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Previews for the week of 20-Apr-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Nikolas puts two and two together, deducing that his son Spencer pilfered Jake’s ring from the safe and took it to give to Emma at Patrick’s house.
  • Nikolas works overtime to take care of this mess, and does. The ring thing serves as just another red herring, so calm down. We’re in Cartini’s house.
  • Nikolas and Hayden may have another hot encounter. Of course they do. They’re irresistible.
  • Sloane bugs Jake to do his undercover job, working for the Jerome mob. Sloane wants to know what’s happening; rather, who’s going to be executed next.
  • Jake takes a shot at coaxing information out of Julian about the next hit.
  • The hit, let’s just say, turns out differently than Duke imagined. He’s aghast.
  • Anna determines to dig until she finds out who attempted the hit.
  • With Spinelli’s hacking aid, Carly begins to believe more in her theory that there’s a rat and his name is Ric.
  • Carly tries to get Jake on board with her theory, but he’s hung up on the method she employed to get the goods on Hayden via Spinelli.
  • Carly continues her campaign to out Hayden by going into her hotel room with Spinelli to toss the joint for clues.
  • Hayden greets Jake at the door later on, scared to death because she walked in on an intruder packing heat.
  • Spinelli brings Sam into his current spying gig.
  • Shawn and Jordan trade sweet nothings while they can. Things are about to get hot, and not just lovey-dovey hot. Mob hot.
  • Once again, Jordan tries to wiggle her way out of the dangerous undercover job, and pleads with Anna to let her go.
  • A mob war breaks out in gunfire, and possibly body bags.
  • TJ must break it to Shawn something awful.
  • Duke steps into do damage control, fast.
  • Duke can’t believe what he’s now hearing.
  • Sabrina clears up a matter that drastically fouled Michael, personally and professionally.
  • Kiki wishes she never got involved in this scheme against Michael.
  • Michael and Sonny go to war because of Avery. It’s a hateful way to go.
  • Kiki and Morgan have to tell Michael what they were up to.
  • Lulu pokes holes in Maxie’s decision to go with the man that she does.
  • Nathan comes across a certain character.
  • Nathan inquires as to the reason for Silas hanging out in New York City all the time now.
  • Dante and Valerie’s burgeoning relationship threatens Lulu’s marriage. Lulu knows she could be in trouble with this interloper.
  • Lulu wants Valerie out. She poses other options for living quarters.
  • Lucy organizes the annual Nurses’ Ball, but she seems to be the only person excited about the fundraiser. It’s like pulling teeth to get people involved.
  • Lucy tries to help Nathan with some food for thought.
  • Patrick and Anna catch up about their love lives.

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