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Previews for the week of 24-Nov-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, will see a rerun from the May 30, 2014th show. No GH on Black Friday.
  • Jake becomes fast buddies with Elizabeth’s children.
  • Cameron has Jake’s undivided attention when going over the family tree and Elizabeth’s tie to Lucky.
  • Jake also grows intrigued by Jason and the Qs.
  • Elizabeth and Jake celebrate Thanksgiving together, thankful for each other’s company.
  • Nikolas reacts to news of Elizabeth taking up with Jake in her home.
  • Danny keeps sensing Jake Doe is a loved one.
  • Jake Doe, aka Jason, runs into a character that may trigger more memories.
  • Word travels fast about Michael’s turning into a full-fledged Quartermaine. Carly’s heart sinks.
  • The Quartermaine family attempts to have a real Thanksgiving feast, with turkey, not pizza. Are they all over at Wyndemere?
  • Villains galore on turkey day.
  • Sam also has trouble getting her original Thanksgiving plans together. But then…
  • Elizabeth entertains not only Jake (Jason), but Sam and Danny for Thanksgiving.
  • Carly and Sonny foster their loving relationship on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Sonny asks Duke to do him another solid.
  • Sonny will do some time in prison, but Johnny will be waiting to keep him company, have fun at his expense, and maybe protect the mobster. Don’t expect Sonny to languish in Pentonville though.
  • Anna explains what she did and did not do with Faison.
  • Duke sees Anna on Thanksgiving Day, and tries to make the most of it.
  • Faison resurfaces soon, adding validity to Anna’s claims.
  • Exasperated, Alexis shakes Julian down for the rest of the mob story, and he obliges. One tidbit in particular is going to astonish everyone.
  • Julian enlightens Alexis only up to a point. He identifies his boss by a process of elimination. This will open Alexis up to high risk.
  • Alexis and Julian come across a doozy of a plot turn in the form of a certain character.
  • Robin will end up in that funny farm, come across the real Luke, and have to rescue him out.
  • Britt discloses a secret that’s been burning up inside her, to Nikolas.
  • Spencer amps up his campaign to get Emma to be his girlfriend.
  • Jordan feels the heat: she needs to hurry it up with her undercover operation. Bosses’ orders.
  • It’s time for Jordan to be honest about things, now. She will soon reveal her DEA undercover assignment.
  • TJ relays to his girlfriend Molly all about what his mom did with his dad’s best friend.
  • Ava’s BS cover stories are beginning to annoy and dismay Kiki.
  • Kiki and Morgan turn to one another in their time of distress.
  • Carol Banks Weber will be on vacation the week of December 1. Scoops & Spoilers will return the week of December 8.

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