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News for the week of 02-Mar-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

It seems to be the trend for soap bloggers to simply ask soap actors about the progress of their characters and ongoing stories, not much else. Definitely not the School of Michael Logan reporting; more’s the pity. Alas, Daytime Confidential’s Jamey Giddens February 25 covered common ground with Camryn Grimes (Mariah) about her group’s Austin murder mystery story, as well as how things stand with the women in Mariah’s life. The one nugget Grimes did give up was revealing that this murder mystery enabled her to act with “the Abbot Cabin crew for awhile and I absolutely love them. They’re so easy to work with, always know their stuff and they are just a really fun group. I can’t say enough nice things about those guys.”

Did someone bring up Michael Logan, the master of in-depth, non-fawning interviews? He earned Eric Braeden’s (Victor) respect with yet another outstanding interview posted February 27 that sought to go deeper than the next spoiler and gave a fair, honest account of the Emmy-winning actor’s views on interesting, relevant subjects. Logan didn’t bother with questions that the actor would have no way of knowing the answer to — like what’s going to happen next with so-and-so? Instead, the veteran soap journalist got the straight-shooting veteran actor to give his opinion on everything from the disaster-filled debut of new EP/head writer Charles Pratt Jr. to running for office, to the popularity contest of the earlier Daytime Emmy pre-noms process. With almost every line a sexy quotable, Braeden gave his stamp of approval to Pratt first of all, because the disaster-filled debut contained good storytelling with good ensemble acting — the hallmark of any good show. “I have not seen [the social-media reaction] but I do believe that, if a story is acted well and realistically, you can get away with all kinds of stuff,” Braeden said. “Look at the situations on Seinfeld! I watch that show every night. That's the most brilliant ensemble acting there has ever been. There is no better character than Cosmo Kramer. They have the most ludicrous situations on that show but the cast plays it with great immediacy and passion. What I have a problem with is all these talking heads on game shows. That just empties you out after a while. But soaps fill you up. Even if they become phantasmagorical every once in a while, people want storytelling. And soaps will continue to do well if we act them as realistically as we can.”

Eric Braeden vouched for TV Insider’s Michael Logan right as the interview went out on Twitter last Friday: “Thank you all for your very nice messages, also about the interview with Michael Logan! That man has NEVER misrepresented what one said,nvr”

Gossip for the week of 02-Mar-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

What’s this cloning business about, and what does Jack have to do with it?

One of the best things about last week’s Y&R had to be Victor and Jack stuck in one hospital room together. Victor’s Eric Braeden thought so too, suggesting these characters have their own Odd Couple show in Michael Logan’s February 27th TV Insider interview, “It’s Good to Be King: The Young and the Restless’ Eric Braeden on Victor’s Villainy.”

The other highlight went to the amazing Mishael Morgan (Hilary) who played her payback twist against Neil and his family very close to the vest, and perhaps continues to do so. Who could forget her coldly turning on an uptight and outraged Neil — all set to write her and his son Devon off for having an affair on him — and selling her sudden con to seduce then destroy them, all along? Savvy fans sense Hilary’s purposely playing the vixen card to save Devon — at her expense — which should earn Morgan a frickin’ Emmy next year if there is a god. This was a plot twist nobody saw coming.

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