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News for the week of 15-Sep-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

Kelly Sullivan (ex-Connie/Kate, GH) will portray a new, recurring character named Sage. Sage sounds similar to her GH role: nice on the outside, but a fiery furnace on the inside, and very loyal. Look for her starting on October 28.

Tom Hallick (ex-Brad Eliot) returns as a new character in a cameo, September 26. He hasn’t been on the soap in 36 years. When he reappears on-screen, it will be as a truck driver who gives Phyllis a ride back into town. When Hallick first appeared on Y&R in its premiere episode, he was the one getting a ride from a truck driver going into Genoa City, a nice full circle. “They found the same kind of truck and dug out the old script — only now I have the truck driver’s dialogue and Gina has mine,” Hallick told TV Guide’s Michael Logan recently. “It was weird recreating the scene that way, but really pretty wonderful.” Hallick took over Jeanne Cooper’s (Katherine) dressing room during his filming. He also told Logan that back when he first started on the soap, he started to get full of himself and that’s when he thought it’d be a great idea to take off for greener pastures. “NBC kept coming to me with these offers to work for them for a lot more money and I was very brash and impatient so I left Y&R. In retrospect, it was a very bad idea.”

Real-life Chippendales dancer Jaymes Vaughan will show up for Sharon’s bachelorette party, September 30.

Chloe’s back, but not for long. Elizabeth Hendrickson reprises the role soon, most likely to acknowledge the anniversary of her on-screen daughter Delia’s untimely passing.

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