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Previews for the week of 05-Oct-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

  • If the sudden aneurysm didn’t take Sonny out, nothing will — except maybe learning that Ava has custody of Avery, ha ha.
  • Sonny reels at the news that his mortal enemy, the woman he didn’t think twice about screwing in the Quartermaine mausoleum, now has Avery and won’t give the baby back ever.
  • Then, there’s the pesky matter of Sonny’s delicate health. It’s worse than just a gunshot near the spine now.
  • Carly exhorts Sonny to… What? Hold on? Get better to fight another day? Beam in on his recovery?
  • Luckily, Sonny has Carly by his side to help him through the latest travails. They will also take care of their family members.
  • TPTB lead viewers down another rabbit trail this week, as Jake continues ignoring the obvious signs that he’s really Jason, including an increase in his memories. Instead of acting on his Jason-related memories, Jake ignores them like a fool.
  • Laura returns to try to fix this Jake/Jason mess, but her return will amount to nothing but an appearance for show. When her time comes to unburden herself to Sam or anyone else, Laura chickens out.
  • If Laura can’t bring herself to spill her guts to Sam, she reasons that she can at least try to get the other parties involved to do the right thing.
  • Laura then tries to hint around about the Jason identity to Jake, to get him to figure it out himself — well before he attaches himself to Elizabeth.
  • Laura does everything within her power to get Elizabeth to think about the bigger picture and tell Jake who he really is, for the sake of those who love him not just her.
  • At some point, even Jake begins to suspect Elizabeth of hiding something from him. He jumps on this sense of foreboding.
  • Jake puts two and two together, following a weird phone call he saw Elizabeth take. He tries to get the real deal from her, but goes nowhere.
  • So Jake leans on his friend Sam to join him on a quest to pinpoint who called Elizabeth. Will this, too, lead viewers down another useless rabbit hole and feed into the fanbase wars?
  • Like clockwork, Sam and Jake will find themselves in extremely threatening conditions together, which will only ratchet up the intimacy factor for the inevitable duo.
  • Tracy gets her digs in when she says Michael isn’t acting like a Quartermaine now. She wants to know if he’s in or out?
  • Tracy nearly busts Paul on nefarious mob business when he’s on the line with someone.
  • Tracy gives Paul a hard time when they enter into a conflict.
  • Tracy and Paul advise Michael to keep his hands clean and stick with the Qs not the Corinthoses. But one of the advisers is a raving hypocrite.
  • Typically, Michael arrogantly turns a blind eye to Tracy and Paul’s attempt to save his soul.
  • All this princely courting is nice, but Hayden tries to cut to the chase with Nikolas. Cut the crap, and tell me what’s going on!
  • Hayden hammers away at Nikolas for either a) not telling her the truth about herself, or b) not nailing her already.
  • Nikolas has his hands full keeping Hayden and her growing … memories … in check.
  • When Hayden walks in on Nikolas telling all to his confidante, her stay at Wyndemere becomes even more worrisome.
  • Dillon and Valerie swap love stories about rejection and going on the rebound — with their tongues?
  • Dillon stupidly thinks it’s safe to let his love for Lulu out. But she’s only about Dante (until his philandering comes out, too).
  • In an emotional bind, Dillon asks his father Paul what he thinks about a certain sticky situation.
  • Lulu and Dante feel close again, and are prompted to talk it to death.
  • Nathan jumps to an erroneous conclusion, which may prove terrible down the line. If he blows the cheating secret for nothing…
  • Nathan deduces that all the signs point to Valerie and Dante’s surprise pregnancy.
  • Dante demands to know if Valerie is holding out on him about some gossip he overheard.
  • Felix shows up, brightening Sabrina’s day when she needs her best friend the most. She could be pregnant with Michael’s child.
  • If Sabrina is indeed pregnant with Michael’s child, she’s using that as leverage to keep his hands clean.
  • Low on the totem pole is that manipulative putz Anna, wracked with ongoing guilt about Duke, Sloane, and Carlos. Alas, she’s merely a means to an end for Paul, who’s now pulling the strings in law enforcement and the mob.
  • We see Anna feel even more like a hypocritical heel when granddaughter Emma innocent states how much she respects her.
  • Anna and Sam talk to Emma about something important to them.
  • Franco steps up as a father figure, now that Kiki struggles over the loss of Silas and Ava’s backstabbing.
  • Ava has the balls to think she can start over with her other daughter. Kiki has something to say about that.
  • Alexis and Julian advance to the next level of their coupledom.
  • But a snag comes Julian’s way in the form of a blindsiding meeting.
  • Julian may get sucked back into the mob business.
  • Olivia cooks up a scheme to continue leaving Julian in the dark about their child.
  • Franco and Nina make a deal to be in line on this.

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