Trivia Quiz

Answer Name Dr. Irma Foster's position at General Hospital.

Answer Although Jimmy Lee Holt stirred up undeniable passion in Celia Quartermaine, why did she marry Grant Putnam?

Answer How did Bryan Phillips' father die?

Answer What emotional trauma led to Leslie Webber's addiction to gambling?

Answer How did Tey Chung die?

Answer Did Filomena have any relatives in Port Charles?

Answer Who provided Camellia with the professional guidance to help her cope with the traumatic memory of Evan Jerome's rape attempt?

Answer Who is Mike Webber's step mother?

Answer When Edward Quartermaine suffered his first heart attack, whose quick thinking saved his life?

Answer Who became Rose Kelly's foster child?

Answer Who is Evan Jerome's widow?

Answer Who was the doctor nurse Anne Logan accused of malpractice?

Answer Who was Luke Spencer's mother-in-law?

Answer For whose construction company did Tania Jones' father work?

Answer Where did Lucy Coe work as a librarian?

Answer Where was Rosa from?

Answer When did Terri O'Connor first discover her singing talent?

Answer Who was Claudia Phillips' mother?

Answer Who saved Corey Blythe's life on the operating table?

Answer Who is Monica Quartermaine's brother-in-law?

Answer When Shirley Pickett moved to Port Chuck, with whom did she set up housekeeping?

Answer Who identified Kevin O'Connor as the last person to be seen with Jennifer Talbot before she disappeared?

Answer Why did Ruby's hysterectomy operation almost cost her her life?

Answer What small country town was Charity Gatlin from?

Answer Who killed Evan Jerome?

Answer Who convinced Robert Scorpio to return to Port Chuck from Australia?

Answer Who was Peter Harrell's brother?

Answer Why did Scotty Baldwin break off his first affair with Bobbie Spencer?

Answer Where had Ginny Blake served time in jail before she came to PC?

Answer Name the cook aboard Lord Ashton's yacht?

Answer When Jake Meyer left his marriage to Bobbie, where did he go to start a new life?

Answer Who was the sheriff of Laurelton during the time of Earl Moody's suspicious death?

Answer How old was Mike Webber when he learned that his natural mother abandoned him as a baby?

Answer Why did Lee Baldwin fire Scotty from his firm?

Answer Who managed to catch Laura Spencer's garter belt at Luke and Laura's wedding?

Answer What was Slick Jones' favorite hobby?

Answer What incident caused the end of Audrey and Steve Hardy's first marriage?

Answer When Robin Scorpio first came to Port Charles, what was her last name?

Answer What two international groups was Anna part of before she became police commissioner?

Answer Who saw Kevin O'Connor strangle Earl Moody?

Answer Who was Scotty Baldwin's stepson?

Answer What was the first job Lucy Coe had in Port Charles?

Answer Who saved Holly from deportation to England? How?

Answer What relationship was Alexandria Quartermaine to Edward Quartermaine?

Answer Name the country where Camellia McKay spent her childhood.

Answer Where was Angus McKay buried?

Answer Who stole Josh Clayton's original musical composition?

Answer For whom did Ruby Anderson work before she took over Kelly's Diner?

Answer When Grant Andrews chose Celia over Tania, to who did Tania turn?

Answer Who was Tania's father?

Answer What was Luke and Holly's theme song?

Answer Who killed Susan Moore?

Answer Why did Bobbie want to divorce D.L. Brock?

Answer What was the title of Lucy's book?