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Previews for the week of 01-Sep-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Labor Day already? Rerun time, from the July 16, 2014 show.
  • Sonny has to smooth over Carly’s incessant Chicken Little circle jerk.
  • Sonny and Carly think they’re safe to talk freely. But Kiki’s around the corner, gleaning all.
  • Ava gives it one last shot, campaigning hard for Franco to help her.
  • Kiki relays what she hears from that private conversation not to Michael but Morgan.
  • Franco works to get in better graces with Josslyn.
  • Sabrina has to go through a long, tedious process to reach the other side of complete emotional recovery and satisfaction about what’s been done to her baby Gabriel. But she takes the audience with her every step of the way.
  • Who’s the mystery guy who comes into the light?
  • Sabrina thinks she just met the person who laid Gabriel out.
  • Patrick gets involved, updating Sabrina some more.
  • Patrick and Sabrina bore the crap out of the audience by playing detective on what might’ve occurred at the crash site.
  • Sabrina shows her angry, retaliatory side. Ha ha.
  • Patrick’s decision not to tell Sam everything stings her.
  • Mean girl Silas takes Kiki aside to divulge his thoughts on Nina.
  • Sam cautions Silas not to let his guard down around Phyllis Nina, because that woman is trouble.
  • Nina becomes even more fixated on making a family with Silas. She bubbles over with lots of excited talk about getting to it, while he remains stone-faced.
  • Nina shares her excitement about making a baby with Silas, when she’s hanging out with her new BFF, Franco.
  • But Rosalie believes Nina has been concocting a scheme.
  • Nina begins to gun for another target, using Rosalie as the first salvo.
  • Emma struggles without her mom around. It’s called busting loose and rebelling.
  • What hits Emma next really causes her some consternation.
  • Spencer and Josslyn team up to drive a wedge between Cameron and Emma.
  • Britt asks Dr. Obrecht who Nathan’s dad really is.
  • Levi shows he means business. He raises the proverbial moat around Lulu and Maxie.
  • Sonny plays the town crier about Lulu’s kidnapping to Morgan and Michael.
  • Next week:  Carly keeps denying there’s a pull between her and Sonny. The push/pull plays on… Lulu and Dante must go there, whether they’re emotionally ready or not… Spencer describes as best as he can everything he remembers of that car crash… Sam and Patrick hop on the next Hot Tamale train… Dr. Obrecht delivers eye-opening data to Anna. This data is what Anna most desires to get… When Dr. O presents Victor Cassadine with the latest shocker, he’s not sure what to believe. Victor doubts what he’s hearing about Nathan’s origins… Alexis means to bounce back. To hell with Julian… Rosalie picks up on a key bit of intel.

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