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Previews for the week of 23-Nov-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Only three General Hospital shows are scheduled to air this Thanksgiving week. Nothing from Thursday to Friday.
  • Kristina makes her family very happy for Thanksgiving. She’s on a break from school, just in time for the turkey and the stuffing. She’s also back home to offer support in the aftermath of the latest personal drama.
  • Is it time to bust out the black for Nikolas? Mourning.
  • Sounds like Helena bought it before airing everyone’s (lucky Elizabeth) dirty laundry in the neverending Jake/Jason saga.
  • Jason and Elizabeth agree to a Quartermaine Thanksgiving, which probably means loading up for that pizza delivery.
  • Jason and Elizabeth’s next broadcast has the Quartermaine clan buzzing.
  • Sam reminds Patrick that she’s still around and still his.
  • Just when you thought it was safe to assume TPTB dropped the Morgan bipolar story… WHAM! He goes and behaves like a skinhead.
  • When Morgan gets too wonky even for Morgan (at the cabin), Kiki reaches out to Michael, which only serves to exacerbate the situation.
  • Morgan rips into Kiki for siccing his big brother on him.
  • Word gets to the wheelchair-bound Sonny who relies on Carly to physically get a hold of Morgan and help the kid.
  • This time, Morgan’s family circles the wagons and deals summarily with his acting out — most likely by consulting with the resident psychiatrist, the new hottie over at GH.
  • Sonny makes time to make sure Morgan knows he’s special.
  • Kiki receives the right dose of care from Carly.
  • Sabrina steadies herself to come clean with Michael about everything. What’s that? Someone’s at the door. There goes all her good intentions.
  • Olivia, Ava, and Alexis have to hang out on Thanksgiving, which makes for lots of laughs. Well, not for them.
  • Nothing’s changed with Lante, however. Neither are closer to a reunion at this point.
  • Dante gets quite a different Thanksgiving than the one he is used to, c/o of a special drop-in.
  • Anna continues her therapy with the new shrink, who hears a doozy from the superspy this week. Yup, she finally admits that she shot Carlos in cold blood.
  • Anna runs into her doctor, for a change of pace. Hmm, Anna and this Andre sizzle. He lures her into a sense of security, so she can unload more of her secret.

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