window into playing the bad girl. It’s a little taste, and part of me is like, ‘Wow, what if I could do that every day?’” Bell said in an October 13th interview with Julie McElwain for ABC Soaps In Depth. “You have no boundaries… And if you’re going to pretend, it’s so much more fun to play somebody with no limits! It’s actually a lot harder to play good!” She suggested a quick plot twist to maybe turn Christine a little bad, too, in the lines of bonking her head and presto! Bad girl Christine.

Before Tristan Rogers (Colin; ex-Robert Scorpio, GH) left GH for Y&R, he enjoyed a return to the glory days of his and Finola Hughes’ (Anna, GH) characters in the 1980s. He hated when TPTB earlier portrayed his GH character as an “asshole father,” which he didn’t find very accurate. But working with Anna to infiltrate a Cassadine Island lab and kicking the bad guys’ asses? That’s more like it. Rogers reiterated that he left to replay Colin to Jill because he was offered the opportunity, nothing more, nothing less. “When I left, I said, ‘This is strictly business.’ It has nothing to do with anything more. I go where the offer is,” he told ABC Soaps In Depth [Oct. 13-27, 2014]. He also told SID that he’d welcome any offers from GH to return, too.

Jennifer Gareis (ex-Grace; Donna Logan, B&B) returns November 13 by popular demand. She was on the show not so long ago, coming onto Nick.

Gossip for the week of 27-Oct-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

CBS Daytime’s Angelica McDaniel scoffed at the notion of TPTB purposely tanking Y&R to force the show’s cancellation and usher in a cheapie talk show. “That's hilarious, and anyone who says that is greatly misinformed. While some say the numbers are softening, we feel the numbers are very strong. They're up about five percent from where we were last year.” She also added that Y&R’s #s are going back up with the CBS online viewership of late. But others in the industry cited see Y&R as faring poorly, compared to the hits of B&B and GH. Hollywood Reporter interview by Alex Ben Block, October 23, 2014

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