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Previews for the week of 15-Sep-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Dante tries to be a hero for Lulu.
  • Stavros forces Lulu to bear his child — or watch her beloved Dante bleed out of his skull.
  • Who’s shrieking like a tortured banshee in that Crichton facility? Heads turn.
  • Here’s Robin again, ready to take on a familiar adversary. Familiar but unforeseen.
  • It is up to Robin to safely escort Jason back to Sam and the rest of his loved ones. She faces countless obstacles, including the return of one of the most villainous villains of them all. Could Helena be alive again?
  • Nathan goes on a tear, frantically hoping to locate Maxie. Along the way, he runs into Victor.
  • Victor just might’ve lied to Nathan, to get the cop to run around like a chicken without a head, to buy precious time.
  • Maxie tries to stay alive in the face of Levi’s unspooling.
  • In tandem, Maxie and Nathan put forth the effort to rescue one another.
  • Nathan and Maxie might have to fend off Levi for good. Prepare the body bags…
  • Dr. Liesl Obrecht receives the lion’s share of story this week as she gets the other characters rolling.
  • Liesl drops a stunning admission to Victor: she confirms Nathan is his child.
  • What Liesl pulls next is entirely unexpected for a disapproving Anna.
  • Carly and Sonny mourn Jason, as his birthday arrives. They reminisce about their old, faithful friend.
  • Sonny and Shawn have designs on kidnapping Ava.
  • Julian airs Sonny’s dirty laundry to Michael. It’s not Franco who blabs about A.J.’s murderer, after all. This all leads to Sonny’s incarceration.
  • Jason will soon approach Sonny and in a hostile manner.
  • Spencer goes out of his way to give his dad, Nikolas, the head’s up on Luke.
  • That kid shouldn’t even have bothered. Nikolas is being a stupid douchebag.
  • Sabrina turns bad, in her vendetta against Ava. LOL. Next, the nurse hands Ava some … meds.
  • Sam and Patrick break bread in her penthouse. As hot as she finds the surgeon, Sam can’t help but dwell on her original husband, Jason.
  • Sam bores the hell out of Patrick and the audience by going on incessantly about her Lord and Savior, Jason, and how happy he made her.
  • Sam is shown fighting her growing feelings for Patrick, even talking it out with Alexis.
  • Patrick also seeks Elizabeth’s counsel on his growing interest in Sam as more than a friend.
  • Morgan tries to settle down long enough to broach the topic of parenthood with Ava.
  • Carly tries to make up for her secretly whorish ways with Sonny by throwing a birthday party for Franco.
  • Carly makes sure Kiki continues to honor her secret. Kiki promises Carly she will not blab.
  • Kiki blabs the secret about Carly screwing Sonny behind Franco’s back — to everyone BUT Franco. This week, she’s talking out of turn to Silas.
  • Nina tells Franco what’s going on with her nobody else knows.
  • Michael relays to Morgan what Rosalie was harping at previously.
  • Morgan gets wind of a juicy secret that lands him in a precarious situation.
  • Kiki begins to view Rosalie as a threat.
  • Next week:  Sonny must face the long arm of the law, now that he’s been caught having slaughtered A.J. in cold blood. An indictment is a foregone conclusion… Franco tries to shake the secret out of Kiki… Fake Luke advances in his plan for the overthrow of Sonny. Fluke gives Julian a note… Who is Elizabeth keeping company with at the hospital? The patient will turn out to be everything… Ava prepares to flee for her life and never look back. Good luck. It’s not going to be that easy for her… Ava hits up Morgan for a favor, and he obliges… Nina takes Ava’s infant from her… Victor’s history, prompting a murder mystery (groan)… T.J.’s presumed-dead father returns… Sabrina’s gonna turn bad in a hurry. Insane in the membrane.

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