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Previews for the week of 14-Apr-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Patrick and Sabrina go to their ultrasound, confirming whether it’s a boy or a girl.
  • Carlos decides to go to Sabrina’s next ob-gyn’s appt. Surprise! It’s a Carlos v. Patrick showdown.
  • Anna and Dante get to work on the case, bringing Carlos in for interrogation.
  • Anna and Dante prepare to procure a DNA sample from Carlos in this murder investigation.
  • Inside, Carlos is scared the cops are going to like him for A.J.’s murder. Worse, that Ava’s gonna let him go down for this.
  • Carlos resigns himself to giving the cops what they want. But not if Ava has anything to say about it.
  • Franco rolls around, strolling over to Carlos at the PCPD jail, extending an alliance.
  • Sonny confronts Luke about acting unlike himself.
  • Sonny relays a private matter to Ava.
  • Spencer gets out the part about eavesdropping in on two adults’ (Luke and Julian) private conversation in the stables. Will his father Nikolas let him say any more?
  • Nikolas and Spencer vehemently squabble over the topic of Cameron.
  • Spencer intends to get Uncle Sonny’s attention, so he can rat imposter-Luke out.
  • Imposter Luke tries to handle Spencer and what he thinks he overheard when Sonny interrupts.
  • Sonny can’t take the burden of this guilt; it’s weighing him down to where he can’t think about anything else.
  • Sonny manages to put Olivia on the outs. He knows he done f*cked up, too.
  • Sonny extends an olive branch to Olivia, hoping he can fix this.
  • Olivia begins to fret about Sonny’s well-being.
  • Michael requires some serious uplifting from Sonny, who’s in no position to give off anything but a guilty vibe.
  • Elizabeth and Nikolas experience kismet, then Ric butts in.
  • Nikolas’ heart sinks when he watches Ric try to be Elizabeth’s everything.
  • Ric opens up his heart to Elizabeth, doing the courting of his life.
  • Luke messes with Kiki’s head, toying with and aggravating her.
  • Spencer indicates he does not like what has happened one bit. In fact, the little guy is fit to be tied!
  • Dr. Obrecht drops another bombshell she’s been sitting on. Another baby?
  • Dr. Obrecht suggests Dante take her outrageous proposal seriously.
  • Dante passes on what Dr. Obrecht suggested they do when conferring with Lulu. Outrageous.
  • Lulu asks Britt what this is about, and what next to do.
  • Britt hates that Nikolas is now focused all on Elizabeth.
  • Madeline has a more upsetting bulletin to let loose, against her will.
  • Nathan is hit with a ton of bricks, personally. He must recover from being blindsided.
  • Franco includes Carly in on what he’s next cooked up.
  • Shawn and Jordan draw out their bickering about her working for Ava.
  • Shawn and Duke talk about Jordan and her role in the Jerome syndicate, intended or not.
  • Shawn’s not wrong to second-guess Jordan. What’s the woman really up to?
  • Jordan goes over and above the call of duty — for Ava.
  • Carly smells a rat and her name is Ava. Carly is determined to connect the dots.
  • Don’t worry, Carly. Franco will pitch in to figure this out.
  • Ava senses she’s in deep and about to get caught.
  • Ava and Morgan talk about former lovers and the imprint they’ve left behind.
  • Monica puts on a memorial service for her son, A.J. Special guests show up, including Ned and Sonny.
  • Monica glares at Sonny for the gall of showing his face at A.J.’s funeral.
  • Michael harasses Anna into doing more to finger A.J.’s killer.
  • Ned looks askance at Luke when regarding his mom.
  • Luke tries to do damage control on Tracy by coming up with all the right words.
  • Next week:  Michael needs his father right now after losing his other father. But Sonny is a guilty wreck… A.J. truly is dead. R.I.P…. When Luke turns the corner, Spencer’s eyes get big as saucers. Hopefully, the kid knows better than to run his mouth about what he overheard… Sonny breaks up whatever’s going to go down with Luke and Spencer… With Sonny about to break, Ava uses every emotional trick in the book to get him to STFU… Morgan will be the recipient of a backstabbing… Elizabeth and Nikolas get close, then Ric tries to get closer… Franco sidles up to jailbird Carlos, like he’s Columbo… Carlos lets something slip to Franco… Franco and Carly go over their game plan… Sabrina takes Patrick by surprise… Patrick and Sabrina sit Emma down for an important, family update. Things get dicey for them fast. The unborn baby could die… Patrick and Sabrina begin to appreciate what they have… Ned attempts to head Tracy off at the path regarding Luke.

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