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Previews for the week of 25-May-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Monday is Memorial Day, so enjoy the rerun of Luke’s scary childhood on display from the April 1st anniversary episode. Tony Geary’s leaving the show, you know.
  • Sloane delivers the latest pertinent bulletin to Jake Doe. Things are lookin’ up, baby!
  • Seeing a opening, Jake relays this ray of sunshine to Elizabeth immediately. They dare to make plans as a couple with a foreseeable future. But then there’s Sonny to take care of.
  • Jake begins to recover his memory, which scares the hell out of him. He is convinced that he will figure out his identity in full.
  • Jake and Sam go to the police department for the next step in solving his identity crisis.
  • Jake asks himself what the hell he’s doing and what’s in his future, as he feels directionless.
  • Julian does exactly what Sloane predicted: He boosts Jake up in the organization.
  • Jake has to get through Sonny, because of agreeing to be a flunky for Julian in the first place.
  • Try as he might, Silas is left flapping his gums at Ava when begging her to consider the consequences of showing her familiar face in public.
  • Ava makes a beeline straight for her daughter, Kiki.
  • The wedding between Brad and Lucas is still on, and reason enough to get to know the lab tech better.
  • Brad and Lucas excitedly design their perfect wedding ceremony.
  • For some reason, though, Brad’s awfully evasive about his clan… like he doesn’t want any of them around for the wedding or something.
  • Sonny meets a lady who looks an awful lot like that awful pain in the ass, Ava. She’s got some explainin’ to do.
  • Sonny froths at the mouth to level the playing field after losing Duke. Nothing’s changed, least of all him.
  • More of Anna grappling with her Carlos-killing demons. Guilt is a motherf*cker.
  • As Anna struggles, Sloane makes sure to keep close.
  • Sloane comes clean to Anna about his inner dealings with Mayor Lomax — a huge first step.
  • Mayor Lomax rats out Sloane’s business to Nikolas.
  • There’s still the matter of Nikolas holding out on everyone. And he ain’t sayin’ sh*t.
  • Nikolas and Lulu have cause to commiserate and bolster each other.
  • Rosalie returns, only for Michael to snatch her up as an ELQ comeback. Michael has no idea who she really reports to.
  • Rosalie reports to Nikolas on the sly. He wants her to make Nina.
  • Shawn has to figure out whether it’s in his best interest to rat out his mob lord Sonny to be a real father to his newly discovered son TJ, the young man he always believed was just Jordan’s kid.
  • Shawn prepares to break it to TJ that he’s his real father.
  • Franco tries to elicit the strong arm of Dr. Liesl Obrecht; maybe she can shake some sense into Nina.
  • Dr. Obrecht assists Franco in seeing the light about Nina.
  • Nina suffers from a little buyer’s remorse once the quickie-wedding glitter wears off of Ric.
  • Nina gets into a bickering session with a pissed-off and hurt Franco.
  • Franco tells on Nina to her do-right brother Nathan.
  • Ric mean to get even against those who wronged him, starting with Carly.
  • In even less-important spoilers, Valerie attempts to stay close to her crush Dante at the PCPD by hitting them up for a job.
  • Valerie’s latest job choice fills Lulu with dread and annoyance.

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