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News for the week of 13-Apr-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

In an interview that didn’t elicit any news, rumors, or scoops, Jamey Giddens of Daytime Confidential stuck to current storyline questions that went nowhere other than a publicist’s dream. Here’s a sample, from the riveting April 6th posted interview with Sean Carrigan (Stitch):

>> DC: Since Stitch and Victoria weren't technically together when he had shower sex with Ashley, will he use Ross Geller's (David Schwimmer) "We were on a break" line from Friends on Victoria?

SC: Definitely! Stitch feels it was a drunken mistake because he thought they "were on a break" and that Billy (Burgess Jenkins) and Victoria were back together. He sure didn't waste any time and he seems to find himself in situations where he has to explain himself. This could be a pattern. <<

Lindsey McKeon (ex-Marah Lewis, GL) landed the role of businesswoman Felicity, to appear May 7 and on one other show. Her role is key for another, established main character.

Jamey Giddens goes a little more in-depth in his April 7th Daytime Confidential interview with Lachlan Buchanan (Kyle), an Australian actor. Buchanan said that the cast members have been most welcoming, making him feel like a part of the family. “I feel like I’ve settled in very quickly, thanks largely to how amazing and wonderful the cast and crew have been. I’ve definitely been getting the usual hazing, locking myself out of my dressing room, getting used to the schedule, but otherwise I’ve been made to feel like a part of the family very quickly. Playing Kyle is an absolute joy so far! It’s definitely a mystery to me where he’s headed in the future, but I look forward to every step of the way.” He really feels at home with the Scooby Doo gang, thrown into a murder mystery together, bonding right off. They’ve become close friends away from the camera too, even planning fun events like paintball fights. “They brought me into the group and their lives so quickly and I’ve been really lucky. It doesn’t feel like work to me, seeing and working with these people every day. Paintball was the brainchild of me and Hunter King, who couldn’t make it to this battle, sadly! Doing things like that help bring everyone closer together and keep morale up and give us even more history to enjoy. I will say that my team won the most and cheated the least, but the other guys did a great job out there!” More importantly, Buchanan hopes his group can strengthen the inter-generational bonds on this legacy soap. “That was one of the most exciting things about taking this role — that our generation can pull the families closer together and show their strengths and help lead the show into the future. As a group, we have such a brilliant time together both socially and creatively that we are thrilled to get to work with each other a lot and share the growth of our characters together.”

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