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Previews for the week of 15-Dec-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Michael’s next ruthless act could irrevocably sever all former ties.
  • What if Sonny didn’t actually kill A.J. but only got the ball rolling? There may be another culprit who technically did the Quartermaine in. If this is true, this is how Sonny gets out of prison.
  • In the meantime, Sonny puts Duke on mob detail, which means say goodbye to any reconciliation with Anna.
  • Sonny continues orchestrating his mob from inside Pentonville, through his #1 henchman Shawn.
  • Sonny receives the opportunity for an interesting mob arrangement. Same with Julian, who is blindsided by the latest changes.
  • Julian might be able to circumvent his punishment.
  • Or, Julian might be Sonny’s bitch bunkmate in Pentonville.
  • Johnny pulls a protective maneuver to preserve Sonny’s life.
  • Duke’s first order of business arrives at a most inopportune time, and tests him as a leader under fire.
  • Ric remains on the loose or a pawn in this mob business.
  • Tracy falls in line with this Luke (Part 2), out of guilt.
  • Carlos has an ax to grind, as he takes on work with the Zacchara mob.
  • Rosalie knows someone already in town, and the encounter goes down this week.
  • Jordan has a close call, when her cover nearly gets blown.
  • When Dante finds out Anna’s out, he will not be happy.
  • Anna could face charges and jail time herself, because of what she did with Faison.
  • Jordan attempts to ascertain who the boss is now, since personnel has shifted.
  • Morgan and Kiki try to determine if a) the baby survived the kidnapping physically intact, and b) the baby is his daughter or sister. At first there’s a glitch in getting the test, but then…
  • Kiki provides emotional sustenance for an overwhelmed Morgan.
  • Kiki and Morgan play house as mommy and daddy to Ava’s baby.
  • Sabrina says she’s sorry for her part in Ava’s past ordeal.
  • The shoe drops for Franco and Nina. They wait for the verdicts.
  • Carly gets to give Franco hell for what he’s done.
  • Nina gets a dose of reality that may scare her straight.
  • A defensive Elizabeth goes in with the jabbing finger, putting Sam on notice.
  • Nikolas senses Jake is not good for Elizabeth.
  • Sam and Jake/Jason lay their cards on the table and engage in real talk.
  • Jake softens Sam on her hardline stance against Patrick, leading her to forgive him when he comes around begging for mercy.
  • Jake begins to suffer from uncertainty about himself.
  • Jake takes himself out of Elizabeth’s residence, as a protective measure.
  • Jake will wind up a boarder at Kelly’s Diner.
  • Jake begins to recall more of his past life as Jason.
  • Nikolas receives a guest most unexpected.
  • Helena and Fluke’s plan involves putting Jake/Jason as the head of ELQ.
  • Helena assigns Jake/Jason another dangerous task.
  • Jake absorbs as much on the Qs as he can.
  • Maxie’s lawyer Diane forces the judge’s hand in the custody hearing of Georgie. Looks like Maxie will eventually have her baby back, regardless of this stupid legal plot.
  • Elizabeth and Nikolas spend more time together, now that Britt is gone.
  • GH gives Nikolas the role of a lifetime, to take over as this year’s Santa for the party.
  • Spinelli will return with daughter Georgie, and help for Sam.
  • Olivia has a chance to pour her heart out to Ned, and does.
  • Olivia asks Ned to go over this with Alexis.
  • TJ and Molly steer clear of their moms, and act out.

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