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Previews for the week of 26-Jan-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

  • The most unlikely of enemies are forced to work together as a soap opera superhero team to battle Fluke, amidst new revelations.
  • Imagine Julian and Ava plotting together, then Ava divulging a secret when Silas comes calling. Then, Sonny, Julian, Ava, and Franco banding together in order to prevent several disasters. Do you smell a prison break?
  • How does Franco get involved? He’s freaking out because Nina phones him, chatting about his mom Heather who has become her new pal in the insane asylum. Franco needs to get to Nina before bad things occur. For this to happen, he needs Sonny and Julian’s resources.
  • Nina realizes she’s in deep kim-chee now. What in the world is she gonna do?
  • Franco makes himself available to Sonny and Julian, to get out.
  • Earlier, Sonny receives the full intel from Shawn on having exhumed Bill Eckert’s grave. This spurs Sonny even more to break loose.
  • Ava and another unlikely character behind bars join up, for the bigger picture.
  • Jordan updates Dante on the down-low about her findings with Shawn when they dug up Bill Eckert’s grave. Immediately, Dante fritzes about what’s happened to Luke.
  • Fluke can smell a ruse — with the joke on him. He goes to Helena to see about his suspicions that law and order’s about to come down on him.
  • Helena tries to put Fluke at ease by stating that she’s in control. But then Fluke will turn around and view Dante entering the premises of Luke’s childhood home.
  • Dante goes to snoop around that Elm St. house of Bobbie’s and Luke’s when, in walks a suspicious Michael with a sour look on his face.
  • Before he knows it, Dante’s face to face with the dreaded Fluke — down in the basement.
  • Fluke has no other recourse but to fix the situation, fast. Uh oh, Dante…
  • Fluke deceives Lulu about Dante’s current whereabouts, when she begins to worry.
  • Johnny’s with Lulu when he blurts something revealing about “Luke.”
  • Tracy and Michael bury the hatchet, bygones be bygones and all that. They also talk behind “Luke’s” back regarding his cousin.
  • Brad catches sight of that tacky Chinese knickknack in Lucas’s possession. Here’s where Sam gets a chance to retrieve her Dragon (or is it the Phoenix?) from Lucas. She and Patrick come by to grab Lucas and Brad so they can all head to the big bash thrown by “Luke” at the Haunted Star.
  • Brad inquires about the figurine with Lucas, the narrative to link Sam eventually.
  • There you go. Sam sets her eyes finally on her beloved knickknack, sitting in Brad’s apartment. She has no idea why it’s there.
  • It is the day Ruby died. Bobbie remembers the anniversary with Lucas and Lulu, trying to paint a portrait of the Aunt who raised her and Luke when no one else would.
  • Helena offers Jake another assignment to redeem himself.
  • Helena is dead-set against Nikolas going to the doomed Haunted Star bash.
  • Carly frets over Jake, because now, the guy’s flat-out lying to her. She asks Nathan’s advice, then hands over Jake’s goods.
  • That Haunted Star bash is gonna be full of drama, and maybe body bags.

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