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Previews for the week of 14-Jul-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Sonny’s answer to Franco’s nearly tattling on him to Michael? Resorting to mob type.
  • Tracy stirs the pot by insinuating to Michael that Morgan and Kiki could be hooking up again.
  • Tracy feels no other choice but to resort to blackmail to shut Alice up. It’s a win-win.
  • Dante and Lulu suspect Sonny’s flash drive could hold damning info that could unlock his mystery with Ava.
  • Elizabeth dislikes Britt angling toward Nikolas at Spencer’s day camp. It jolts her.
  • But when Britt and Spencer tag-team to separate Nikolas from Elizabeth, they find themselves losing out.
  • For one thing, Nikolas busts Spencer on his nefarious match-making ways.
  • Leaving him no other option, Spencer goes to extremes next to steer Nikolas back to the point.
  • Is Nina bad, or just grown that way? We shall see.
  • Nina’s time at GH rattles her.
  • Nina even thinks about being upfront with Silas.
  • What will Nina do with this sudden intel in front of her? The data could further her agenda.
  • Jordan could face intense scrutiny as the heat turns up in her behind-the-scenes investigation.
  • Lucas lets Julian in on his love life with Felix and then there’s Brad.
  • Maxie’s will stop at nothing to uncover the rat who sicced the authorities on Levi (visa). She assumes, based on circumstantial evidence, that Nathan ratted Levi out. So she evicts Nathan. But maybe Levi did this to himself to force her hand, because…
  • Maxie suggests she marry Levi so he can stay in this country.
  • Anna counsels Patrick on the next move regarding him and Robin.
  • Next week:  Scott makes Anna’s job difficult with his latest inquisition… Ava tries to make nice with her brother Julian… Julian insists on gleaning the lowdown on Sonny from her… Sonny reveals pertinent gossip about A.J. and Franco to Carly… Morgan begins to notice another female in the vicinity… Nina goes for it with Silas… Sam watches perturbed, as Nina and Silas are caught in what seems to be marital bliss… Patrick must attend a board review, on his latest, fatal performance.

General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers will be on hiatus until August 11 while Carol is on summer break. Check out our General Hospital message board for the latest spoilers!

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