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Previews for the week of 29-Sep-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

  • It’s a ruse, Carly! Franco’s back.
  • Franco forces us to endure a syrupy public marriage proposal to Carly only to give her his comeuppance. Nina knows the score; he only lets her in on the act.
  • Franco thinks long and hard about whether to let Carly back into his good graces.
  • Carly takes Sonny aside for a talk. Sonny dares to believe this means she’s come to her senses.
  • Sonny reaches deep to save Carly from a life of certain misery with Franco — who once had a shot at redemption. Of course, Sonny will have been proven right all along.
  • Sonny and Carly fret over Morgan and Ava’s influence on the boy.
  • Sonny & Carly fans get their Squee! moment when their supercouple characters band together for the welfare of their son Morgan.
  • Ava has no other choice but to fill Morgan and Kiki in on a secret. But which one?
  • Ava explains Morgan’s part in aiding her when speaking with Kiki.
  • Another secret? Kiki is the worst secret keeper ever. Even she doesn’t know if she can sit on this one. She shares her worry with Morgan.
  • Julian advises Ava to stay out of the limelight.
  • Sonny scares the hell out of Julian — like a typical schoolyard bully out of control — on behalf of family.
  • Sonny judges Alexis as a terrible judge of character in love matters. Sonny is also a great, big, fat, disgusting hypocrite.
  • Rosalie hits on Michael, trying to bed him. But then… LOL.
  • Rosalie ends up around Michael just as things begin to heat up — and not in a sexual way. She and Michael might end up in body bags. Hurry, Shawn!
  • Jordan alerts Shawn to trouble coming Michael’s way.
  • Anna begins to harbor doubts as to whether Jordan has it in her to go up against Shawn in a court of law.
  • It’s up to Shawn to shield Michael from imminent harm. He starts running.
  • When Kiki gets wind of Michael’s — ahem — disaster of the week, she feels incredibly put upon.
  • Alexis badgers Julian to give her the skinny on his dealings with Luke — are they in mob business together? — even though Julian makes her heart flutter.
  • Tracy begins to retrieve her brain back regarding Luke. In response, she goes to try to get a hold of him.
  • When Sam and Patrick enlighten Tracy some more, it’s time to face the music.
  • Sam shows up at GH toting Danny for his check-up. Silas corners her to see what’s up between her and Dr. Patrick.
  • Sam and Patrick end up discussing their relationship, and where they’d like it to go.
  • Danny wanders into Jason’s hospital room at GH. He senses this is his dad.
  • When Sam goes into Jason’s hospital room — unaware — to pull Danny away, the kid doesn’t wanna go.
  • Elizabeth nurses the new patient with facial wounds. But she doesn’t know this is Jason, the only man she ever really loved.
  • Monica updates Elizabeth on this new patient’s condition.
  • Sam and Patrick’s hypothesis on the car accident doesn’t make sense to Sabrina, who just shoots it down.
  • Sam and Patrick launch a full-scale manhunt for Luke.
  • Sounds like Lulu can’t have any more kids. She’s devastated, sorting through the debris of her broken heart.
  • Maxie begins to doubt if she even knows how to judge a quality character anymore.
  • It appears as if Maxie isn’t so sure. This is when Nathan springs into action in one last-ditch act.
  • Nathan is hit with his own uncertainty.
  • Next week:  Liesl receives a most unexpected visitor. Is it her sister?… Maxie must go to court and plead her case again, in order to be able to see her own daughter, Georgie… Something happens to Sam and Silas, a change in their status… Silas comes across something that causes him to second-guess Nina’s good intentions… Nathan and Maxie go out. On their date, they see Monica and her interesting date… Epiphany and Milo are also out on a date, but it’s not working out so well… Lucy again runs into Duke’s arms as she is filled with woe… Sabrina is about ready to change her mind and reverse course.

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