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Previews for the week of 27-Oct-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

  • The residents celebrate Halloween traditionally and non-traditionally. They put on their costumes, go out for their candy, and prepare to be spooked.
  • Josslyn expects her pal Spencer to bail her out of her mom’s gross wedding to that psycho.
  • Spencer and Josslyn pair up to get in the way of Cameron and Emma’s young budding love.
  • Spencer, Emma, Cameron, and Josslyn celebrate Beggar’s Night.
  • Spencer blurts something to Carly that has her questioning Franco’s motives. This might be taking place before the wedding.
  • Elizabeth and Jake/Jason enjoy their courtship — before Carly and Sam take over.
  • Bobbie and Scotty enjoy Carly and Franco’s approaching Halloween nuptials.
  • Scotty treats his son to a nice bachelor party.
  • Franco makes the most of his secret, acting like he’s going to surprise Carly with a doozy. But in reality, he’s going to end her world. It’s the only way he can feel better about the betrayal.
  • Meanwhile, Bobbie keeps pestering Carly to make sure she wants this (marriage to Franco).
  • Anna tries to force Sonny to steer clear of Ava.
  • Michael takes Sonny aside to hash out his new thoughts about the person who might’ve killed A.J. It makes Sonny feel very uncomfortable.
  • Sonny suffers from a hallucination born out of guilt. Connie appears before him.
  • Carly intervenes to curtail Michael in his investigation of A.J.’s murder — with everything but the truth.
  • Kiki keeps leaving Michael in the dark. He won’t be in the dark for long.
  • When Franco finds out that what he thought he knew might not be the facts, will he change the course of things?
  • Shawn performs his role as Sonny’s enforcer. (And yet, Franco is the criminal.)
  • Morgan can’t shake the sense that the Brownstone is being carefully monitored.
  • Acting on sixth sense, Morgan takes up the matter with Sonny.
  • Sonny unloads on Morgan like a bastard.
  • Sonny pours his guilt out — to Morgan.
  • Anna and Dante put the pieces of the puzzle together about the real shooter in the A.J. case.
  • At this point, Duke fears his goose is cooked (because he basically perjured himself for Sonny).
  • The real person who shot A.J. will become evident to everyone in town. Dante and Anna will not take this very well.
  • Gunfire will erupt in this town.
  • Nina acquires additional intel on the status of Ava’s newborn.
  • Nina and her partner in crime enact their mission.
  • Nina becomes quite mad, indeed.
  • Nina and Madeline snatch Ava’s newborn, causing no end of grief for the mother.
  • Franco broadcasts the biggest jaw-dropping announcement ever.
  • Tracy is on pins and needles, for the next sign of Luke.
  • Sam updates Patrick on the latest about Luke.
  • Tracy relays what she just heard about Luke to Sonny, Dante, Lulu, and Olivia. (Olivia? What does she have to do with this?!)
  • Tracy also tells these people her next plan of action to help Luke, which will involve giving up ELQ. Ned insists she’s out of her mind.
  • Tracy gets a blast from her past by the end of this week. He might not be Luke, but her former husband, Ned’s father.
  • As soon as Sam requires Silas’ services, she’s on him like a cheap suit.
  • Looks like Sam’s son has relapsed. Alexis and Julian forget their tension to be proper loving parents to Sam.
  • Diane shows up to dispense legal counsel to Maxie and Nathan.
  • Maxie cares what happens with Nathan outside their budding relationship. She sees that he’s hurting because of Nina and the other crazies in his family, and seeks to be his safe haven.
  • Dante encourages his mom to go to Ned and declare herself to him.
  • Shawn and Jordan quarrel, because of TJ.
  • Shawn and Jordan will face peril.
  • Helena will give Robin an important task that has to do with Jason.
  • Robin heads to Miscavige Institute. There, she’ll run into Luke Spencer and try to get him out of there.
  • Next week:  Hit the decks, there’s gunfire, kids!... Franco has a chance to revert back to his psycho ways, or take the high road… When Michael finds out what his mobster dad Sonny did, he goes after him with a vengeance… Ava reveals something so shocking to Nina that it’s almost hard to believe… Shawn and Jordan must use every resource and skill at their disposal to get out of this jam.

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