Show Credits

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NOTE: This list might not include one or more of your favorite recurring (non-contract) characters. This means that they weren't called to appear on the show in the time period covered by this list. It is a function of rules for the Screen Actors Guild and the Screen Extras Guild -- among others -- as to who gets listed on the credits and who doesn't.

Rachel Ames
as Audrey Hardy, R.N.

Leslie Charleson
as Dr. Monica Quartermaine

Stuart Damon
as Dr. Alan Quartermaine

Shell Kepler
as Amy Vining, R.N.

Anna Lee
as Lila Quartermaine

Jacklyn Zeman
as Bobbie Spencer Jones, R.N.

Brad Maule
as Dr. Anthony Jones

Anthony Geary
as Luke Spencer

John J. York
as Mac Scorpio

Wallace Kurth
as Ned Ashton

Kristina Wagner
as Felicia Scorpio-Jones

Genie Francis
as Laura Spencer

John Ingle
as Edward Quartermaine

Vanita Harbour
as Dara Jensen

Tamara Braun
as Carly Benson-Corinthos

Billy Warlock
as A.J. Quartermaine

Nancy Lee Grahn
as Alexis Davis

Rebecca Herbst
as Elizabeth Webber

Real Andrews
as Marcus Taggert

Jacob Young
as Lucky Spencer

Maruice Benard
as Sonny Corinthos

Kin Shriner
as Scott Baldwin

Jaime Ray Newman
as Kristina Carter

A Martinez
as Roy DiLucca

Coltin Scott
as Nikolas Cassadine

Marisa Ramirez
as Gia Campbell

Jensen Buchanan
as Melissa Bedford

Chad Brannon
as Zander Smith

Ingo Rademacher
as Jasper Jacks

Robin Christopher
as Skye Chandler

Alicia Leigh Willis
as Courtney Matthews

Recurring Characters

Lynn Herring
as Lucy Coe

Jon Lindstrom
as Dr. Kevin Collins

Constance Towers
as Helena Cassadine

Ron Hale
as Mike Corbin

Denise Alexander
as Dr. Lesley Webber

Loren Freeman
as Elton Herbert

Delane Matthews
as Janine Matthews

Lynne Moody
as Florence Campbell

Stephen T. Kay
as Reginald Jennings

Linda Dano
as Rae Cummings


Created by
Frank and Doris Hursley

Executive Producer
Jill Farren Phelps

Joe Behar, William Ludel, Mary Madeiras, David Forsyth, Owen Renfroe, Shelley Curtis

Head Writer
Megan McTavish

Michael Conforti, Elizabeth Korte, Garin Wolfe, Michelle Patrick, Victor Miller, Susan Wald, Mary Sue Price, Shelly Moore, Lewis Arlt, James Fryman

Mary O'Leary, Carol Scott, Mercer Barrows

Associate Producer
Deborah A. Genovese

Associate Directors
Ron Cates, Christine R. Magarian

Casting Director
Mark Teschner, C.S.A.

Associate Casting Director
Gwen Hillier

Production Designer
Chip Cox

Art Director
Daniel Proett

Assistant Art Directors
Kara E. Conrad, Wade Battley, Jennifer Elliot

Stage Managers
Craig McManus, Kathy Ladd, Susan Neigher, Michelle Azenzer

Production Associates
Penny Pengra, Denise Van Cleave

Script Continuity
Johnnie Raines

Production Continuity
Michelle Murray

Assistant to the Executive Producer
N'Neka Garland

Production Coordinators
Dale Pulliam, Christine Cooper

Casting Assistants
Briana Kish, Kate O'Donnell

Media Relations
Michelle Gross

Publicity Coordinator
Yvonne Graham

Writers' Assistant
Nathan Fissell

Mark Scherzer

Production Manager
Bob Piatak

Assistant Production Manager
Vicki Davis

Manager of Technical Operations
Sue Arrington

Technical Managers
Randy Hooper, Phil Angerhofer

Script Coordinators
Heidi Ploen, Jim Reiztel, Michael Cinquemani

Property Masters
Robert K. Markham, Ron Seuffert

Head Electricians
Ray Morales, John Pokorski

Head Grips
Ray Bowman, Lee Fleming

Technical Directors
John Cochran, Jim Ralston, Michael Joseph

Lighting Directors
Mark Buxbaum, Roger Dalton, Tom Markle

Elyse Pacora

Sound Effects
Sandy Masone

Senior Video
Charles Barrett

Dale Carlson, Harlie Outler, Dale Walsh, Craig Camou

Boom Operators
Fred Fryrear, Paulette Jacobs, Sylvia Almstead

Head Utility
Stanley Magnone

Costume Designer
Lori Ann Robinson

Assistant Costume Designers
Alice Volonino, Alex Bates

Costume Supervisor
Lenny Marcus, Phil Wayne

Crystal K. Craft, Michele Jaffe, Nina Granovsky, Julianna Bolles Morrison, Barbara Dunn, Aiko Beall, Tsuyako Nishi

Costume Designer
Lori Ann Robinson

Donna Messina Armogida, Cyndilee Rice, Wendy Holz-Pennington, Georgia Grado Berona

Hair Stylists
Kimber Lee Anderson, Michael Anton Prockiw

Post Production Editors
Fritz Curtis, Peter Filmore, David Gonzalez, Brian D. Rosner, Donald Smith

Video Tape Recording
Arthur Hudson, Daniel Viveros

Electronic Maintenance
Don Trafton, Glenn Wolfe

Business Manager
Hilda Recio

Jim Krieger

Gregory Roykhman, Debbie Lewis

Original Music by
Marty Davich, Dominic Messenger

Music Directors
R.C. Cates, Doug LeBow

Theme Music
"Faces of the Heart" by Dave Koz, Jeff Koz, Jack Urbont
Performed by Dave Koz

Videotaped at ABC Television Center, Hollywood