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Previews for the week of 25-Aug-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Dante tries to beef up his reinforcements by bringing his powerful mobster father into the act. Lulu’s life is on the line.
  • Tracy makes every attempt to relay to “Luke” the latest drama about Lulu.
  • Olivia makes an appearance to play the supportive, hand-wringing mom to a distraught Dante.
  • Maxie triggers every negative response in Levi, driving him to the brink.
  • Levi shows he is a desperate maniac, willing to do just about anything to get away with it. But who is he? You’ll be surprised.
  • Levi has no choice but to save his own bacon; he does so like a rabid animal.
  • It slowly comes out who Levi is and who he’s attached to by blood.
  • Nathan, Dante, and Anna pool their resources to find out more about Levi. They do.
  • It’s called damage control out of tremendous guilt for Carly when she pulls out all the stops for her and Franco’s intimate date.
  • More information drops on Franco about the woman he’s been seeing.
  • Dante drags Sonny into this Aztec adventure. The hunt for the jewels is on.
  • Julian caucuses with Sonny, optioning a more ideal scheme.
  • Ava has Kiki and her boyfriend Michael over for dinner. Oh no…
  • Something on Luke — vis a vis Kiki — inspires Ava to change course.
  • Julian advises Ava to tread carefully around Luke. Don’t even think about tricking him.
  • Ava goes for another way to handle this tricky situation by revising the terms.
  • Sam and Patrick — chem-testing over pool and sob stories.
  • Oh great, now Sabrina’s going after the perps who did her preemie in.
  • Silas grills Nina about what she knows regarding the Crichton-Clark facility, after picking up the business card from Rafe’s effects.
  • Nina evades Silas’ interrogation like a veteran criminal. She worms her way into his heart.
  • Before too long, Nina’s got Silas wrapped around her little finger.
  • Silas senses Franco knows more about what Nina’s keeping under wraps.
  • Britt might bring Nina down with her latest prognosis.
  • Elizabeth and Britt fight to be the center of Nikolas’ universe.
  • Elizabeth goes on a full-court press for Nikolas.
  • Now that Elizabeth wants Nikolas, she will stop at nothing to have him. What’s a little hectoring between friends?
  • Britt boosts Nathan’s morale.
  • Lucy is all about Scotty now. She harangues him to stop dicking around and be with her.
  • Next week:  A gleaned bit of conversation leaves Kiki aghast… Will the residents of Port Charles find out who Levi is? Maybe… Sabrina obsesses about bringing the killer of her Gabriel to justice… Alexis and Julian can’t stop thinking about one another… Spencer passes on a top secret to the girl of his dreams, little Emma.

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