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News for the week of 05-Oct-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

Eric Braeden (Victor) posted this past Sunday his video interview with Théoden Janes of the Charlotte Observer — and it’s damned near perfect in its representation of a formidable but informed acting veteran who’s been through a hell of a lot in life and thrived to tell the tale, in bits and pieces through his TV characters. As a change of pace, I’m dropping his more important quotes to get a feel for the man behind Victor Newman:

“I’m 74 and proud of it.”

“Tough childhood. Born in 1941. My town was bombed to smithereens, 500,000 bombs were under estimates thrown over my town alone, Kiel on the Baltic Sea, because it was a Navy shipyard, they built submarines there… I grew up in the rubble. My father died when I was young. When he died, we plunged into poverty. It makes you an angry boy. You fight, you know? Every time someone looks at you, you say, ‘What do you want?!’ I had to get over that, and I did after awhile obviously.”

“Victor Newman plays this wealthy business guy. What happens with big corporations is that guys who run them want to show profits right now in the next quarter, instead of seeing the long view. I think this corporatization of the world is not for the better… I think individual owners would take better care. And yet, I’m very happy to be doing that character for the last 35 years. I’m very lucky.”

“We need to create a background for the character that explains why he is who he is. I am fed up playing bad guys. I’ve had it to here. Because nighttime television, that’s what I did mostly, on Gunsmoke, Hawaii 5-0, and FBI. I probably guest-starred in more shows than anyone else, I think, in the ‘60s and ‘70s, and I’d had it. It’s dehumanizing.”

“He took that to heart and he wrote a story about Victor having grown up in an orphanage. The moment we played that, Melody Thomas Scott and I, Nikki, the moment we played it, I said to myself, ‘Now I’m staying.’ They want to see Victor, with all his money, with all his power, agonize over his kids, over his wife.”

“A friend tells me how many athletes watch the show, watch the character. You’d be amazed how many. In fact, the only time Sports Illustrated did a story about an actor is about this character a number of years ago. They interviewed the Yankees… to the Raiders, to basketball, to George Foreman… That’s wonderful, because I admire athletes.”

“I don’t intend to retire. Retirement to me is death.”

Mishael Morgan (Hilary) returned from maternity leave after having her baby boy (her first) to find a lovely, thoughtful, handmade fan gift from Theola Colbert: a baby blanket featuring pictures, including one of Morgan’s firstborn, Niam.

Gina Tognoni (Phyllis; ex-Dinah, GL; ex-Kelly, OLTL) went over the highlights of her soap characters, as well as her acting approach to each, in a recent appearance on Soap Box with Lilly & Martha, soap actors/hosts Martha Madison and Lilly Melgar (ex-Lily, GH). Receiving the chance to take over the role of Phyllis was a dream come true and perfect timing, Tognoni said. “When Phyllis came into my life, it was just the right time. I felt like I get this. I love Phyllis. I love going to work every single day.” Check out the video over at We Love Soaps, posted on October 2.

Ray Wise (Ian Ward) is having the time of his life playing a jack-of-all-trades villain at Y&R. In many ways, Ian Ward is the culmination of Wise’s best work on Twin Peaks and Reaper, where he played Satan: “…a combination of charm and menace.” In one perfectly charming and menacing scene, Ian is busy at work messing with Chelsea 2.0 on his computer or something when he starts singing a line the actor made up on the spot: “Chelsea 2.0, be careful what you sow: misery and woe.” All Wise needed was the right classical music to set him off. “The producers played a little piece of classical music to try to get me into the right rhythm, tone and atmosphere, and then it just came out of my head. It all seemed to jive. It was one of those inspirational moments.” CBS September 29, 2015 interview

Gossip for the week of 05-Oct-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

Ratings dropped recently, be careful. What fans give, they can take away.

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