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Previews for the week of 17-Nov-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Jake Doe (aka Jason) makes himself comfortable at Elizabeth’s. There, he becomes a kind of father figure to Cameron.
  • When Elizabeth tries to clarify the deal with Jason’s women, Jake is even more convinced this guy was a gigolo.
  • Sonny wonders if he should cut a deal so nobody else catches hell for his crimes.
  • Michael tells Sonny what to do, and the mobster does it.
  • Sonny tries honesty for a change. He feels it’s best for his clan.
  • Michael is shaken to the core by what he believes Kiki has pulled.
  • Michael makes Monica’s day when he comes over and basically disavows himself as Sonny’s son. He wants to be a Quartermaine in every way.
  • Sonny and Carly try to boost each other up.
  • Larry Ashton tries to dispense corporate counsel to Tracy and Ned.
  • Tracy comes across an eye-opening plot turn. Is Fluke back yet?
  • Patrick and Sam suspect Larry of even more subterfuge after spying on him talking to his boss on the cell.
  • Patrick and Sam bring Lulu in on their caper. They will have hell to pay though, for butting in.
  • Silas tries for another go ‘round with Sam.
  • Nina’s off her rocker, and Franco knows it. He placates her to keep her as stable as possible.
  • Ava derives comfort from Silas of all exes. And yet she mustn’t be completely forthcoming with him, or be damned.
  • Dr. Liesl Obrecht and Anna Devane have a dust-up about Faison, and where he’s gotten off to. I don’t think Anna killed him after all. She tries to enlighten Dr. O.
  • Dr. Obrecht tries to make Britt do her duty in the investigation.
  • Anna believes this interloper may not appear to be on the level, but housing another motive.
  • Anna has a choice that could rock her world.
  • At GH, Patrick learns whether he will be able to return as head neurosurgeon.
  • Spencer and Josslyn experience a stunning turn of events.
  • Does Spencer accidentally blurt out that he helped Britt deceive Nikolas into loving her (that faked disappearance)?
  • Spencer does his best to cover.
  • Britt has to come clean already. It may be over.
  • Lucas lays down some advice for Julian.
  • Julian fills Alexis in on the truth, the whole truth as he knows it.
  • Shawn and Jordan sit TJ down to tell him about their shady past.
  • Duke stands by Sonny, even if he has to go down for it.

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