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News for the week of 15-Dec-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

Joshua Morrow (Nick) continues his one-man comedy show on Twitter. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell whether he’s kidding or serious. I think he digs Taylor Swift’s new music. Posted on December 10: “I've prepped myself for the inevitable verbal onslaught, but Taylor Swifts new album is super catchy. #BringIt

Beautiful, sexy, intelligent, ageless, and an interesting Twitter-conversationalist too. Tracey Bregman (Lauren) steps up her game on social media with everyday revealing tweets like: “So far I've had a truffle, cheese popcorn and caramel corn. Thanks for the lunch of champions @Costco !! [Dec. 12]” and “Bought flashlights at @Costco yesterday and no matter what I do I can't free them from their packaging. Really? Do I need to get a saw?!! [Dec. 4]”

Gossip for the week of 15-Dec-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

Steve Burton’s (Dylan; ex-Jason, GH) Port Chuck band with Bradford Anderson (Spinelli, GH), Brandon Barash (Johnny, GH), and Scott Reeves (ex-Steve, GH) may do a limited reunion show in Nashville, March of next year.

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