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Previews for the week of 08-Feb-2016

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Helena leaves a damning legacy for those required to be at her estate reading.
  • Elizabeth busts Hayden doing something suspect.
  • Nikolas and Hayden continue to play their not-so-cute game of cat and mouse — even as newlyweds. He tries to get at the truth with a Q&A, but she’s been at this rodeo before.
  • Nikolas turns to Google to sort out Hayden’s identity crisis.
  • But Hayden’s cracking under the weight of Nikolas’ love. She doesn’t progress as well as Tracy had planned.
  • Hayden’s latest report has Tracy fit to be tied.
  • Hayden sees that Tracy’s behaving weird, even for her.
  • After witnessing the wigging, an unsettled Hayden strongly suggests Dillon take Tracy to a doctor.
  • As Jake recovers from surgery, he does manage to tip Jason off to Sam’s peril.
  • Jason books it over to Elizabeth’s house to rescue Sam from a burning basement.
  • While trying to get Sam out of the house, Jason finds himself in peril.
  • Elizabeth gives her full attention to Jake, letting the boy open up about his father.
  • The thought that Jake caused Sam’s downfall really causes Liz consternation.
  • Elizabeth and her sons find refuge at Nikolas’ mansion for the moment. His idea.
  • It says that an unlikely character provides Elizabeth with emotional comfort. Maybe it’s Franco?
  • Seems Sonny and the new neurosurgeon have met before in the chapel. They experienced an instant kinship. Dr. Griffin Munro seems likeable enough. He also comes from hella mysterious origins.
  • Sonny and Dr. Griffin’s lives cross paths again in a high stakes game of the mobster’s own divising. Seem the new doctor in town has a bead on Sonny’s next move.
  • Morgan suffers for tossing his meds aside in order to feel normal again. He becomes severely manic.
  • Sonny and Carly are faced with a terrible choice.
  • Sonny and Carly counsel Michael on the path toward enlightenment when it comes to Sabrina’s situation.
  • Sonny, Carly, Michael, and Sabrina enter into a righteous caucus.
  • Epiphany finds herself in an entirely different role, out of left field.
  • Anna drops in on Paul, blindsiding him somewhat.
  • Anna toys with Paul, making him squirm. She’s conniving to get into the big guy’s background.
  • Jordan plays mind games with Paul as well.
  • Alexis believes Kristina’s been lying all this time about a big deal.
  • Sonny also believes drama has been haunting Krissy.
  • Ava shares her big plan with Julian. She means to go clean.
  • Ava gives Julian and Alexis an eye-opening present for their upcoming nuptials.
  • Does Alexis feel threatened by Olivia’s presence and influence in Julian’s life? Hmm. When he starts caring about Olivia a lot more and inquiring into her life, yeah, that’s a red flag.
  • Jordan tries to steer Valerie away from Curtis, the bad boy.
  • Dillon’s idea could be a boon for Crimson.
  • If not Maxie and Dante, then Maxie with Dillon? Slowly, maybe.
  • Maxie and Nathan seem to reach the next stage of their relationship, with a caveat.
  • Nathan has to own up to a certain matter.
  • The problem with Nathan is Maxie’s pal Dillon. Too close for comfort.
  • Maxie and Nathan try like hell to revive Lante.
  • Molly and T.J. confront a huge issue in this next stage of their girlfriend/boyfriend status.

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