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Previews for the week of 20-Oct-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Elizabeth and Jake Doe make TV magic, as they get to know one another better. Rather, as he gets to know Elizabeth better.
  • Jake Doe/Jason develops a close bond with Elizabeth, who’s trying to keep her professional distance out of respect for the family he must have.
  • It is Elizabeth Jake Do relies on when emotions get the best of him.
  • Elizabeth starts to become wiser about who Jake Doe really could be.
  • It’ll be Jake Doe and Elizabeth against Dr. Obrecht soon enough.
  • Sam gets wind of Jason’s near-miss, realizing he was kept alive all this time.
  • Nevertheless, Sam doesn’t tie this with Jake Doe, not even when she looks at him. Yet.
  • Sam and Danny spend some quality time with Jake Doe, feeling as if they’ve met before.
  • Jake Doe/Jason remembers cradling a dead baby in his arms, a little girl they called Lila. He describes this vivid memory to someone else entirely (not Sam), and notices a definite response.
  • Patrick takes on Jason’s case, as his neurosurgeon.
  • Dr. Liesl Obrecht demands to know exactly what Anna said to Nathan about Victor Cassadine back at Crichton Clark.
  • Guess what? Julian might already be aware of Jason’s present condition.
  • A surprising guest crosses paths with Jake Doe.
  • Soon, Carly will be in Jake Doe’s room and his life feeling an instant connection. She likes this guy. He seems to be a great listener, as she regales him about her best friend Jason.
  • Carly extends herself to Jake Doe, as a new friend: she says she will try to help him with gainful employment once he checks out of GH.
  • Jason has a clear, disturbing, memory of Franco.
  • Dante suspects Jake Doe of escaping from witness protection after the locked fingerprint incident.
  • Dante asks to dig into Jake Doe’s locked fingerprint record, but gets nowhere.
  • Jake Doe, aka Jason, remembers more from the car accident.
  • Carly freaks out when Michael appears hellbent on digging up who really killed his father.
  • Carly tries to dissuade Michael from pursuing the A.J. murder mystery, reopened.
  • Franco may have let the cat out of the bag about Sonny shooting A.J. when trying to negotiate for a better favor with Michael.
  • When Michael also learns that Carly did nothing when she found out about Sonny shooting A.J., he will be livid and unforgiving.
  • Michael comes across something mind-blowing involving the shooting of his father, A.J.
  • Michael goes to tell Kiki all about this.
  • And then Kiki goes to Morgan with what she’s been told, to talk out what bothers her about this.
  • Kiki alerts her mom to a certain psycho stalker.
  • Sonny and Shawn go forth with their hit on Franco. Shawn proceeds to do the legwork.
  • Sonny suffers from a spate of guilt, which triggers Kate/Connie.
  • Olivia’s psychic powers resurface, producing an omen regarding Franco’s wedding to Carly.
  • When Olivia relays her psychic vision to Carly, she gets nowhere.
  • Olivia relays her psychic wedding vision to Sonny.
  • Franco invites a surprising guest to his wedding.
  • Franco’s gonna blow everything against Sonny sky high, which results in a character blowing the secret to the PCPD.
  • Nina tracks Kiki’s every movement; she suddenly spies an opportunity.
  • Nathan races to prevent disaster, hoping he can keep Nina from self-destructing, and making matters worse.
  • Nina and Franco talk shop — vengeance for those on their naughty list. Nothing bonds the couple more than frothing at the mouth about payback.
  • Nina gets another person to help her do her dirty work.
  • Rosalie finds she has no other choice but to cough up Ava’s current locale.
  • Nina spills Rosalie’s deep, dark secret — to another living soul.
  • The state of Ava’s baby continues to be in jeopardy — and Ava hasn’t a clue.
  • Kiki and Morgan work together to bring Ava the care she needs.
  • Someone you’d least expect really cares for Ava’s welfare.
  • The condition of the baby is on Ava’s mind when the prognosis comes in.
  • Tracy updates Lulu and Dante on her Amsterdam adventure.
  • Ned doesn’t want Tracy going out on a limb for Luke. But she has other ideas, she loves this guy too much.
  • Barrett Enterprises is tied up financially in all this mess.
  • Bobbie and Brad get a moment to boost Lucas’ morale about his next career path.
  • Patrick and Anna discern that Robin has not gone to Paris.
  • Helena will have Robin return to Port Charles to do her bidding.
  • Britt’s nightmare will come true when Nikolas really and truly discovers that she used his little boy to win him back.
  • Completely disgusted, Nikolas prepares to dump Britt for good when he first talks to a relative about his feelings.
  • Maxie receives judicial permission to visit with her daughter, Georgie.
  • How badly does Lulu want a baby? Badly enough to endure the horrible hormone injections? They nearly do her in.
  • Jordan so badly wants to be real to someone.
  • Sam and Patrick give Alexis a report of what they investigated.
  • Julian feels incredibly jealous having to see Alexis all over Ned.
  • Julian tries to come on to Alexis, but she will have none of it.
  • Ned listens as he’s given some words of wisdom.
  • Dante suggests Olivia tell Ned she really likes him.
  • Next week:  Robin may be the one to help Luke get out of the asylum alive… Elizabeth and Jake Doe do their level best to best Dr. Liesl… Jake Doe takes up residence at Nurse Webber’s home… Elizabeth and Jake Doe/Jason cozy up, becoming a couple… Look for Danny to fall ill, prompting Jake Doe to come to his aid and remember more… Jake Doe generously gives of his resources to Sam to help her ailing son… Patrick will get his job back and his status… Silas is jealous, though, of Patrick around Sam… Sonny gives Michael an ear, as the young man goes on about who might’ve killed A.J…. Sonny whispers a major revelation to Morgan… Carly gives Michael every reason under the sun to leave the A.J. murder alone… Carly wises up about Franco’s hidden agenda… Scotty gives his son Franco a bachelor party… Franco and Carly’s wedding will be the stuff of Halloween nightmares… Nikolas blows his top when he gets wind of the lengths Britt went to get him back… Maxie is given visitation to her baby girl Georgie… Julian gets Alexis to be his wife, only Fake-Luke grabs her before the ceremony progresses…Ava gains a most unlikely, but strong, ally in the heat of the battle… Madeline discerns what Dr. Obrecht has been hiding from Helena… Madeline lends her daughter Nina a hand in the payback scheme, namely by snatching Ava’s baby… Fluke finally shows his face in town again, with some other chick… Helena makes her way back eventually… Jerry stabs Fluke in the back — quel surprise.

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