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Previews for the week of 23-Feb-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Bobbie can’t help Tracy and Lulu figure Luke out. She’s got nothing.
  • Tracy, Bobbie, and Lulu have a P.I. (Spinelli?) probe into Luke’s growing pains and terrible family tree. It’s something Luke and Bobbie never bothered to delve into.
  • Dante and Nathan have their hands full with this Fluke/Luke.
  • Anna reveals to Jordan what she has in store for Sloane, who’s on the take somehow.
  • What does Silas know that he’s hiding? He works overtime to make sure nobody else suspects.
  • Nikolas suffers from enormous guilt, sitting on this huge secret of Helena’s. Yet guilt isn’t enough to compel him to relieve those he claims to love with the truth.
  • Will evil cut short the lives of Spencer and Emma?
  • First, Spencer enjoys the royal treatment at his birthday soirée. The kid knows how to make a dramatic appearance, like a mini-diva.
  • Emma and Cameron’s rift sends the little girl off in a sorrowful tailspin.
  • Spencer wastes no time rushing to Emma’s side and taking care of her. She begins to notice his nobler side, but it could be too late.
  • Here’s where Spencer and Emma could wind up in dire straits, as evil stalks them at Wyndemere. Spencer’s in more trouble than Emma.
  • Nikolas and Patrick are alarmed to learn that their children will bear the brunt of a very adult kind of evil. They go to retrieve Spencer and Emma before something horrible happens to their innocents.
  • Elizabeth drops everything to tend to an achingly bereft Nikolas.
  • It will be up to Nikolas to right this wrong. Is he a Prince or a Putz?
  • Sonny puts Shawn on the task of watching Jake for any wrong move, to protect Carly’s best interests.
  • Jake feels an incredible letdown. It’s too bad he remembered who he was right before the brain surgery. But now, he is back to square one.
  • Sam bucks Jake up following the letdown.
  • Why won’t Elizabeth let it go about maneuvering poor Jake? Ric begins to suspect her of wanting Jake.
  • Jake tells Elizabeth his dreams. Well, one in particular that nearly clinches a key to his identity.
  • As much as Jake desires Elizabeth, he is compelled to be noble since she’s with Ric. He explains why he must hold her at arm’s length.
  • This Jake mystery could be the bridge to draw Sonny and Ric in as brothers in arms. The enemy of my enemy and all that…
  • Anna and Duke talk about his mob ties, and it’s not a nice talk. She’s gonna flip her lid when he lets bygones be bygones with Julian.
  • Arrogant Alexis believes Ned couldn’t possibly have stepped out on her with Olivia all that time. She goes over her skepticism with Julian.
  • Meanwhile, Olivia can’t thank Ned enough for covering and granting her a pregnancy stay.
  • Michael continues his all-out war with Sonny.
  • It’s Michael v. Morgan, because of Michael’s Sonny vendetta, which greatly puts Kiki out.
  • After Spinelli outright expresses his lingering feelings, Maxie can’t let that go. Or him. This doesn’t bode well for Nathan. At least right now.
  • Nathan questions where he stands with Maxie now that Spinelli’s in the picture.
  • Alexis and Nathan visit with Nina in Shadybrook, to give her better tidings. But she’s not completely free and clear. There’s a little catch for Nina.
  • Olivia, of course, gets involved in tending to Franco, since they’re fellow LSD victims.
  • Franco and Nina hang out, remembering fond times screwing other people over.

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