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Previews for the week of 27-Jul-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

  • In the middle of a potential mob war, Sonny and Luke find themselves long enough in each other’s orbit to deepen their friendship.
  • Luke spends his final day in Port Charles reminiscing with his only best friend, Sonny. (Robert Scorpio doesn’t count, since his portrayer’s at Y&R.)
  • Instead of going with a bang, Luke simply walks into the fog on his own terms, prepared to find himself in the great world out there.
  • A rival mob tries to get a foothold by making another attack on Sonny’s territory.
  • Sonny calls a meeting of all the five mob families to determine what’s up, after that attack.
  • Guilt over the lies weighs heavily on Elizabeth, especially with Jason (thinking he’s Jake) getting on so well with a returned little Jake.
  • When Laura tries to share her views with Elizabeth about the matter, the guilt worsens. Elizabeth then realizes Laura is onto her and Nik.
  • Laura queries Elizabeth as to the reason for doing this to Jason.
  • Scott puts the screws to Nikolas because of the ELQ takeover.
  • Michael tries to make Nikolas feel badly for stealing ELQ.
  • Patrick provides a change in prognosis for comatose Hayden.
  • When Silas realizes Ava’s still screwing Morgan, he snaps.
  • Silas gets mad at Ava for continuing to screw around behind Kiki’s back like this. She has to answer for this.
  • Franco lays into Morgan on the Denise front.
  • Franco resorts to more blackmail to get what he wants out of Ava.
  • Ava reminds Franco to hurry up and fulfill his end of the bargain for her.
  • Dillon suggests Valerie’s next move, following the Dante mix-up.
  • Dillon and Valerie enter into a kind of pact, for the benefit of others.
  • Dillon does a cool thing for Lulu and Dante.
  • Madeline makes a polite stink about Maxie as an unsuitable companion for James (Nathan).
  • You’d think Madeline and Maxie would get along like gangbusters. But no. Ah, sweet plot-driven soap…
  • Denise tries hard to make Nina jealous by raving about her new sex toy Franco.
  • But soon Denise/Ava is back in Morgan’s arms.
  • Looks like Kiki will walk in on Denise (her mother) and Morgan rutting like pigs. Let’s hope so.
  • Nathan believes that certain parties are gaslighting Nina for ulterior gain.
  • In pursuing leads, Nathan uncovers a potential deal-breaker while rummaging in Nina’s hotel room.
  • Franco gives Madeline the business for teaming up with Ric against Nina.
  • Franco breaks through Nina’s walls a little, causing her to consider backing away from this hasty marriage to Ric.
  • Nina thinks about dumping Ric. But he will not go away without a fight. He uses every trick in the book to get her to believe he’s her savior.
  • Ric pushes hard for Nina to get help.
  • Nina believes she’s relapsed mentally.
  • Franco comes across a huge revelation, one that will hopefully end this farce of a plot.
  • When Nina finds out it was Silas all along, she’s beside herself.
  • Jordan and Nathan review the details of Avery’s kidnapping, a case that has gone cold. They have reason to believe they can now close this case with the actual culprit in hand.

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