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Previews for the week of 21-Apr-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Ava tries her damnedest to keep Sonny from spilling his guts.
  • A.J.’s memorial service is the source of drama. Everyone who should be there is, for Monica especially. But then Sonny shows up.
  • Monica looks at Sonny like she wants to strangle him herself. How dare he!
  • Michael unknowingly turns to his father, Sonny, to grapple with his grief at losing his other father, A.J. Sonny’s got his own problems. He’s cracking.
  • Ava tries to shut Carlos up.
  • Carly and Franco work out the details of their arrangement to nail Ava by going through Carlos.
  • Carly parlays her secret about Sonny shooting A.J. for the greater good.
  • Franco works Carlos over so he can get enough dirt on Ava in this A.J. case. Carly’s on board. Franco pretends to be Carlos’ only pal.
  • Franco relays to Carly what Carlos said. Together, they intend to report all to Anna.
  • Carly makes the most of what she’s gleaned, to taunt Ava with.
  • Ava senses she’s in for it, and soon.
  • Spencer proactively seeks answers from Luke about what he said to Julian in the stables, jeopardizing his little life.
  • Luke tries to make it worth Spencer’s while to keep this a secret from everyone, just as Sonny happens by.
  • Spencer relays to Sonny what he thinks Luke’s up to.
  • Luke must answer for a lot of odd behavior. Let’s see how he worms his way out of this mess.
  • Spencer makes a new friend, but everyone around him assumes she’s not real. Maybe she is, maybe she’s another Cassadine, a little girl named Kailey.
  • Tracy watches ELQ continue to sink.
  • Ned is dying to give Tracy a head’s up about Luke. But she may be too far gone.
  • Ned compares this Luke with someone else he and Tracy knew.
  • When Ned gets nowhere with Tracy, he gets this look in his eyes.
  • Ned puts Kiki and Morgan up to eliciting the evidence required to convince Tracy that Luke’s bad news.
  • Morgan will find himself another girl to slobber over soon, maybe a girl his own age.
  • Like an old fart in heat, Luke won’t stop panting after a disgusted Kiki.
  • At the sight of Morgan back with Kiki — at least in appearance — Ava grows jealous.
  • Morgan takes up for Kiki, like her own personal hero.
  • Ava goes straight to Sonny to make herself feel better. Uh oh. Do these two make whoopee?
  • Morgan feels a knife in his back, proverbially.
  • Anna and Nathan attempt to sort through this mess.
  • Anna and Nathan clean up after a harrowing ordeal.
  • Nathan gives Britt the third degree.
  • Before Nikolas and Elizabeth can do anything about their growing attraction, Ric makes sure to bust them up.
  • Ric has his eye on Elizabeth. Nothing, and nobody, not even Nik, is going to stop him from winning her back.
  • Spencer worries himself to distraction about Emma and keeping her from all harm.
  • Patrick believes Sabrina’s resting comfortably, as she should with such a touchy pregnancy.
  • Sabrina appears at Emma’s recital. Patrick sees her, surprised but delighted.
  • Emma contends with something from left field.
  • Emma has mixed emotions about her dad and Sabrina’s baby-to-be’s arrival.
  • Oh no. Patrick, Sabrina, and Emma find themselves in dire straits, which could affect the child growing in the nurse’s tummy.
  • Patrick and Sabrina realize life can be fragile when they’re told the unborn baby could face danger.
  • Something terrible happens.
  • Anna opens the door and can’t believe who’s on the other side.
  • Someone who’s been in Port Charles before comes back, ready to assist with a major mystery.
  • Shawn suspects Jordan of bringing her drug-dealing past back in action.
  • Felicia will have to decide where her first loyalties lie. Mac too.
  • Next week:  The cops jump on a break, pointing them closer to A.J.’s killer… Alexis and Ned have a chance to catch up… Carlos spills what he knows… Sabrina gives birth prematurely. Patrick sticks to her like glue. They watch over the preemie… Robin is the next topic of conversation. Patrick may have the chance to speak with his wife… Madeline drops another secret on Nathan… Nathan drops a bombshell on Britt… In an effort to straighten Jordan out, Shawn says he’ll blab everything to her son T.J., if she doesn’t—… Levi gets to know Maxie’s parents better… Luke orders Julian to step it up, or else face the consequences.

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